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We strive to offer one-stop all building doors and windows services.

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China's Door And Window Experts, Double Choice For Residential And Commercial Use

Georgr Intl is a leading enterprise focusing on the manufacture of high-end aluminum doors and windows, wooden doors, sunrooms and stainless steel doors, and are committed to providing high-quality doors and windows products for both residential and commercial use for global customers. With deep industry accumulation, we have obtained SGS, IOS9001 certificates and exported to countries and regions such as the Middle East, South Asia, South Africa and parts of Europe and the United States.

We have spent all our thought and energy to build a modern exhibition hall with a total area of 20,000 square meters, displaying a series of high-quality doors and windows from classic to cutting-edge, from residential to commercial. In recent years, we have successively introduced a series of advanced equipment such as automatic cutting machines, automatic assembly machines, and dust-free workshops.

George Intl always adheres to customer demand-oriented and technological innovation-driven, and is committed to creating safe, comfortable and beautiful door and window products for customers. Whether you need residential or commercial windows and doors, we have amazing solutions for you.



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Selected Raw Materials

Strictly select high-quality raw materials and strive to ensure that the raw materials have excellent performance, durability and safety. We have long-term cooperation with high-quality raw material suppliers to ensure the stability and quality of door and window materials.

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OEM/ODM Service

It is our pleasure to provide you with OEM/ODM services. Whether it's custom design, OEM production, or a total solution, we strive to meet all of your unique requirements.

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Doors and Windows Factory – Wood Raw Materials

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Doors and Windows Factory – Production Equipment


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Professional Engineering Help

We listen to customer needs, maintain communication through multiple channels, and use our professional insights to provide customers with solutions. We also provide efficient logistics capabilities to deliver products to you on time and in good quality.

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Environmental Commitment

Prioritize environmentally certified, low energy consumption, recyclable materials, optimize production processes, and reduce energy consumption. Fully consider the environmental performance of the product, heat insulation, thermal insulation, and sound insulation during product design to reduce energy consumption during the use of the building.

Why Choose a Quality Door and Windows Manufacturer

Reduce Trade Disputes

High-quality window and door manufacturers can avoid packaging problems, material defects, design errors and other issues, thereby reducing disputes.

Durability and Long Term Value

High-quality doors and windows are not only beautiful in appearance, but also durable, bringing long-term use value and economic benefits to the building.

Energy Saving

Good doors and windows have good thermal insulation and heat preservation properties, which can reduce energy consumption and improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Safety Performance

More emphasis is placed on safety in design and manufacturing, such as wind pressure resistance, anti-theft, fire prevention and other performance, which is safer and more reliable.

How to Find Quality Door and Windows Manufacturer in China

Clarify Project Requirements Before Purchasing

Before starting the purchase of doors and windows, GeorgeIntl recommends that you need to clarify the project requirements in advance, which is a crucial step in the purchase of doors and windows.

The selection and customization of doors and windows for the project needs to be confirmed according to the actual situation of the project, including size, material, design style and hardware accessories. Only by clarifying these requirements can you find a suitable manufacturer more targeted.

How to clarify the requirements
Measure the size. The size of the door and window openings mainly measures the height, width and the entry and exit positions of the doors and windows on the left and right sides. Due to the unevenness or non-straightness of the wall, the actual measurement often shows the phenomenon of “different point locations and different measurement results”. In addition, the measurement methods of corner windows and curved windows are also different, and they need to be measured carefully.

Choose materials and design styles. According to the overall style and budget of the project, you need to choose the appropriate door and window materials and design styles, and you may consider the performance and appearance of the materials.

Determine the hardware accessories, such as door and window handles, locks, hinges, etc. The quality and style of these accessories will affect the overall comfort of the space environment

Foshan, Guangdong, The First Choice

Foshan City, Guangdong Province has always been one of the centers of China’s door and window industry. Foshan City has an industrial exhibition center of more than 200,000 square meters, covering thousands of enterprises. 

Foshan Door and Window Association was established in 2006 and currently has more than 500 member units, covering the production, sales, design, research and development of the door industry and other fields. 

Foshan’s door and window companies have gone from imitation and imitation in the early days to becoming the mainstream force in the global door industry, and have entered the hall of high-value industries based on the advantages of production areas and labor costs. 

For foreign buyers, Foshan manufacturers are known for their affordable prices, complete varieties and excellent quality.

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Top Ten Door and Window Brands in Guangdong

1. ZEKIN Doors and Windows

zekin doors and  window

ZEKIN Doors and Windows was established in 2008. It has 16 years of experience in customizing high-end security doors and windows, a modern intelligent manufacturing production base of over 155,000m², and a complete raw material supply chain for the company .


2. SIMBOR Doors and Windows

simbor doors and windows

SIMBOR Doors and Windows, as a brand involved in the doors and windows industry for an entire home, Xinbiao Doors and Windows has an intelligent manufacturing industrial park with production strength and production capacity. It has developed high-performance product systems such as aluminum window series, aluminum door series, swing door series, sun room, curtain wall window and entrance door series. 

3. Suifu Doors and Windows

suifu doors and windows

Suifu Doors and Windows focuses on high-end system doors and windows. It is a modern Foshan aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer integrating design, research and development, production and service. 

4. Phonpa Doors and Windows

phonpa doors and windows

Phonpa Doors and Windows was established in 2007. It focuses on system doors and windows, sun rooms and other products. It integrates research and development, design, manufacturing and marketing. Its headquarters is located in Sanshui District, Foshan. 

5. Yooan Doors and Windows

yooan doors and windows

Yooan Doors and Windows was established in 2006. It combines Italian style to design distinctive standard products with beautified appearance and unique functional design. The products are exported to Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other countries and regions. 

6. GeorgeIntl Doors and Windows


GeorgeIntl Doors and Windows was established in 2007. It specializes in the research and development, production, sales and service of aluminum doors and windows, wooden doors, sun rooms and stainless steel doors. Its headquarters is located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, with convenient transportation. 

7. Paiya Doors and Windows

paiya doors and windows

Paiya Doors and Windows is an old brand with extremely strict requirements for product research and development. It is committed to the research and development and production of aluminum alloy doors and windows. With its development capabilities and process technology, it strives to create a harmonious and happy home art life. 

8. Snimay Doors and Windows

snimay doors and windows

Snimay Doors and Windows built a standard production line for doors and windows products in 2013, and introduced a full set of advanced door and window system production equipment from Germany, which is mainly used in the design, research and development and production of aluminum alloy doors and windows, sun rooms and ecological interior doors. 

9. Hennissy Doors and Windows

hennissy doors and windows

Hennissy Doors and Windows has established a scientific and technological group composed of many experts in the aluminum profile industry, and actively cooperates with large foreign production equipment manufacturers, with more than 100 product technology patents. 

10. ST.VANNO Doors and Windows

stvanno doors and windows

ST.VANNO Doors and Windows Founded in 2010, ST.VANNO Doors and Windows is a professional enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales of aluminum alloy door and window systems. It has two major production bases (Foshan/Zhaoqing), covering an area of more than 80,000 square meters.

Suitable For Your Project

Inspiration From Global Cases

Doors and Windows Solution FAQs

Here are some popular issues that customers are concerned about. Relax a little.
Your doubts are about to dissipate, and together we can open up the infinite possibilities of doors and windows.

Price isn’t the only consideration, but trust us, we never compromise when it comes to quality and value. As we say, you get what you pay for, but at George Intl, you probably get what you pay for.

Throughout the entire door and window customization process, we will have in-depth communication with you and introduce you in detail to the impact of different materials, functions and designs on price, so that you can make the right choice within your budget.

Our products focus on the selection and selection of materials and craftsmanship. We use high-quality raw materials to ensure the durability and stability of our doors and windows. At the same time, we have advanced production equipment and a professional technical team, which reflect the value of your customized products.

UPVC material combines the stability of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with the unplasticized properties, giving it a range of unique advantages.

· Remarkable thermal insulation, energy saving and environmental protection performance. This is because the UPVC material has a low thermal conductivity and poor thermal conductivity, which can effectively block heat exchange indoors and outdoors, thereby saving energy and reducing heating and air conditioning costs.

· Excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging properties. They are not susceptible to moisture, will not rot or rust, and are suitable for a variety of climate conditions. In addition, UPVC materials also have excellent weather resistance and can maintain stable performance for a long time.

· Excellent sound insulation performance and sealing performance can effectively reduce indoor and outdoor noise transmission and provide better sound insulation effect. At the same time, UPVC doors and windows also have good fire protection and insulation properties, which can provide a safer environment for your home or office.

UPVC doors and windows are also a good choice if you are considering replacing them or renovating them.

To choose the right type of doors and windows, implementation requires clarifying specific requirements. This includes understanding the type of project (e.g. residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), design style, budget, climate conditions in the area, safety requirements, and other factors.

· Material selection: There are many materials for doors and windows, such as wood, steel, aluminum alloy, plastic steel, etc. Each material has its own characteristics and scope of application. Wooden doors and windows have good thermal insulation and decorative properties, but may require more maintenance; aluminum alloy doors and windows are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and suitable for a variety of environments; plastic steel doors and windows have good thermal insulation and sound insulation properties.

· Functional requirements: If the project requires fire protection, you can choose fireproof doors and windows; if you need sound insulation, you can choose soundproof doors and windows. You can also consider whether you need anti-theft, heat preservation, heat insulation and other functions.

· Opening method: There are many ways to open doors and windows, such as swing opening, push-pull, top hanging, and bottom hanging. If the project requires good ventilation, you can choose casement windows; if space is limited, you can choose sliding windows.

· Brand and quality: Choosing door and window products from well-known brands can guarantee their quality and after-sales service. When choosing, you can learn about the product’s manufacturing process, material selection, performance testing and other information to ensure that you purchase high-quality doors and windows that meet the project requirements.

How to evaluate the sound insulation performance of doors and windows?

The sound insulation performance evaluation of doors and windows is a process involving multiple factors. Here are some detailed evaluation methods:

· Material evaluation
Material type: Solid wood doors and windows usually have better sound insulation effects due to the density and weight of the material itself. Materials such as PVC and aluminum alloy may have relatively weak sound insulation effects due to their lighter weight or structural reasons.

· Airtightness: Choosing materials with better airtightness can reduce the transmission of noise. Our door and window products adopt a multi-pass sealing design, which can isolate noise more effectively.

· Thickness assessment
The thickness of doors and windows is also a key factor affecting the sound insulation effect. Generally speaking, the thicker the doors and windows, the better the sound insulation.

· Weight assessment
The formula for sound insulation is directly related to the density of the material, so denser and heavier materials have better sound insulation. If sound insulation cotton is added in the middle of a flat hollow door, its sound insulation effect may be better than that of a solid wood door.

· Flatness assessment
The flatness of the wooden door will also affect the sound insulation effect. The flatter the wooden door, the better it will fit into the door frame and generally the better the sound insulation will be. In addition, the quality of the expanded glue between the door cover and the wall will also affect the sound insulation effect.

· Choose high-quality locks and hardware:

High-quality locks and hardware accessories are the basis for ensuring the anti-theft functions of doors and windows. Multi-point locks, anti-pry locks, etc. These locks have complex designs and are difficult to pick open. The quality of hardware accessories is also crucial. They affect the stability and firmness of doors and windows and ensure that doors and windows are not easily deformed or damaged when impacted by external forces. 

· Install anti-theft nets or anti-theft screens:

For windows, you can install anti-theft nets or anti-theft screens. The anti-theft net can be made of stainless steel or high-strength alloy, which has high impact resistance and cutting ability. Anti-theft screens are usually made of high-strength steel wires or stainless steel wires and have multiple functions such as ventilation, mosquito and insect repellent, theft protection, and pry-proofing. 

· Use safety glass

Safety glass such as laminated glass, insulated glass, etc. has high strength and impact resistance, and can effectively resist external impact and reduce the risk of being broken. Even if the glass breaks, the fragments will stick to the film and will not scatter and harm anyone. 

· Install door and window alarms

Door and window alarms are an effective anti-theft device. When someone illegally opens a door or window, the alarm will emit a high-decibel alarm sound. You can also choose an alarm with remote monitoring function, so you can know the security status of your home’s doors and windows in real time even when you are not at home. 

· Limit the opening angle of doors and windows

For windows, you can limit their opening angle by installing a limiter so that only a small gap can be left when the window is opened. This can not only ensure ventilation but also prevent thieves from entering the room through the window.

· Regular cleaning
Use a dry soft cloth to gently wipe the hardware. Avoid using a wet cloth or chemical-based cleaners to prevent corrosion or oxidation of the hardware. If you find hard-to-remove stains or black spots on the surface of your hardware, you can wipe it with a little kerosene, but be sure to wipe it dry with a clean cloth afterwards.

· Avoid heat and heavy objects
Do not place hot teacups or other high-temperature items directly on hardware accessories. Tripods, heat-insulating pads, etc. should be used to avoid surface discoloration or blistering. Avoid directly hitting hardware accessories with heavy objects or sharp objects to avoid deformation or damage.

· Proper use of lubricants
When it is found that the rotation of hardware accessories (such as lock core) is not flexible enough, you can drop a little lubricating oil. But please be careful not to use too much to avoid contaminating or damaging the hardware. If necessary, you can also scrape a small amount of black powder from the pencil lead and gently blow it into the lock hole, which will help lubricate the lock core.

· Avoid chemical corrosion
Avoid contact between hardware accessories and chemical substances such as hydrochloric acid, salt, brine, etc. These substances may corrode the hardware and affect its service life. When using detergent or dish soap, make sure it is neutral and avoid using acidic or alkaline cleaners.

· Keep dry
Always keep hardware accessories dry to avoid getting wet for a long time. If the hardware accessories are in a humid environment, they should be dried in time.

· Avoid scratches and impacts
Do not use sharp or hard objects to scratch the surface of hardware accessories to avoid scratches. Avoid hitting hardware accessories with hard objects to avoid damage.

· Use and storage
When using hardware accessories, please follow the instructions or professional advice to avoid damage caused by improper use.
When storing hardware accessories, please place them in a dry, ventilated place and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or moisture.

· Vacuum glass
Advantages: Highest thermal insulation performance.
Disadvantages: expensive, short lifespan, poor sound insulation performance.

· Laminated glass
Advantages: high safety performance, even broken fragments will not fall off; professional sound insulation, effective for both high-frequency noise and medium-low frequency noise; UV protection.
Disadvantages: poor thermal insulation performance, not suitable for bay windows, south-facing bedrooms and other places that require good thermal insulation performance.

· Tempered glass
Advantages: strong resistance, high safety, and good thermal stability.
How to identify: Look at the corners of the glass to see if there is a tempered 3C logo.

· Insulated glass
Advantages: good thermal insulation performance and low price.
Disadvantages: The thermal insulation and sound insulation effect is relatively poor. If you need better thermal insulation and sound insulation effects, you can choose higher-level insulating glass, such as three-glass and two-cavity glass.

· Low-E glass (low-emissivity coated glass)
Advantages: It has permeability, good thermal insulation, heat insulation and energy saving effects, and is more suitable for cold areas.
Disadvantages: Has a certain impact on natural light transmittance.

· Ultra-white glass
Advantages: bright color, high light transmittance, low self-explosion rate of glass, and high safety.
Disadvantages: higher price.

When the project is located in a cold area, corresponding measures can be taken to reduce or prevent the occurrence of frost.

· Humidity Control: Indoor humidity can be controlled by using a dehumidifier or air purifier. At the same time, pay attention to maintaining indoor ventilation, especially when using a humidifier or cooking, to remove excess moisture in time.

· Use window film: Window film is a product that prevents frost from forming and provides insulation.
It can be attached to the inside of the window to reduce the impact of indoor and outdoor temperature differences on the window, thereby preventing frost.

· Use curtains and window screens: When you rest at night, closing the curtains can block the direct contact of cold outside air with the windows and reduce the formation of frost. At the same time, when the sun is strong during the day, open the curtains and use solar energy to heat the windows, which can help quickly eliminate frost on the windows.

· Use heated windows: Heated windows are a high-tech product that prevents frost from forming on your windows. It uses thermally conductive glass and electric heating film technology to provide continuous heating effect in winter and prevent cold air from frosting.

· Clean your windows regularly: Cleaning your windows regularly can remove dust and dirt from the window surface and keep your windows clean and transparent. Check the sealing performance of windows and promptly repair damaged seals or window frames to prevent cold air from entering the room.

· Use a dry towel to wipe your windows: When wiping your windows, use a dry towel instead of a wet towel. Wet towels can leave water marks on windows, which can easily freeze and form frost at low temperatures.

· Window paper and fine salt: Pasting a layer of window paper on the windows can isolate the glass from direct contact with cold air and reduce the water vapor in the air from condensing on the glass. In addition, apply some fine salt on the glass. The salt can absorb moisture and dry air, which can reduce the possibility of frost.

Of course, it is our honor to provide you with OEM or ODM services

Regarding OED services, we have strong design and R&D capabilities and can customize product design and manufacturing solutions according to different needs. We understand that each customer’s needs are unique, so we are committed to providing you with high-quality products that meet your specific needs.

In terms of ODM services, with our rich production experience and advanced manufacturing technology, we are able to provide customers with one-stop services from product design, manufacturing to post-maintenance. We work closely with you to ensure products meet expectations and requirements from design to production.

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We will email you within 24 hours. If your project is urgent, please feel free to call +86 185 2096 9094 directly.