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High Quality Furniture Made in China

Chinese furniture carries thousands of years of cultural heritage and displays a unique oriental charm.

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Founded in 2007, George Intl has been working hard to provide better quality furniture products. Guided by the corporate vision and mission of making life better, and the development concept of insisting on producing better quality products than others. GeorgeIntl has gradually transformed its business The scope has been expanded to the world, allowing more foreign friends to experience China’s furniture manufacturing culture that has been passed down for many years.

We are located in Foshan, Guangdong, where there is a furniture city that stretches for ten miles, bringing together tens of thousands of furniture manufacturers or suppliers. In the furniture city, you can find any furniture you want, whether you are looking for affordable or luxurious and expensive furniture. When it comes to furniture, there is no product you can’t find.

From the beginning, our original intention is to be recognized by our customers as a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality furniture by providing customers with excellent quality, fashionable and innovative furniture. Our mission is not really completed yet. We are honored to introduce to you our application Furniture products in various fields, choose them and fall in love with them!



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Customized Furniture

What we customize not only meets the needs of size and material, but also goes deep into your lifestyle and taste, customizing exclusive furniture that is integrated into the Chinese cultural heritage.

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Global Home Solutions

We not only provide furniture products, but also serve as your global home consultant. From design consultation to shipping and distribution, we provide professional, efficient and considerate services throughout the process.

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Furniture Factory –  Production Machinery

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Professional Service

Every home is made in Foshan. We are located in the center of China and even FamilyMart’s home furnishing manufacturing industry. We provide you with the most professional and reliable services.


Low Factory Price

Foshan has a complete furniture manufacturing industry chain, large-scale production, and slightly lower raw material prices. Here you can purchase furniture products with more price advantages.

Why Choose a China Furniture Manufacturer

Best Value for Money

Chinese furniture manufacturers are known for their high quality and low prices, so you can enjoy furniture designs that are like works of art without having to pay exorbitant fees.

Excellent Quality

With a millennium of furniture manufacturing cultural heritage, we pay attention to furniture quality and craftsmanship details, and have passed international quality certifications such as ISO9001.

Diverse Product Line

With a rich product line, including traditional and modern, classic and fashionable styles and styles. This diversity allows customers around the world to find suitable furniture products.

Stable Delivery

Cluster-scale production allows Chinese furniture manufacturers to complete large-volume orders in a short time and deliver them to you on time.

How to Find Quality Furniture Manufacturer in China

Where to Find Furniture Manufacturer

The furniture industry has existed in China for thousands of years, and the furniture manufacturing techniques that have been handed down over the years have long since matured the manufacturing technology. You can find high-quality furniture manufacturers in these areas of China.

· Pearl River Delta Region: The furniture industry area centered on the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong is the largest furniture industry area in China. There are more than 80,000 furniture companies in Guangdong, with more than 1 million employees, forming an important hub for furniture production, supporting and sales. The base is also the largest furniture distribution center in China.

· The Yangtze River Delta region: including Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai, is the region with the fastest growth rate of furniture. The region has developed information, convenient transportation, good manufacturing industry foundation, large furniture market capacity, and obvious advantages in product quality and business management.

· North China: including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong. This region has a long history of furniture manufacturing, rich resources, and large enterprise scale and market demand advantages.

Aerial photography of Lecong Furniture City

The Difference Between Prefabricated Furniture and Customized Furniture

Prefabricated Furniture

· Standardized production: Prefabricated furniture usually adopts large-scale, standardized production methods and is produced according to preset sizes, designs and materials, which can help manufacturers reduce costs and meet regular needs.

· Versatility: For the mass market, it is usually designed with versatility and practicality in mind to meet the needs of most consumers. Finished product sales: Sold in the form of finished products, consumers can directly see the physical effect of the furniture when purchasing, and choose the appropriate style and size according to their own needs.

· The price is relatively fixed: Since the production cost is relatively stable, the price is also relatively fixed, allowing consumers to make choices based on their budget when purchasing.

Customzied Furniture

· Personalized Customization: Customized furniture is designed and produced according to the individual needs of consumers, including customization in size, material, color, style, etc., to meet the unique needs of consumers.

· Exclusivity: Each piece of custom-made furniture is unique, custom-designed and produced, and therefore has a high level of exclusivity.

· Flexibility: Customized furniture has high flexibility in the design and production process, and can be adjusted and optimized according to the needs of the project and space conditions to achieve the best use effect and aesthetics.

· Higher Price: Since customized furniture needs to be designed and produced according to the specific needs of different customers, its production cost is relatively high, and the price will be correspondingly higher.

What are the Famous Furniture Manufacturers in China?

· Sogal Home Furnishing: Focuses on the research and development, production and sales of customized wardrobes and supporting customized furniture. It is loved by consumers for its high quality and unique design style.

· KUKA Home Furnishing: A well-known home furnishing brand in China. Its products cover multiple categories such as sofas, beds, dining tables and chairs, and focus on comfort and practicality.

· Quanyou Furniture: One of the largest furniture manufacturing companies in China, with a rich product line, including solid wood furniture, panel furniture, upholstered furniture, etc.

· Homekoo: Founded in 2004, it is a well-known home customization brand in China, providing one-stop home solutions.

· Ofun Furniture: Guangdong Ofun Furniture Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990. It is a large-scale professional comprehensive office furniture enterprise integrating the development, research and development, manufacturing and sales of office furniture.

How to Identify Quality Furniture Manufacturers

· Brand Reputation and History:
Only manufacturers with long-term stable operations can accumulate reputation and market recognition in the market.
The accumulation of time often means the accumulation of rich furniture production technology and experience, and the ability to continuously and stably provide high-quality products and services.

· Product Quality and Standards:
You can evaluate product quality by the appearance, feel, durability, paint, etc. of the furniture. Not every manufacturer can pay attention to every detail of the product, and it may be the norm to avoid the important and take the easy. Good product quality proves that the factory follows international furniture quality standards and safety regulations.

· Environmental Protection and Sustainability:
China’s current environmental inspection standards for the furniture industry are very strict, and powerful manufacturers will actively adopt environmentally friendly materials and production methods. Whether it is subjective or objective changes, it can be considered that they are reducing environmental pollution through sustainable and low-pollution production methods. The negative impact on the environment will help customers achieve a green life and protect the environment.

· Design and Innovation Capabilities:

Design and innovation capabilities are one of the core competitivenesses of the furniture industry. High-quality manufacturers usually have professional design teams and R&D institutions.
If they do not have their own design team and R&D team, it can actually be said that this manufacturer is relatively lacking in design and innovation capabilities. Products may not necessarily keep up with market trends.

· Visit the Factory and Showroom:
Visiting factories and showrooms is the most intuitive way to learn about furniture manufacturers, allowing you to directly observe their production environment, machinery and equipment, product display and customer service.
Through on-site inspections, we can gain a deeper understanding of the manufacturer’s strength and product quality, and it is also an important opportunity for customers to establish trust and cooperative relationships with manufacturers.

Suitable For Your Project

All Around Furniture Cases

Full Furniture Solution FAQs

Our furniture procurement solutions start with an in-depth understanding of your lifestyle or project space layout.
Whether you need to add a splash of color to your home or want to create a unique office environment.

Here are some common furniture types and simple descriptions, hoping to reduce your troubles:

Classification by style
· Modern furniture: simple, fashionable, focusing on practicality and functionality.
· European classical furniture: exquisite and gorgeous, often designed with carvings and complex lines.
· American furniture: Focus on comfort and practicality, with various styles, including country style, industrial style, etc.
· Neoclassical furniture: combines classical elements with modern design to create a style that is both traditional and fashionable.
· Pastoral furniture: with a natural and fresh theme, it is often used in bedrooms, living rooms and other spaces.
· Mediterranean furniture: brightly colored and unique in style, often used in beachfront vacation homes and other places.

Classification by material
· Solid wood furniture: natural wood is used as raw material, strong and durable, and environmentally friendly.
· Panel furniture: Artificial panels are the main material, cost-effective and fashionable.
· Upholstered furniture: sofas, beds, etc., are made of soft materials to provide a comfortable sitting and lying experience.
· Rattan furniture: Rattan is made of raw materials and is natural and environmentally friendly.
· Metal furniture: made of iron, aluminum and other metal materials, with a modern and industrial style.
· Glass furniture: Glass is the main material and is often used in coffee tables, dining tables and other furniture.

Classified by function
· Living room furniture: sofas, coffee tables, TV cabinets, used for receiving guests and leisure entertainment.
· Bedroom furniture: beds, wardrobes, bedside tables for resting and storing clothes.
· Study furniture: desks, bookcases, chairs, for studying and working.
· Restaurant furniture: dining tables, dining chairs, for dining and gatherings.
· Kitchen furniture: cabinets, worktops, used for cooking and storing tableware.
· Bathroom furniture: sink, bathroom cabinet, used for washing and storage.

Other categories
· Outdoor furniture: such as garden chairs, patio tables, etc., for outdoor leisure and entertainment.
· Customized furniture: Furniture customized according to the specific needs and space dimensions of different projects, such as customized wardrobes, cabinets, etc.

There is actually no standard answer to which type of furniture is more popular. There are a thousand Hamlets for a thousand people. It depends on everyone’s preferences, cultural background and regional fashion trends.

· Modern minimalist style: This type of furniture is usually favored by many people for its simple lines, stylish appearance and practical functions. They usually focus on the utilization of space and the realization of functions, and are very suitable for modern home life.

· Solid wood furniture: Solid wood furniture is loved by many foreign customers because of its natural, environmentally friendly and durable characteristics. The unique texture and texture can add a natural and warm atmosphere to the home environment.

· Italian furniture: Italian furniture is famous for its exquisite design, high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Many people love the elegance, romance and practicality of Italian furniture, as well as the Italian culture and lifestyle they represent.

· Retro style furniture: Retro style furniture has a strong sense of history and cultural value. It is usually made of traditional materials and techniques and has a strong retro flavor and unique personality.

· Customized furniture: More foreign customers like customized furniture because it can perfectly integrate into their home environment and meet their specific needs.

· IKEA: A world-renowned furniture and home furnishings retailer known for its simple, practical and environmentally friendly design.
· QuanU: A large furniture brand in China, it provides panel furniture, solid wood furniture, mattresses, sofas and other products with reliable quality and is deeply loved by consumers.
· SOGAL: A brand that focuses on customized furniture and has won market recognition for its professional whole-house customization services and high-quality products.
· GeorgeIntl: One-stop design and customization of the whole house, providing high-quality furniture products with unique design, attention to details and comfort.
· KUKA: A leading brand in China’s upholstered furniture industry, it provides a variety of products such as sofas, beds, dining tables and chairs, with stylish designs and high quality.
· QuMei Home Furnishings: A well-known brand in China’s custom furniture industry, providing personalized home solutions and focusing on design innovation and quality control.
· Oppein: A leading brand in China’s integrated cabinet industry, with a rich product line covering integrated kitchens, wardrobes, bathrooms and other fields.
· Red Star Macalline: A leading company in China’s home furnishing retail industry, it owns many well-known furniture brands and provides a one-stop home shopping experience.
· Landbond Furniture: A brand that insists on original furniture design and is favored by consumers for its unique design style and high-quality products.
· Shuangye Furniture: A well-known brand in Heilongjiang, focusing on the production of solid wood furniture, with unique product styles and high quality.
· Zuoyou Furniture: a well-known brand in Guangdong Province, mainly producing sofas, with fashionable product designs and high comfort.
· Markor Furnishings: A well-known brand in China’s high-end furniture market, providing American, European and other styles of furniture products, focusing on design and quality.
· Xilinmen: focuses on the research and development and production of mattress products, and is loved by consumers for its comfortable sleeping experience and environmentally friendly material selection.
· Palm Pearl: Provides high-quality bedroom furniture and living room furniture with attention to detail and craftsmanship, and is a brand trusted by many consumers.
· Royal Furniture: A Hong Kong brand, its products cover living rooms, restaurants, bedrooms and other fields. It is loved by consumers for its stylish design and high-quality products.

First, to ensure that the furniture matches the size of the room, you need to measure the size and layout of the room in advance. This includes the length, width, and height of the room, as well as the location of fixed facilities such as doors, windows, and electrical sockets. These measurements will help you better understand which furniture sizes will fit in the room and how to position them within the room.

Secondly, you can ask the furniture manufacturer or supplier for AR effect video or 3D simulation software to see the actual design effect. These tools provide a virtual preview of how furniture will appear in a room.

At the same time, you also need to consider whether the function of the furniture matches the use needs of the room. For example, if the room is a bedroom, then furniture such as a bed, wardrobe, and bedside tables are essential.

Finally, you also need to consider whether the style of the furniture matches the decor of the room. If the room adopts a modern minimalist style, it is more suitable to choose furniture with simple lines and single colors. The coordination of furniture and room style can create a more harmonious and comfortable living environment.

Don’t worry about the furniture not fitting.
As we’ve discussed, careful measuring and planning can help avoid the hassle of ill-fitting furniture. If you are really worried, you can go to our showroom in person, and the designers will work with you to plan the perfect room in your mind.

Our factory is located in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, which is an important base for China’s furniture industry and is known as the “Furniture Capital”.

Shunde furniture plays an important role in Guangdong and even China. Shunde is one of the important birthplaces of China’s furniture industry and has a profound history and cultural heritage of furniture manufacturing. Since the late 1970s, Shunde’s furniture industry has experienced a development process from scratch, from small to large, and has now become one of the largest furniture distribution centers in the world.

Shunde furniture is famous for its quality, focusing on material selection and craftsmanship, emphasizing practicality and comfort. There are many furniture companies here, covering various furniture types such as solid wood, panel, software, metal, etc. They also have strong research and development capabilities and constantly launch innovative products that meet market demand.

Shunde also has a complete industrial chain and supply chain system. The region has more than ten professional markets for furniture materials, tens of thousands of furniture raw and auxiliary material suppliers, more than 30,000 furniture industry chain-related companies, and a logistics and distribution network that can reach 95% of regions and cities in the country. This gives Shunde Furniture significant advantages in cost control, production efficiency, product diversity, etc.

Sure, furniture can indeed be painted.

Spray painting is a common furniture surface treatment technique that can change the appearance of furniture and increase its durability and beauty. By painting, furniture can be given a new color, texture, or gloss to match your home’s décor.

However, it should be noted that spray painting is not a simple process and requires professional skills and equipment. If you plan to spray paint yourself and are not familiar with spray painting, we recommend that you seek professional craftsmen to perform repair or renovation services for you.

China’s furniture exports have maintained a strong growth momentum

· Export scale and growth:
As the world’s largest furniture producer and exporter, China’s furniture exports have continued to grow in recent years. According to data released by the General Administration of Customs, from January to April 2024, China’s furniture exports increased by 20.4% year-on-year, reaching 168.55 billion yuan, setting a record high for the same period in history. This growth demonstrates the increasing competitiveness of Chinese furniture in the international market.

· Main export markets:
The main export markets for Chinese furniture include the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions. Among them, the United States is the largest market for China’s furniture exports, accounting for an important share of China’s furniture exports. In addition, the European market also maintains strong demand for Chinese furniture.

· Export product categories:
China exports a wide variety of furniture, including sofas, mattresses, office supplies and other finished furniture, as well as furniture parts. These products have wide demand in the international market, especially in the mid-to-high-end furniture market.

· Export region distribution:
In China, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shanghai and other places are important distribution areas for the Chinese furniture industry and are also major export provinces. The furniture industries in these areas are developed and have strong production and export capabilities, providing strong support for China’s furniture exports.

· Reasons for export growth:
The main reasons for the growth of China’s furniture exports are as follows: first, Chinese furniture has competitive advantages in quality, design, price, etc.; second, the scale of the global furniture market continues to expand, providing a broad market space for China’s furniture exports; third, The positive adjustment of international trade policies has created favorable conditions for China’s furniture exports.

About furniture custom design services

Our showroom is equipped with a professional design office, and a team of designers with extremely high professionalism is at your service. We require designers to have an in-depth understanding of your needs, style, functional divisions, personal preferences, etc. What we provide is from concept to Full process service from design to finished product production.

About minimum order quantity requirements

For furniture custom design services, we do not have a fixed minimum order quantity requirement. We understand that each client’s needs are unique, so we develop personalized solutions based on the client’s specific needs. Whether customers need to customize one piece of furniture or multiple pieces of furniture, we will go all out to provide high-quality services.

However, the cost of furniture customization may vary depending on the quantity of customization. Typically, the higher the custom quantity, the lower the unit cost is likely to be. However, we will develop the most reasonable price plan based on the customer’s specific needs and budget to ensure that customers receive value-for-money services.

Ergonomics emphasizes that design should be based on human physiological and psychological characteristics to create more comfortable and efficient products.

In furniture design, we usually take these aspects into consideration:

· Determine the optimal size: By measuring and analyzing data from a large number of users, we can understand the height, weight, range of limb movement and other characteristics of different groups of people to determine the optimal size of furniture. The height of the desk, the height and depth of the seat cushion of the chair, the height of the armrests, etc. all need to be designed based on ergonomic principles.

· Optimize functional layout: We need to understand people’s usage habits and needs to optimize the functional layout of furniture. In the design of the chair, we will consider factors such as the elasticity of the seat cushion, the shape and position of the armrests, and the curvature of the backrest to ensure that users can maintain a comfortable posture during long-term use.

· Improve comfort and safety: We will design the shape, material and structure of furniture based on ergonomic principles to reduce the risk of physical discomfort or injury that may result from prolonged use of furniture.

The length of the production cycle of furniture products is mainly determined by the type of furniture, design complexity, material selection and production process. Based on our past experience, some reference times can be given:

· Simple furniture (such as folding tables, clothes hangers, etc.): These furniture are usually simple in design and relatively easy to process materials, so the production cycle is relatively short, taking about 1-2 weeks.

· Ordinary furniture (such as sofas, coffee tables, wardrobes, etc.): The design and production process of these furniture is relatively complex, but in most cases, the production cycle is between 2-4 weeks.

· Custom furniture: Custom furniture often has a longer production cycle because it needs to meet the customer’s specific needs and size requirements. For example, customizing a panel wardrobe may take 30 to 45 days, while customizing a solid wood wardrobe may take 45 days or more.

Solid wood furniture and panel furniture each have their own advantages. You can draw some conclusions by comparing the two types of furniture.

Solid wood furniture

· Advantage:
Natural and environmentally friendly: Made of natural wood, it is non-toxic, harmless, odorless, does not contain harmful formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and is in line with the concept of environmentally friendly and healthy life.
Value-preserving function: It has high value and can bring a warm “wood atmosphere” to the home environment. It is very popular among mid-to-high-end consumers.
Long service life: Solid wood furniture has high density and hardness, so it has strong wear resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, and generally has a long service life.
Unique beauty: Natural textures and colors show unique artistic beauty, giving people a warm and natural feeling.

· Shortcoming:
Higher price: Due to the use of natural wood and the complex production process, the price is usually higher.
Easy to deform: It is sensitive to the humidity and temperature of the environment. If it is not properly maintained, it is prone to deformation, cracking and other problems.
Difficulty in maintenance: Solid wood furniture requires regular maintenance and cannot be exposed to sunlight or moisture for long periods of time.

Plate-type furniture

· Advantage:
Lower price: Made of artificial boards, the material has high reusability and production efficiency, so the price is relatively low.
Good stability: The panels of panel furniture break the original physical structure of the wood. Therefore, when the temperature and humidity change greatly, the “deformation” of the artificial panels is much smaller than that of solid wood, and the relative quality is stable.
Diverse shapes: The veneers of panel furniture have various colors and material textures, which can give people different visual impact, and the appearance is not easy to deform and the shapes are changeable.

· Shortcoming:

Poor environmental protection: Some panel furniture may use adhesives such as glue during the production process, so there may be formaldehyde release issues.
Low durability: Although panel furniture also has a certain degree of durability, due to the characteristics of its materials, problems such as deformation or cracking may occur when it is subjected to heavy pressure or long-term use.

It is actually a relatively subjective question to compare whether furniture made in China or furniture made in the United States is better, because each has its own unique advantages and characteristics.

Furniture made in China has advantages in the following aspects

· Material selection: China has abundant wood resources, so solid wood furniture plays an important role in furniture made in China. Solid wood furniture is natural, environmentally friendly, and durable, and can be customized according to needs.

· Manufacturing process: Furniture made in China is very exquisite in manufacturing process, especially the use of traditional techniques such as carving and mortise and tenon joints, which makes the furniture more beautiful, strong and durable. At the same time, with the introduction of modern manufacturing technology, China’s furniture manufacturing industry has also made significant progress in automation and intelligence, improving production efficiency and product quality.

· Value for money: Furniture made in China is often more competitive in price than furniture made in the United States because of China’s large production scale and lower production costs. This gives furniture made in China a certain advantage in cost performance, making it a good choice for consumers with limited budgets.

Furniture made in the United States has advantages in the following aspects

· Diverse styles: American furniture focuses on practicality and comfort, while incorporating elements of European royal furniture to form a unique style. This diverse style can meet the needs of different consumers, especially in terms of personalization.

· Quality assurance: Furniture made in the United States is usually of higher quality because the United States has stricter standards and requirements for furniture manufacturing. This makes American-made furniture outstanding in terms of durability, comfort and safety, and can bring a better user experience to consumers.

· Environmental protection concept: Furniture made in the United States also performs well in terms of environmental protection. Many brands focus on using environmentally friendly materials and processes to reduce pollution and damage to the environment. This environmentally friendly concept meets the needs of modern consumers and reflects the sustainable development trend of the furniture manufacturing industry.

Of course, we do offer Italian style furniture. Our Italian style furniture designs often incorporate classical and modern elements, perfectly combining art with functionality.

For example, Baroque is a very famous Italian furniture style, known for its luxurious decoration, contrasting shapes and fine craftsmanship. Venetian style and Tuscan style are also two highly respected styles in Italian furniture. The former is characterized by its low-key simplicity and traditional craftsmanship, while the latter is simple and natural yet elegant.

If you are very interested in Italian style furniture, we are very willing to introduce it to you in detail and provide you with more choices.

Of course, we do offer Italian style furniture. Our Italian style furniture designs often incorporate classical and modern elements, perfectly combining art with functionality.

For example, Baroque is a very famous Italian furniture style, known for its luxurious decoration, contrasting shapes and fine craftsmanship. Venetian style and Tuscan style are also two highly respected styles in Italian furniture. The former is characterized by its low-key simplicity and traditional craftsmanship, while the latter is simple and natural yet elegant.

If you are very interested in Italian style furniture, we are very willing to introduce it to you in detail and provide you with more choices.

Of course, we do offer Italian style furniture. Our Italian style furniture designs often incorporate classical and modern elements, perfectly combining art with functionality.

For example, Baroque is a very famous Italian furniture style, known for its luxurious decoration, contrasting shapes and fine craftsmanship. Venetian style and Tuscan style are also two highly respected styles in Italian furniture. The former is characterized by its low-key simplicity and traditional craftsmanship, while the latter is simple and natural yet elegant.

If you are very interested in Italian style furniture, we are very willing to introduce it to you in detail and provide you with more choices.

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