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Hospitality Solutions

Our identity is a Chinese Hospitality Supplier. We provide one-stop hospitality procurement services, aiming to solve the problem of a wide range of hotel engineering products and the time-consuming and labor-intensive search for suppliers. We have integrated global high-quality supplier resources, covering various hotel supplies such as furniture, lamps, linens, sanitary ware, tiles, marbles, electrical appliances, etc. to provide you with a one-stop purchasing solution.

Through our professional services, you can easily complete the purchase of hotel supplies, saving a lot of time and energy. We focus on product quality and cost control to ensure you get cost-effective products. At the same time, we provide comprehensive after-sales service so that you have no worries. Choose our one-stop hotel procurement service to make your hotel project more efficient, convenient and worry-free.

What We Offer

Hotel Interior Design

Hotel Interior Design

We have a professional interior designer team with more than 10 years of experience in hotel interior design, providing inspiration to hoteliers around the world.

Hotel Sourcing

Utilizing our complete and powerful supply chain in China to ensure a stable supply of various purchased items becomes the key to your hotel project construction.


Cargo Freight

We are well aware of the needs and trading habits of different customers. Whether you choose FOB, CIF or other trading methods, we will operate according to your instructions.


Cooperation Process


Step 1. Demand Docking

First, our business team will communicate with you in detail to understand your hotel project needs, design concepts and budget range.

Step 2. Design Plan Formulation

Based on your needs, our design team will develop a preliminary hotel design plan for you, including space planning, decoration style, material selection, etc., and conduct multiple rounds of communication with you to ensure that the plan meets your expectations.

Step 3. Purchase List Preparation

After the design plan is determined, the procurement team will prepare a detailed procurement list based on the plan, listing all required items, quantities and budgets.

Hotel Cooperation Process
Hotel Cooperation Process


Step 4. Supplier Screening and Quotation

Screen high-quality suppliers according to the purchase list and obtain quotations. We ensure that our suppliers have reliable quality, reasonable and good prices.

Step 5. Contract Signing and Payment

Once you are satisfied with our quotation and service, we will sign a formal cooperation contract with you and clarify the payment method, delivery deadline and other details.

Step 6. Procurement and Transportation

According to the contract, we will start purchasing items and arrange the transportation of goods according to the trade method you choose (such as FOB, CIF, etc.) to ensure that the goods arrive at your designated port on time and safely.


Global Hotel Clients

A Hard-working Project

We know that each hotel has its own unique culture and style, so we provide personalized design solutions for different types of hotel projects. We have successfully built numerous hotel projects for hoteliers around the world, including luxury and exclusive Hotels, business hotels, boutique hotels, etc.

Customer Hotel Drawings
Gloriette Hotel
Project Details
Meijie.Yunhu Courtyard
Jiangsu, China
Project Details
Rosewood Hotel
Project Details
Maison De Laluz Hotel
New Orleans
Project Details
Humble House Ellie Hotel
Project Details
Landmark Hotel
Project Details
Santorini Hotel
Project Details
Hyatt Place
Project Details


Why Choose George

Manufacturing and Quality

All the building materials we supply to your hotel are produced using high-end technology and we strictly control every process. At the same time, we also focus on the environmental performance and durability of our products to ensure the comfort and safety of the hotel.

Great Price

High-quality products do not mean high prices. By optimizing the production process and reducing costs, there is no additional consumption. We provide not only high-quality products, but also real discounts and cost-effectiveness.

100+ Hotel Projects

We provide building materials supply to hotels in different regions and styles around the world. From luxury branded hotels to simple independent brands, we have it all.

Logistics Solutions

Tailor-made the most suitable logistics solution based on your specific needs. No need to worry about inventory transportation management, just leave it to us and we strive to ensure that the goods are delivered on time.


Anywhere is Fine

Distance is not a problem, GeorgeIntl will transport everything in your hotel to your designated place. 
Our clients are located on four continents. Solving your project problems is our core value.

Clients all around the world


Interested In Our Services?

No matter which region you are in, we will do our best to meet your needs.