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Wardrobe and Closet Manufacturer

Customizing your wardrobe is no longer a difficult task. You can get creative designs easily.
Type, color, size, finish, layout, all the details are up to you.

Let's Start Bespoke Wardrobe

wardrobe custom design drawing

Custom wardrobes are designed to fit in with the original space planning and design, and to be redesigned and stored so that the wardrobe can be integrated with the design and decoration of the entire space. 

Through customization, the overall wardrobe body can be divided into a variety of sub-cabinets, which can be freely combined according to the size of the indoor space and personal preferences.

The China Leading Wardrobe Manufacturer

At George Intl, we provide custom wardrobes for owners from all over the world. By providing a full range of personalized customization services, wardrobe solutions that maximize the use of space further enhance the overall value and quality of the property. 

With our unparalleled quality, exquisite craftsmanship and personalized services, we are exported to many countries and regions overseas. 

When color, material, and cabinet layout are no longer a concern, anyone can customize a wardrobe with a private label for themselves.

Walk in closet island open door with particle board

Our Wardrobe Types

build in wardrobe

Built-in Wardrobe

The cabinet is embedded in the wall, which does not occupy extra indoor space and increases the indoor activity area; and this type of wardrobe can only see the cabinet door from the surface, but not the cabinet body. The design is beautiful and refreshing, very suitable for smaller rooms.

Freestanding Closet

Freestanding Wardrobe

The freestanding wardrobe is not connected to the wall and can be moved freely, which makes it easy to adjust the layout at any time. If you need to renovate the house in the future, it will save a lot of effort. You can also add a top cabinet on the top of the cabinet to increase the storage space for clothes.

Hinged Wardrobe

Hinged Wardrobe

Using the hinge as a fulcrum can provide stable support to ensure the stability of the cabinet door when it is opened and closed. High-quality hinges can withstand multiple openings and closings without being easily damaged, but they will take up a certain amount of space when opened.

walk in closet

Walk-in Wardrobe

The biggest feature of an open wardrobe is that it has no doors, so the layout inside the wardrobe is clear at a glance, and you can quickly find any clothes you need. At the same time, the open layout can add a lot of color to the space if used well.

Corner Wardrobe

Corner Wardrobe

It can cleverly cover the protruding space in the corner, making the interior space more exquisite while increasing space utilization. The powerful storage function can connect two wardrobes to make the home more coordinated.

sliding door wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobe

It is easy to operate, simple and convenient to install, does not take up too much indoor space, and has a high cost performance. The sliding door wardrobe is sturdy and durable and has a long service life.

Wardrobe Colors Selection

Direction of the Bedroom

Direction of the Bedroom

According to the direction of the bedroom, if the bedroom has good lighting and ventilation, there is not much to pay attention to the color of the wardrobe, but do not choose a wardrobe with too much reflective metal and glass on the surface, so as to avoid excessive flowing light interfering with people’s vision.

If the indoor lighting and ventilation are poor, choose a light-colored wardrobe, such as white, beige, light pink, etc. Light colors can also help relax the mood, warm the heart, and help sleep.

color of wardrobe

Decoration Style

The wardrobe color should match the decoration style to better show the contrast between the wardrobe and the space. The European decoration style is more magnificent, so you can choose a monochrome white and dark apple wood wardrobe. 

The fashion style is more simple, usually with white as the base tone, so you can choose a wardrobe with a similar color to the bedroom floor or bed. 

The wardrobe color does not have to match the decoration style, everything is based on your own preferences, as long as you like it, it is the best color.

Resident Members

For older residents, wardrobes do not need to be too bright, and nostalgic or antique colors can be chosen.

Children’s rooms need some bright colors, after all, children are innocent and lively, and they mainly show their nature.

Boys’ bedrooms can choose blue, and girls’ bedrooms can choose pink. No girl would not like the same color as Barbie.

Custom Wardrobe - Special Requirments for Design

Let's Start Project

Wardrobe Door Frame Aluminum

Six Types of Door Frames

George Intl currently offers six types of sliding door vertical frames, of which C3 and L2 can be installed with damping wheels to achieve damping sliding. L1 frame is a narrow-edge sliding door.

Each frame has six colors, namely,
– Paint color: black, white, champagne, silver.
– Same color wood grain: same color apple wood, same color white oak.

Wardrobe Components


Cabinet board: The main structure of the wardrobe, the thickness is generally 18mm. We provide a variety of material options:

particle board, density board, solid wood board, composite multilayer board, finger joint board, etc.

Door panel: The door part of the wardrobe, sliding doors are usually made of 9mm wood material or 5mm glass sliding doors; swing doors are generally made of 16mm or 18mm materials. We provide you with the following material options: 

UV board, double veneer board, corrugated board, louver board, painted board.

Hardware Accessories

– Hinge: used to connect the cabinet body and door panel. We provide options including iron, stainless steel and carbon steel 201, 304 and other materials.

– Damping: used for buffering, damping and preventing the cabinet door from rebounding, and used to ensure the cabinet door closes smoothly.

– Drawer rail: used for pushing and pulling the drawer. The best rail is a three-section track that slides with the steel column to prevent the drawer from sliding outward.

– Clothes hanger: generally made of aluminum alloy, with strong load-bearing capacity and anti-slip craft lines.

– Handle: used for cabinet door opening and closing and decoration, providing a variety of customized options, materials, shapes and colors.

Functional Components

– Movable pull-out basket: To make it easier to put and take clothes, you can customize pull-out baskets of different sizes.

– Door panel basket rack: A small storage space installed on the door panel of the wardrobe, suitable for storing small items such as cosmetics and socks.

– Lifting clothes hanger rack: Convenient for taking and putting clothes hung high.

– Grid rack: Neatly place small items such as ties and sunglasses, and the patterns and styles are clear at a glance.

– Dressing mirror: Hidden in the wardrobe, it appears with a slight pull.

Auxiliary Components

– Pulleys and rails: The core technical components of sliding doors, making the cabinet doors easy, smooth, flexible and silent.

– Shelf buckle: Embedded shelf buckle can prevent the shelves from sliding off.

Nine Features of George's Wardrobe

It is our privilege to provide custom wardrobes for projects from different parts of the world. At George Intl you get a private consultation and the designers respect every decision you make. We will help you get the wardrobe or dressing room you want.

Environmental Friendly

Environmental Friendly

The board material used complies with the European E1 environmental protection standard, and the formaldehyde content is ≤8MG/100G.

1.0mm Edge Banding

The thickness of the edge banding is 1mm all around. The edge banding glue imported from Germany ensures that the edge banding will not fall off.


Wardrobe Locator

The positioner is used to solve the problem of sliding door rebounding, so that the sliding door can be closed in one go.

9mm Thick Door

9mm Thick Door

The door panel is 9mm thick, and the sufficient thickness ensures that the cabinet door is stable and durable.

Anti-collision Treatment

Wardrobe dust strips

Dust-proof strips and anti-collision strips are added on both sides of the cabinet door to greatly reduce the impact force between the cabinet door and the side panel.

Damping System Rebound Slide

Quiet sliding wardrobe

It has a better rebound effect, no sound when sliding and strong stability, and the drawer does not sag under load.

Sliding Door Damping Pulley

The sliding door damping system makes the sliding door tightly closed.

Hole Capping

Wardrobe hole cover

There are hole covers on the cabinet board to prevent moisture from slowly seeping into the cabinet through the small holes, and it will be more beautiful

Double Decorative Veneer

Double Decorative Veneer

Avoid exposing the density board substrate to the outside, minimize formaldehyde leakage, and make it more moisture-proof and environmentally friendly.

1000+ Bedroom Wardrobe Ideas

Custom Wardrobe FAQs

The process of choosing a custom wardrobe is not difficult, but you will encounter various questions and confusions. We will do our best to provide you with the most comprehensive and detailed information, and explore the fun of custom wardrobes together.

There is actually no clear definition of which wardrobe is best for a bedroom. The main considerations are the size of the bedroom, clothing storage needs, style preferences, and project budget. Each wardrobe has its own advantages and disadvantages, so let me briefly explain them to you:

1. Built-in wardrobe
Applicable situation: Suitable for bedrooms with limited space, built-in wardrobe can make full use of wall space.

Advantages: Save space, integrate with the wall, good visual effect.

Disadvantages: Need to reserve space during decoration, difficult to change later.

2. Freestanding wardrobe
Applicable situation: Bedrooms with larger space, can be placed at will, basically not restricted by the position of the wall.

Advantages: High flexibility, can adjust the position according to the bedroom layout, easy to move.

Disadvantages: Occupies floor space, may make the bedroom look crowded.

3. Walk-in wardrobe
Applicable situation: Suitable for spacious bedrooms or independent cloakrooms, walk-in wardrobes provide sufficient storage space, convenient for sorting and organizing clothes.

Advantages: Large storage capacity, strong functionality, convenient for sorting and organizing.

Disadvantages: Requires a larger space and high cost.

4. Combination wardrobe
Applicable situation: Suitable for multi-functional bedrooms, combination wardrobes are usually composed of multiple cabinets, which can include wardrobes, bookcases, storage cabinets, etc.

Advantages: Diverse functions, can be freely combined according to needs, and make full use of space.

Disadvantages: Reasonable planning and design are required, otherwise it may lead to waste of space.

5. Sliding door wardrobe
Applicable situation: Suitable for bedrooms with limited space but want to keep it tidy. Sliding door wardrobe can save door opening space.

Advantages: Save space, neat appearance, easy to clean.

Disadvantages: Sliding door tracks need regular maintenance, otherwise it may affect use.

6. Open wardrobe
Applicable situation: It can be used in modern or simple style bedrooms. Open wardrobe can make clothes clear at a glance, convenient for selection and matching.

Advantages: Convenient to find clothes, transparent visual effect.

Disadvantages: Easy to accumulate dust.

Solid wood board
Advantages: environmentally friendly and healthy, the amount of formaldehyde released is far lower than the national standard; it has unique natural wood grain and elegant texture; it is wear-resistant and has a long service life.

Disadvantages: high-quality solid wood materials are generally expensive; they are easily deformed due to changes in temperature and humidity.

Multi-layer solid wood board
Advantages: not easy to deform, strong crack resistance; low formaldehyde release; it also has certain thermal insulation performance.

Disadvantages: more expensive than ordinary man-made boards; relatively difficult to install and carry.

Particle board
Advantages: relatively more affordable; light weight, easy to carry and process; made of wood chips, reducing wood waste.

Disadvantages: prone to edge collapse and breakage; low environmental protection, there is a problem of formaldehyde release; the service life is also relatively short.

Advantages: moderate price, relatively affordable; flat surface: suitable for various finishing treatments; easy to carve and form complex shapes.

Disadvantages: poor durability and pressure resistance. Environmental protection is general, and a lot of glue is used in the manufacturing process;
It is easy to be affected by moisture and deform, especially in a humid environment.

Metal material
Advantages: Stylish and avant-garde appearance, suitable for modern style; not easy to deform and wear, long service life; smooth surface, easy to clean.

Disadvantages: Cold texture, difficult to integrate with the warm home atmosphere; heavy weight, inconvenient to carry and install; easy to make noise when opening and closing the door.

Brand status: KD-Katie is listed as one of the top ten wardrobe wall cabinet brands in the United States and is a well-known overall home brand.
Material and quality: The body board base material of KD wardrobe is mainly made of solid wood particle board, which has excellent moisture resistance, uniform internal texture, excellent nail holding force, bending and compression resistance, and stability.
Design features: KD wardrobe focuses on the combination of practicality and aesthetics, and provides a variety of styles and sizes to choose from.

 Stanley STANLEY:
Brand status: Stanley is the pioneer of overall wardrobes in the United States and one of the top ten brands of overall wardrobes.
Design and function: Stanley wardrobes focus on humanization in design and provide a variety of functions and storage options to meet the needs of different families.

 George Intl: Indoor cabinet customization expert

When you consider customizing cabinets for your bedroom or other indoor spaces, George Intl is your ideal choice. While we are deeply engaged in the wardrobe customization industry, we also have deep attainments in indoor cabinet customization.

Leave the wardrobe design to our interior designers. You only need to communicate with us about your wardrobe ideas, and it would be even better if you can provide interior drawings.

1. Demand analysis
The designer needs to understand the purpose of the wardrobe, storage needs, color preferences, material selection, and whether there are special functional requirements (such as hanging areas, drawers, shoe racks, etc.).

2. Layout planning
We will plan the layout of the wardrobe reasonably according to the size and shape of the bedroom. For smaller bedrooms, we recommend that you choose built-in wardrobes or use wall space to design.

3. Materials and colors
After understanding your budget and style preferences, the designer will recommend suitable materials and overall styles and tones for you. At the same time, different decoration styles and matching furniture will be recommended for you.

4. Detailed design
The designer also takes into account the detailed design, including lighting and hardware accessories. Ensure your convenience during the use of the wardrobe and the durability and stability of the wardrobe.

Solid wood wardrobe doors: Solid wood wardrobe doors are popular for their natural texture and durability. Prices vary depending on the wood type, grain, and complexity of the craftsmanship. For example, solid wood wardrobe doors made of American red oak or cherry may cost between $100 and $300 per square foot.

 Artificial board wardrobe doors: Artificial board wardrobe doors, such as MDF (medium-density fiberboard) or particle board, are relatively affordable. These materials are processed to have a flat surface and stable performance. They are usually priced between $30 and $80 per square foot.

 Aluminum alloy wardrobe doors: Aluminum alloy wardrobe doors are popular for their lightness, durability, and easy cleaning. Prices vary depending on factors such as aluminum thickness, surface treatment process, and glass type. Generally speaking, aluminum alloy wardrobe doors cost between $50 and $200 per square foot.

Wardrobe accessories refer to a series of auxiliary parts or devices used in conjunction with the main structure of the wardrobe. They are used to enhance the functionality, practicality, aesthetics and convenience of the wardrobe.

Drawers: Drawers are common storage parts in wardrobes, used to store small items such as clothes, socks, and underwear in categories.

Clothes hanger: The clothes hanger is used to hang clothes and is one of the basic accessories of the wardrobe. It is usually installed above or on the side of the wardrobe and can withstand a certain weight of clothes.

Shelf: Shelf is a board used to separate spaces inside the wardrobe, and the height and position can be adjusted as needed.

Clothes hanger: Clothes hanger is an accessory for hanging long clothes, usually installed on the top or side of the wardrobe. It is made of sturdy material to ensure the stable hanging of clothes.

Pants hanger: Pants hanger is an accessory specifically used for hanging pants. It can prevent pants from folding and deforming, and keep pants neat and in shape.

Storage basket/storage box: These accessories are usually used to store small items such as socks, underwear, ties, etc. They can be stored in categories for easy search and sorting.

Mirror: Some wardrobes are equipped with mirrors to facilitate users to observe their dressing effects when sorting clothes. Mirrors can be installed on the side or door of the wardrobe.

Lighting system: To improve the lighting effect inside the wardrobe, some high-end wardrobes are equipped with lighting systems, which can easily find the required items in a dim environment.

Handles/handles: Handles or handles are accessories used to open and close the wardrobe doors. They are usually made of metal or plastic, and the appropriate style can be selected according to the material and style of the wardrobe.

Anti-slip mats: Anti-slip mats are usually used inside the wardrobe and can be placed on the bottom of the shelves or drawers to prevent clothing from sliding or sliding.

There are obvious differences between wardrobes and closets in terms of function, design, installation and use.

Definition and use
Wardrobe: Mainly used in spaces such as bedrooms, specially designed for storing clothes, and can also hold some smaller items. Wardrobes are made of a variety of materials, including stainless steel, solid wood, tempered glass, etc., and have a variety of built-in accessories.
Closet: Also known as built-in closet, it is a floor-standing or hanging storage space combined with the wall in a residential suite. In addition to storing clothes, closets can also be used to store various small items, not just in the bedroom, but can also be installed in places such as the kitchen, entrance or corridor.

 Design and installation
Wardrobe: The design is more flexible and can be purchased according to the size of the room and personal needs. The installation and purchase of wardrobes are relatively simple, and can be added or moved at will in the bedroom.
Closet: It is usually a design embedded in the wall, closely integrated with the wall, and looks integrated with the wall, so the location and size need to be considered when designing or decorating the house. The removal and modification of the closet is relatively troublesome, and it is usually designed and built together with the house.

 Space and efficiency
Wardrobe: Although the design is flexible, the space utilization rate is not too high, but the overall wardrobe can be reasonably designed according to the designated location, and the space utilization rate can reach 100%.
Closet: Due to the design of embedded in the wall, the closet can make better use of space and increase the efficiency of space use. Especially when the room space is limited, the embedded design of the closet can save more space.

 Personalization and customization
Wardrobe: It can be customized according to different groups of people in terms of color, material, accessories, etc.
Closet: Although the customization of the closet may not be as strong as that of the wardrobe, due to its embedded design, it can be better integrated with the overall style and decoration of the house.

Of course, adding a TV space to a custom wardrobe is a common requirement, especially in modern home environments where people want to save space and meet storage and entertainment needs at the same time.

Our custom wardrobes are highly flexible and personalized, and can be designed according to the ideas of different customers. Therefore, customizing a wardrobe with a TV space is a feasible idea, and we are also keen to support our customers’ wardrobe design ideas. While ensuring that the wardrobe meets your creativity, the quality and aesthetic requirements of the wardrobe will not be compromised.

When choosing a custom wardrobe, some customers may have great doubts about American wardrobes and British wardrobes, and hesitate between the two. In fact, we are not sure which wardrobe is better, but we know the difference between the two wardrobes.

Characteristics of American custom wardrobes:

Style and design: American-style wardrobes are more majestic, graceful, and luxurious, reflecting the American attitude of pursuing freedom and comfort. They focus on practicality and comfort without losing their noble style.
– Material and craftsmanship: American custom wardrobes are mostly made of solid wood, and some carved patterns will be added to the corners to reflect the noble temperament. This kind of wardrobe is sturdy and durable, and an American furniture can often be used for decades or even hundreds of years.
– Functionality: They pay great attention to functionality and practicality. They will fully consider the user’s storage needs and usage habits, and provide rich storage space and multiple functional partitions.

Characteristics of British custom wardrobes:

 Style and design: British custom wardrobes have various styles, including neoclassicism, Georgian style, pastoral style and industrial style. These styles usually have exquisite details and elegant shapes, reflecting the British people’s pursuit of exquisite and romantic attitude towards life.
– Materials and craftsmanship: British custom wardrobes are also very particular about materials and craftsmanship, using high-quality wood and fine carving techniques to create unique artistic effects. The wardrobes created in this way have exquisite appearance and extremely high collection value.
– Culture and history: Their design inspiration comes from British history and traditional art, such as Gothic and Baroque. In addition to being household items, this type of wardrobe is also a heritage of culture and history.
Summary and selection:
If you like a grand, graceful, and luxurious style, pay attention to practicality and comfort, and hope that the wardrobe is sturdy and durable, then American custom wardrobes may be a better choice.
If you pursue a refined and romantic style, like household items with cultural and historical connotations, and pay attention to materials and craftsmanship, then British custom wardrobes may be more suitable for you.

The price of custom wardrobes in the United States is usually higher than that of ordinary wardrobes, ranging from a few hundred dollars per square meter to a few thousand dollars per square meter. For example, the price of a KD wardrobe ranges from 300 to 500 dollars per square meter, but if it is made of solid wood, the price may be even higher, even up to thousands of dollars per square meter.

If you want to customize a walk-in closet in the room, you need enough space to store clothes, shoes, hats, bags and other items, so you must reserve enough activity space. Considering the activity space, we recommend that the room area, including the closet and activity space, be at least 100 square feet.

However, the specific area requirements are still determined by the actual storage needs and the specific layout of the room. If you have a large number of clothes and storage needs, or want more functional areas in the closet (such as fitting area, hanging area, drawer area, etc.), you will need a larger area.

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