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Customized Kitchen Cabinets

Give you an overall creative kitchen space.

George's Custom Kitchen

custom kitchen design

The kitchen cabinet customization provided by George Intl is the customization of the whole kitchen, which includes the cabinet combination consisting of cabinets, electrical appliances, and kitchen functional accessories. The three bodies are organically combined and customized according to the kitchen structure, area and usage requirements in different projects.

Electrical Appliances:

Range hoods, stoves, disinfection cabinets, electric ovens, water purification equipment, garbage disposals, dishwashers

Functional Accessories:

Sinks, pull-out baskets, hinges, slides, skirtings, spotlights, etc.

Simple Customization Process

– Step 1: Choose the cabinet style you like.

– Step 2: Discuss the design requirements with us (to the ceiling – floor cabinet + wall cabinet + high cabinet position – electrical appliances – special design (tabletop + back water barrier) and process requirements (functional accessories)).

– Step 3: Make a quotation within 24 hours – Confirm the order after the price is suitable, and confirm 3D/2D/sample/transportation method (address and recipient contact information are required)/packaging (whole package/bulk – solid wood box/plywood box (fumigation or not)/mark.

– Step 4: Update the order progress and feedback the quality inspection details every week.

– Step 5: Arrange the shipment and loading.

– Step 6: Provide installation drawings/videos/installation instructions.


Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Shaker Kitchen

The door panels of shaker cabinets are five-piece door panels, with four framed door panels and no bevels around them. The design is simple, providing a clean and tidy appearance. The simple style has influenced hundreds of years, and the colors have gradually developed from beige, white, and wood to black, blue, and green.

Country kitchen

Country Kitchen

Country kitchens mainly use natural materials, such as solid wood and stone, which have natural beauty and make people feel the purity of nature. Pastoral style cabinets are simple in design, with plain lines and less complicated decorations. The cabinet colors are mainly natural colors, such as white, beige, light green, light yellow, etc.

classic kitchen

Classical Kitchen

The most common styles of integrated cabinets at present are beautifully shaped, based on different wood colors and wood textures. Generally, solid wood frames are used, and a large number of decorative patterns are designed on the door panels and carved, which requires very high production technology and requirements.

modern kitchen

Modern Kitchen

Pursuing simple and clean lines, and abandoning excessive and complicated decorations and shapes, it is very suitable for modern fast-paced life. It focuses on the smoothness of the shape, and is not restricted in color and materials, which is very suitable for avant-garde and simple lifestyles.

Mediterranean kitchen

Open kitchens, without extra large spacious spaces, are usually paired with blue and white, with a modern Mediterranean aesthetic. A large number of arched door designs are used, and the cabinet doors are mostly made of solid wood. There is not much decoration, and bold use of colors and styles.

European style Kitchen

European Kitchen

Known for its complexity and luxury, every line and every fine carving of European-style cabinets can show the aristocratic temperament. The luxurious design is full of rich cultural charm, grand and noble. From cabinets to countertops, every detail is full of artistic atmosphere.

Common Kitchen Shaped

single row kitchen

Single Row Kitchen

Suitable for narrow and long kitchens, simple and bright.

Simple structure, easy to organize, kitchen utensils are lined up along the wall, which takes up less space and is more economical.

Suitable for people who do not need much storage space and cook easily.

The best arrangement order is workbench, washing area, processing area, cooking area.

L Shaped Kitchen

Smaller, more square area.

Provides operators with a large enough continuous counter space, and the work center is not crowded.

Easy to operate, suitable for larger kitchens, and can be operated by two people at the same time.

U shaped kitchen

U Shaped Kitchen

The wide rectangle allows easy access to kitchen items.

The most effective design, with operators surrounded by continuous countertops and storage systems in three directions, allowing for efficient kitchen operations.

A large square kitchen can generally be designed with a U-shaped cabinet layout.

Island Shaped Kitchen

With a bar.

The kitchen and dining room are designed in one, closely connecting the kitchen, dining room and living room.

The required indoor space will be larger and the decoration cost will be higher.

It is easy to accumulate oil smoke and stains, and it is relatively difficult to clean and maintain.

China's Top Cabinet Customize Design

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Kitchen Cabinet Material

Melamine with Particle Board

Made of wood or wooden poles, broken logs, with fine medium fibers on both sides and long wood fibers in the middle; the panel surface is melamine veneer.

Wide range of material sources.

E0 environmental protection grade, formaldehyde content <0.5mg/L.

Cheap and flat, easy to process; average moisture resistance, poor edge sealing, easy to swell when exposed to water.

Melamine with Plywood

The multi-layer board made by hot pressing the wood board with multiple layers of thin boards is soaked in melamine resin adhesive, then dried to a certain degree of solidification, and hot pressed to form a decorative board.

It has high hardness, washing resistance and corrosion resistance; it is economical and cost-effective; it has good processing performance.

It has a single shape, it can only be straight, and it cannot be shaped; it must be edge-sealed.

It is suitable for a variety of decorative styles.

PET with Particle Board

The substrate and PET film are extruded and laminated by cold pressing equipment. The thickness of the PET film is between 0.35-0.6mm.

According to the degree of glossiness of the surface, it is divided into glossy surface and matte surface. 

The matte surface feels like touching baby skin, with a smooth and delicate texture, and will not leave obvious fingerprints on the cabinet door. It is more popular than the glossy surface.

Suitable for modern style.

Lacquer with HDF

The base material is density board, and the back is melamine.

The surface is sprayed with imported paint six times (three bases, two sides, and one gloss) and baked at high temperature. The process is complicated, the processing cycle is long, and the price is relatively high.

High-end PU paint doors are divided into piano paint and metal paint.

The paint surface is uniform and full, with rich colors; no edge sealing is required, moisture-proof performance is good, anti-fouling ability is strong and easy to clean.

Suitable for modern minimalist style.

Solid Wood

Natural logs, Oak / Maple wood / Rubber wood / Cherry / White Ash.

Scientifically processed through drying, cutting, planing, mortising, drilling, high-speed milling, assembly, polishing, painting and other processes.

The wood texture is clear and naturally noble; it has a noble classical charm, elegance, and a solemn aristocratic atmosphere.

The price is relatively expensive.

Suitable for European, American, and French styles.

PVC with HDF

Mill three-dimensional lines and patterns on the surface of medium-density fiberboard, and then use PVC film surface material to heat-press and blister-form on the German Bego vacuum blister equipment.

Good simulation effect, strong surface texture, clear and natural contours.

Wear-resistant and acid-alkali-resistant, can be made into a variety of shapes to meet the needs of different customers.

No edge sealing is required, which solves the problem of edge sealing debonding.

Suitable for simple European, American, pastoral, Mediterranean, and French styles.

Cabinet Countertop Materials

Original thickness of countertop: 15mm/20mm; Standard depth of countertop: D600mm.
Thickness of front guard of countertop: 50mm; Height of rear guard: 50mm

Quartz Stone

High hardness, not easy to leave scratches

Quartz has a high hardness, usually reaching level 7 or above, so it is not easy to be damaged. Even if it is scratched by a knife, there will be no obvious marks, which is much better than stainless steel, wood or marble countertops.

Flame retardant ability

Quartz has good stability. It will not react with oil and is resistant to high temperatures, making it very suitable for use in the kitchen.


Dense and non-porous composite materials have excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance and do not contain any mineral impurities that can cause radiation pollution.

Sintered Stone

Low water absorption rate

Usually within 1%-2%, with good waterproof performance, easy to clean as a countertop in the kitchen.


With natural texture and rich color selection, it can not only improve the texture of the cabinet, but also improve the grade of the entire kitchen.

Strong customizability

It can be customized according to different hobbies and different needs, so that the rock board cabinet countertop can meet the processing needs of various shapes and characteristics.

1000+ Perfect Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet FAQs

In modern life, the functions of the kitchen have far exceeded the traditional cooking and dining. The kitchen has gradually evolved into a social and interactive center. Maybe you have some doubts and questions about such a core area. Don’t worry, George Intl will answer your questions based on his own experience.

Classic Black and White
Features: Black represents classic and eternity, while white represents purity and brightness. When black meets white, it shows extremely high versatility and can be suitable for various styles.
Applicable scenarios: Suitable for customers who like minimalism or modernism, and can create a high-end and atmospheric kitchen atmosphere.

Dark Wood Color and Metallic Gray
Features: Dark wood color has a natural and warm atmosphere, while metallic gray looks modern. The combination of the two can add a low-key luxury to the kitchen.
Applicable scenarios: Customers who pursue the coexistence of nature and modernity should like this color combination.

Fresh Ocean Blue
Features: Ocean blue is a bright and vibrant color that can bring a fresh atmosphere to the kitchen. Ocean blue can visually enhance the overall brightness of the kitchen and relieve fatigue during cooking.
Applicable scenarios: Features Customers who like Mediterranean elements, fresh and pleasant.

Retro Tones
Features: Retro tones such as wine red, dark green, etc., have a nostalgic and romantic atmosphere. , It is also a pleasant thing to enjoy a hint of the past in modern times.
Applicable scenarios: Suitable for customers who like retro style or have unique taste, especially those who like to collect antiques or like traditional handicrafts.

Neutral Color Matching
Features: Neutral colors such as beige, gray, brown, etc. are not only easy to match, but also can create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere.
Applicable scenarios: Suitable for customers who pursue comfort and harmony, especially when they want the kitchen to become a family gathering and social center.

Maybe you don’t leave comments in your daily life, but there are actually many reasons why kitchen sinks are blocked:

Accumulation of food residues and grease
The long-term accumulation of food residues and grease will form a blockage in the pipe, affecting the smooth flow of water. These substances gradually accumulate in the pipe, which may eventually cause water flow obstruction.

Pipeline design and structure
The pipe design of some sinks may have many elbows and small pipes, which is more likely to cause blockage. Many elbows will increase the resistance when water flows through, while small pipes are more likely to be blocked by substances.

Accidentally dropped items
During use, tableware such as chopsticks and spoons or other small items may accidentally fall into the sink and block the pipe. These items form obstacles in the pipe, preventing water from passing through.

Decoration residues
When decorating the house, residues such as cement and slag may enter the pipe, which accumulate in the pipe and may form a blockage.

Usage habits
Some bad usage habits may also cause sink blockage. For example, directly pouring large pieces of food residues into the sink, or not cleaning up the garbage in the sink in time.

Yes, we also provide customized services for stainless steel cabinets, and there is no minimum order quantity. It is our honor to provide you with customized services.

We will ask you about your customized needs for stainless steel cabinets, including but not limited to size, design, color, function, etc. After understanding the basic situation of the project, we will provide you with a detailed quotation, and then arrange production after receiving your accurate response.

If we distinguish them according to the surface process of stainless steel, there are generally three types:

Original color stainless steel cabinets, the surface is the original color of the metal, the surface is mirrored or treated by physical methods such as brushing and frosting

Colored stainless steel cabinets are made of colored stainless steel of various colors, and the surface is mainly treated by spray painting, electroplating, fluorocarbon paint, water plating, etc.

Wood grain stainless steel cabinets generally have wood grain texture, and the surface texture is coated with high temperature melting film, and the film is semi-melted on the surface of the metal substrate. Its colors are mainly cherry wood color, oak color, walnut color, etc., which can produce a natural and stable visual effect.

The design height of the cabinet plays a decisive role in reducing fatigue and facilitating operation. The cabinet height design mainly includes two parts: the height of the work area countertop and the height of the wall cabinet.
The height of the countertop varies from person to person, and the height of the work area varies from person to person. At present, the standard size of the floor cabinet given by general cabinet manufacturers is 80-85cm. At the same time, there is a saying in the cabinet industry that the height of the floor cabinet = the height of the user/2.
In addition, George Intl also summarized the best use heights for different operating areas:
Floor cabinet functional area height:
Sink height: 5cm below the elbow
Preparation table height: 15cm below the elbow
Stove height: 25cm below the elbow

With the continuous development of social economy, in modern kitchens, the functions of different areas have different focuses to meet the needs of daily cooking and dining.

Food storage area:
Function: used to store food, grains, oils, seasonings, etc.
Details: Food and non-food items need to be separated and stored in categories. Vegetables, milk, eggs, fruits, etc. that need to be kept fresh can be placed in the refrigerator, and meat, seafood, etc. can be stored in the freezer.

 Tableware storage area:
Function: used to store tableware and kitchen utensils.
Details: Including storage facilities such as cabinets and tableware racks. Tableware should be placed in categories for easy access and placement.

 Washing area:
Function: Undertake multiple tasks such as washing, water purification, storage, garbage disposal, moisture-proof and lighting.
Details: The main facilities include sinks, faucets, water purifiers and garbage disposers. Cleaning supplies are stored in the sink cabinet to keep the countertop clean.

 Cutting area:
Function: used for selecting vegetables, cutting vegetables and preparing ingredients.
Details: The chopping board and various ingredients should be spread out to ensure sufficient operating space. The length should be kept above 60cm to meet basic needs.

 Cooking area:
Function: used for heating and cooking food.
Details: The main equipment includes stove, oven, microwave, etc. The cooking area is the center of the entire kitchen, and all equipment is configured around it.

Standard quantity: standard kitchen original apartment actual demand (limited to L side and straight side) floor cabinet and wall cabinet, standard floor cabinet length = length (kitchen) + width (kitchen) – 0.6 meters; standard wall cabinet length is half of the standard floor cabinet length, and the part exceeding the standard configuration will be charged separately.

Standard exposed handle, swing door, a set of ordinary drawers (3, more than 3 will be charged separately), quartz countertop.

Standard configuration does not include resistance drawer, gas support, pull-out basket, visible board, invisible handle, glass door, Roman column, upper and lower top line, open cabinet, grid door, sink, kitchen appliances, etc.

Under normal circumstances, the main consideration for household stainless steel cabinets is the decorative aspect, so that the stainless steel cabinets can have a good decorative effect.

This requires choosing the right product according to the decoration style and color matching of the home kitchen. We generally recommend customers to choose colored stainless steel cabinets or wood grain stainless steel cabinets, use honeycomb type internal filling materials, and choose splicing type for cabinet assembly. Any structure can be chosen.

However, considering the aesthetics and cost factors, it is generally not recommended to choose pure stainless steel for household stainless steel cabinets. Because stainless steel cabinets have a bright and clean metal surface, they have a high-cold atmosphere.

Common aluminum skins range from 0.3 to 0.8 mm, and the actual aluminum skin can reach 1 mm with the paint film. The thinner the edge thickness, the cheaper it is. Too thin will easily deform.

Application: Mainly used for whole cabinets or single cabinet doors, wall panels and ceilings.

 Specifications: Single board 1.22*2.44m/1.22*2.75m, 18mm thick.

 Advantages: The overall texture of the small fruit is closer to the traditional board, and the board cost is lower than the welded whole board.

 Disadvantages: Filling structure, the use of glue makes the environmental protection lower, and there is a possibility of debonding over time.

 Edge sealing: manual edge sealing or machine PUR PVC edge sealing.

It is difficult for us to provide an exact quote before you have determined the actual cabinet customization needs.

The price of overall cabinet customization is generally affected by factors such as materials, design, and size. Under normal circumstances, it can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per linear foot.

A simple example:
The cost of cabinets made of mid-range brands and ordinary materials is about 350-400 US dollars per meter.

Some international brands of cabinets may cost up to 700-800 US dollars per meter.

In fact, you can rest assured about the price. As the main cabinet production and exporter, China has a wide supply chain of materials. Any material can be provided at a relatively low cost, and the huge production scale can provide you with the confidence of high-quality quotes.

Of course, we are very flexible in customizing cabinets, 100% based on your requirements. You only need to tell us the style, size and material of the floor cabinet you want, and we can customize a cabinet that is exactly what you want.

However, the lack of wall cabinets may cause your kitchen to lack some storage space, but of course this will not cause a big impact.

Yes, accessories can indeed be customized, but some options require additional charges. You need to contact us for detailed information before we can give you an exact reply.

Skirting: PVC composite blister/aluminium alloy

 Handle: Built in handle; Hidden handle; Standard aluminium handle

 Door hinge: DTC/Blum Soft closing Hinges

 Accessory pull-out basket: Dishes basket; Pot basket; Bottle basket; Big basket; Pull out basket; Base basket

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