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Apartment Solutions

We provide a full range of apartment interior design and one-stop building materials supply services, and are committed to creating comfortable, beautiful and practical living spaces for our customers. The interior designer team has rich design experience and creativity, and can tailor personalized design solutions according to your needs and preferences.

At the same time, we provide a diversified, one-stop building materials purchasing list, and you can select the most suitable building materials products based on your budget and taste. We focus on communication and cooperation with every client to ensure that every detail meets client’s expectations and requirements. When you choose us, you can trust us with your apartment. Share your drawings with us and we will return a warm apartment.

What We Offer

Hotel Interior Design

Interior Design

Integrate customer needs and preferences into interior design, and our rich design experience is enough to support tailor-made personalized solutions for you.

One-stop Sourcing

One-stop building materials procurement service aims to save you the tedious procurement process, allowing you to focus more on apartment design and decoration.


Logistics Services

Establish close cooperative relationships with a number of experienced freight forwarders to strictly control every link to ensure that the goods arrive at the designated port safely and on time.


Cooperation Process


Step 1. Preliminary Negotiation

Initial communication via video conference, email or phone to understand your apartment needs, budget, desired outcomes and time constraints.

Step 2. Demand Analysis

Collect and organize your demand information, including the specific dimensions of the apartment, desired decoration style, functional layout, etc. We will confirm with you repeatedly to ensure a consistent understanding of the project.

Step 3. Proposals and Quotations

We develop detailed project proposals including design concepts, space planning, material selection and more. Then clearly list the various costs to ensure that the quotation is transparent and reasonable.

Apartment Cooperation Process
Apartment Cooperation Process


Step 4. Contract Signing

After the quotation is confirmed, a draft contract will be drafted to clarify the project scope, delivery time, payment method, etc. to ensure that both parties agree on the contract terms.

Step 5. One-stop Supply

Screen building material suppliers based on quotations and design plans to ensure the quality and stable supply of materials.

Step 6. Payment and Delivery

The final payment will be settled according to the payment method agreed in the contract, and the goods will be transported from the Chinese port to the port designated by you.


Global Apartment Clients

Apartment Project Expert

Whether it’s a bustling urban center or a tranquil seaside resort, you can find our carefully crafted apartments. In today’s globalized world, many clients have the need to live across the country.  So we are committed to providing high-quality apartment projects around the world.

Luxury Apartment
New York
Project Details
Youth Shared Apartment
Project Details
Business Apartment
Project Details
Luxury Apartment
New York
Project Details
City Center Apartment
Project Details


Why Choose George

One-stop Solution

We provide one-stop building materials solutions. Customers no longer need to worry about finding different suppliers. Our professional team will follow up throughout the process to ensure high-quality completion of the project. This saves customers a lot of time and energy, allowing them to focus more on enjoying a high-quality living experience.

Personalized Customization

The design team deeply understands your needs and preferences. Whether it is the layout of the apartment, decoration style or material selection, we will carefully create it according to your specific requirements to ensure that every detail meets the client's expectations.

Quality Product

We integrate China's high-quality industrial resources and have a stable and high-quality supply chain to ensure that we provide you with high-quality decoration materials. We always believe that only the best materials can be used to create the best quality apartments.


Anywhere is Fine

Whether it is high-end luxury apartments, economical apartments or other types of apartments, we have rich experience and successful cases.
We handle both new build projects and renovations.

Clients all around the world


Interested In Our Services?

No matter which region you are in, we will do our best to meet your needs.