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The TV cabinet is placed in the most conspicuous position in the living room. The quality of the TV cabinet not only reflects the designer’s skills, but also reflects the owner’s aesthetic taste.

Customize TV Cabinet for Entertainment Space

Tv cabinet design drawing

The TV area is the central gathering place for relaxation, rest and entertainment, carrying the laughter and good times of relatives and friends. 

Our customized TV cabinets can make this space more comfortable and full of personality. Contact us and let the customized TV cabinet make every warm evening full of endless joy!

Easily Customize TV cabinet

For Different Construction Projects

George Intl specializes in providing customized TV cabinet services for various construction projects, covering diversified scenarios such as hotels, apartments, resorts, villas, etc.

Regardless of the project requirements, designers can carefully design TV cabinets that match the project style based on the provided drawings, style instructions and material requirements.

The customization process is simple and convenient. Customers only need to provide basic requirements, and we can quickly present 3D design effects to ensure that each project can have a unique TV cabinet decoration.

easy custom tv cabinet

TV Cabinet Types

Floor stand TV cabinet

Floor-standing TV Cabinet

The most common type of TV is placed directly on the ground. It has abundant storage space and is generally 45-60 cm high and 2-3 meters long. It is placed directly on the ground, which is highly stable and not easy to shake or fall.

Built-in TV Cabinet

Before decorating the TV background wall, you need to design the position of the TV cabinet so that the TV and the wall are integrated. It does not occupy space; it has good concealment and can completely hide the TV and connecting cables.

floating TV cabinet

Floating TV Cabinet

Hang the TV cabinet on the wall without the bottom touching the ground. Simple and elegant; save space, effectively use the wall space, the suspended design is more modern; the bottom of the cabinet is easier to clean.

Materials of TV Cabinet

solid wood TV cabinet

Solid Wood TV Cabinet

The frame, shelves and drawers are all made of solid wood TV cabinets, and the height is generally between 30-40 cm.

Marble TV Cabinet

With marble as the main material, it has a noble and elegant appearance, high compressive strength, bending strength and wear resistance.

glass TV cabinet

Glass TV Cabinet

It is made of transparent or translucent glass, with a simple and elegant appearance and is easy to clean and maintain.

slate TV cabinet

Slate TV Cabinet

Using rock slab as the main material, it has natural texture and is wear-resistant and durable.

metal TV cabinet

Metal TV Cabinet

With metal as the main material, simple style, strong durability and load-bearing capacity.

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How to Choose TV Cabinet Design

Regardless of the usage scenario, the TV area has always been the focus of relaxation and entertainment, and it is also an important channel for disseminating information. Gathering in front of the TV screen to watch TV series, movies, sports games, or even play games is a happy time to get together with family and friends. Therefore, our designers are required to display this element more perfectly in the room in the best form.

size of TV cabinet

1. TV Cabinet Size

When considering the size of the TV cabinet, the first thing to consider is the size of the room. The size of the TV cabinet should be coordinated with the size of the room. Too large or too small will cause the space to be inconsistent.

Based on our past customization experience, the length of a small TV cabinet is generally 90-145 cm, and the length of a medium-sized TV cabinet is between 145-200 cm. For a large TV cabinet, you need to consider whether the area of ​​the room itself is sufficient, because it is generally 200-250 cm long.

The depth of the TV cabinet is also very important. It can provide an uncertain storage space, and even consider whether it is wide enough to contain the entire TV.

2. Choose the Type

Which type of TV cabinet should I choose, wall-mounted, hanging or floor-standing? Sometimes people may overlook the impact of the type of TV on the interior space.

When space is limited or you want to improve space utilization, a hanging TV cabinet may be a better choice, while a floor-standing TV cabinet is suitable when more storage space is needed.

Wall-mounted TV cabinets are more suitable for people with a larger budget and who pursue more beautiful interiors.

material of TV cabinet

3. Material Selection

In interior decoration, solid wood has always been the most irreplaceable one among many choices. The natural wood grain texture is well-liked, but it is also an expensive material that needs maintenance. For modern furniture, the use of board materials and wood finishes is also a widespread choice, and the price is more affordable.

In addition, marble, glass and metal are also good options. Marble has high hardness and wear resistance, making it more stable. Glass has a strong sense of modernity, is transparent and easy to clean, but the safety is poor. Special attention should be paid to occasions with children, especially corners.

TV cabinet detail processing

4. Detail Processing

During installation, it is necessary to ensure that the background wall is a load-bearing wall, and the hollow brick wall needs to be processed in advance to enhance the load-bearing capacity. It is recommended to use a handleless design to make the space neater.

50 pipes need to be reserved for wire management, so that the TV cable and network cable can be hidden through the pipe, and the socket position is reserved in the TV cabinet.

TV cabinet use shelves

5. Use shelves

Using shelves to create shelves to surround the TV area has always been a popular choice, which will make the room space more layered and look more high-end.

The shelves on the TV area can also be used as bookshelves to place books, DVDs, PS5 and other items.

But be careful not to put too many books on the bookshelf. The weight is too large and there is a risk of the shelf loosening.

1000+ Custom TV Cabinet Ideas

Custom TV Cabinet FAQs

Cheers to laughter. Cheers to fun times. Customize your TV cabinet to create a unique entertainment space.

As a global furniture manufacturing center, China has too many famous TV cabinet brands. We have listed six representative manufacturers for you:

Established: 2003
Brand characteristics: Sofia is China’s first listed company in the customization industry. It mainly engages in the research and development, production and sales of customized cabinet furniture such as wardrobes, cabinets, bookcases, and TV cabinets.

Established: 2002
Brand characteristics: Holike is also a well-known brand in the customized home furnishing industry. It was successfully listed and became a listed company on the A-share main board of the customized home furnishing industry. Its products include wardrobes, bookcases, beds, TV cabinets, etc., providing one-stop home furnishing solutions.

Established: 1994
Brand characteristics: OPPEIN is one of the leading customized home furnishing brands in China, and its products include overall wardrobes, overall cabinets, TV cabinets, etc. OPPEIN focuses on design innovation and product quality to create a high-quality home life for customers.

Established: 2004
Brand characteristics: Waye Customization is a brand focusing on whole-house furniture customization, and its products include wardrobes, bookcases, TV cabinets, etc. Weiyi Customization focuses on customer needs and personalized design.

Established in 2004
Brand characteristics: Shangpin Home Delivery is a brand that provides one-stop home customization services, and its products include wardrobes, cabinets, TV cabinets, etc. Shangpin Home Delivery focuses on the environmental protection and practicality of its products, aiming to create a healthy and comfortable home environment.

Established in 2004
Brand characteristics: Mager Customization is a brand that focuses on high-end customized home furnishings, and its products include wardrobes, cabinets, TV cabinets, etc. Mager Customization focuses on the design sense and high quality of its products, aiming to create a refined and elegant home space.

What material is good for TV cabinets? You need to think about it carefully. Solid wood? High-end and classy, ​​it will turn your living room into a forest oxygen bar in seconds, but you have to be careful with it, after all, it is “wood”.

Fireproof board? Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, the price is affordable, but the appearance is a little lacking, but practicality is the king.

Painted board? It is radiant and can attract your attention at a glance, but be careful not to let it “hurt”, after all, beauty also needs to be protected.

So, choosing the material of the TV cabinet is like choosing a partner, it must be both beautiful and practical, and it depends on whether your budget is enough! In fact, the most important thing is to choose the one that suits you!

TV cabinets are indeed a type of furniture.

TV cabinets are a type of furniture and an indispensable part of living room furniture. Their design and placement have a vital impact on the style and visual effect of the entire living room.

Different styles and sizes can adapt to different living room layouts and decoration styles. A simple-style living room can choose a TV cabinet with simple lines and single colors; while a European-style living room can choose a TV cabinet with exquisite carvings and complex shapes.

TV cabinets not only have practical value, such as storage and TV placement, but also have decorative functions, which can enhance the overall style and visual effect of the living room.

TV cabinets are usually composed of the following parts:

TV screen support:
The part where the TV is installed, used to fix the TV or embed it. It can ensure that the TV is firmly placed on the TV cabinet to prevent the TV from shaking or tipping over due to instability.

 Storage part:
It is used to store various equipment and items, such as DVD players, game consoles, audio equipment, remote controls, etc. It provides additional storage space to make the living room more tidy and orderly. The design of the storage part can be diversified, including drawers, cabinet doors, open shelves, etc.

The platform that supports the entire TV cabinet can be a tripod or directly in contact with the ground. Ensure the stability and load-bearing capacity of the TV cabinet. The design of the base can be adjusted according to the overall style and size of the TV cabinet.

 Other auxiliary parts:
Heat dissipation holes: Ensure that the TV and other equipment dissipate heat well during use and extend the service life.
Cable management: Used to hide and manage cables between TVs, audio equipment and other equipment to make the living room look more tidy and beautiful.
– Decorative elements: Such as carvings, metal lines, etc., increase the beauty and decorativeness of the TV cabinet.

Our custom TV cabinets are unquestionably strong and can meet the storage needs of most situations. Whether it is a TV, audio equipment or other items, as long as their total weight is within the load-bearing range of the TV cabinet, you can use it with confidence.

Solid wood TV cabinet: Our solid wood TV cabinets are durable and can usually bear 100-150 kg. This means that in addition to the TV itself, you can also place other items such as audio equipment, books, decorations, etc. on it.

 Composite material TV cabinet: The composite material TV cabinet made of multi-layer boards has a load-bearing capacity of 80-120 kg.

 Metal TV cabinet: Metal TV cabinets can generally bear 100-150 kg with their sturdy frame and high-quality load-bearing capacity.

It is our honor that your visit makes our showroom and factory shine.

Our 12,000 square meter showroom will display TV cabinets and other building materials of various styles, materials and colors. You can appreciate and understand the characteristics of our products up close, and there are professional shopping guides in the showroom to serve you.

At your request, we will also arrange for someone to lead you to visit the factory production line to understand the entire production process of TV cabinets from raw materials to finished products.

Generally speaking, the delivery time of a custom TV cabinet is between 30 and 45 days, depending on the complexity of the custom product and the production schedule. Different materials and processes also have a certain impact on the delivery time. 

For custom cabinets made of common materials such as solid wood particle board and multi-layer solid wood plywood, the delivery time is usually around 30 days. If you choose high-end materials such as veneer or solid wood, due to the complexity of the process and the special nature of the material, the delivery time may be extended to 45 days or even longer.

Yes, any type of TV is suitable, but the size still needs to be considered. Please provide the preparation dimensions, such as width, height, depth, before customization so that we can accurately design the size of the TV cabinet.

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