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How do Hotels Clean Their Carpets? 


Hotel establishments are treasured for their level of cleanliness and pristine environment. However, with high foot traffic, the hotel carpet in rooms, hallways, and other areas can quickly accumulate dirt and other debris.

This is not a death sentence or bad things. Instead, it calls for more reinforced attention to refresh the clean outlook of the hotel carpet.

The pressing question now is how hotels clean their carpets. This question begs for answers encapsulating the hotel’s aesthetical and functional aspects.

Therefore, this article brings to you the in-depth world of hotel carpet cleaning that touches all the elements, including how to prepare for the cleaning process, the necessary equipment, and the cleaning processes needed for pristine and durable hotel carpets. 

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Carpet Cleaning Preparations

Adequate preparation beckons exceptional hotel carpet cleaning. This is a step that the majority of people often overlook.

But the overall success of your cleaning process commences when you take your preparation process, starting from proper scheduling, how you clear the hotel areas, and your careful placement of the safety precautions.

Here are the things you need to implement an exceptional hotel carpet cleaning process. 

Scheduling and planning

Hotel carpet requires regular cleaning and maintenance compared to traditional home carpet. Proper planning and scheduling is the key to getting this right since any arbitrary planning will disrupt the day-to-day running of the hotels and the staff.

Therefore, you need to get your timings right. For instance, consider off-peak periods such as early morning or late in the night so that there are fewer guests and visitors as the period of carpet cleaning.

This schedule should form the backbone of your planning processes and be well-detailed by outlining the area the hotel staff will clean. Lastly, consider the depth of cleaning in your planning repertoire; this should range from deep cleaning to ordinary vacuuming. 

Clearing the area

Clearing the entire hotel area is another vital process for cleaning your hotel carpet. This will eliminate any form of obstructions or items that can be accidentally knocked over during the hotel carpet cleaning process.

You can start by relocating the hotel furniture, such as chairs, tables, bedding, etc. Additionally, you must clear up any hotel floor covering for accessorizing alone to expose the carpet you intend to clean. 

Safety precautions

Carpet cleaning without the necessary safety precautions is a recipe for disaster. This doesn’t end with the hotel personnel alone but the unknown guest who might slip or fall due to the wet ground.

It would be best if you mounted the appropriate signage that informs everyone in the hotel vicinity about the ongoing cleaning that’s going on in the specified areas.

You should also identify each wet room with a well-marked slip resistance mat or caution tape to reduce any potential incursion into these areas. Lastly, there must be appropriate ventilation during and after cleaning to dry out the wet spaces. 

Tools and Equipment For Hotel Carpet Cleaning

The advent of modern tools and equipment has simplified the hotel carpet cleaning processes compared to the yesteryears of traditional and rudimentary methods.

The hotel has numerous rooms and heavy traffic spaces that can be tasking to clean without these professional carpet cleaning tools. 

Vacuum cleaners

clean carpet

A vacuum cleaner is a dedicated carpet cleaning tool that Hoyle staff need to get the job done in less time. This essential accessory helps remove dirt and debris from hotel carpets simultaneously. Complete vacuuming is a process done before the deep cleaning.

Vacuum cleaners boast various types, such as the HEPA micro filter system that can extract 99.97% of dust particles, pollens, and others.

The backpack vacuum cleaner is another example that can be used without inhibiting staff from moving from one point to another. Lastly, the upright vacuum cleaner is the staple of most hotels because it ensures maneuverability and efficient cleaning: 

Carpet Cleaning Machines

Some expertly designed carpet cleaners are manufactured to carry out the deep removal of embedded bacteria, dirt, and stains. These machines are in various sizes and types, including Prochem, Cleansmart, Columbus, and others.

These are primarily classified into dry carpet cleaners and steam cleaners. In most cases, you’ll need to get a specialized detergent, mostly recommended by the carpet cleaner manufacturer, for proper cleaning. 

Carpet Cleaning Solutions

The other half of your carpet cleaning success relies on the cleaning solution you opt for. There’s no one-size-fits-all for choosing a cleaning solution since there are various needs for the type of hotel carpet.

There are vital considerations that must be satisfied, such as the pH scale that measures the rate of acidity and alkalinity of the cleaning solution.

You should select a cleaning solution with a balanced pH scale like Ori Clean, OdoBan, and others. There are also Eco-friendly options that are biodegradable and reduce the amount of pollution being generated. 

Brushes and accessories

Regardless of the significance of vacuum cleaners and other cleaning machines, brushes like agitating brushes and accessories like stain removal tools, carpet grooming equipment, and personal safety gear are still needed for effective hotel cleaning.  


Steps-By-Step Process of Hotel Carpet Cleaning

Hotel carpet cleaning requires meticulous preparation, techniques, and steps, ranging from the vacuuming of the focus area to the proper ventilation. The following are the expert-recommended hotel carpet cleaning procedures. 

Complete Vacuuming

Vacuuming is a high-action and multifunctional hotel carpet cleaning process that involves blowing and removing loose dirt, debris, and other particles. Hotel carpets are often subjected to high levels of foot traffic, leading to excessive accumulation of dirt and debris.

Blowing areas like hallways and lobbies with HEPA filter attached vacuums is essential to capture and remove any accumulated on the carpet surface. 


Hotel carpet requires this preliminary treatment before other deep cleaning procedures. Pre-treatment is a less effective cleaning procedure used to blot and lift off any stubborn stains in preparation for their eventual removal by different carpet cleaning processes.

Pre-treatment requires expertly applying specialized stain removals such as Folex, Bissel, Carbona, etc. In most cases, most hotel cleaning staff have taken the pre-treatment stage to the next level by applying cleaning solutions to get rid of stubborn contaminants such as oil.

Various types of carpet cleaning solutions are available for this process, but it is essential to be careful with your choice. 

Grooming and Agitation

Agitation and pre-grooming steps ensure that adequate carpet cleaning solutions sink deeply into the problematic spots on the carpet.

This step requires specialized agitation brushes and other pre-grooming equipment to permanently dislodge embedded soils and other debris stuck on the hotel carpet over time.

You have to brush through the entire hotel carpet vigorously to ensure the even distribution of the cleaning agents and the eventual removal of blotted stains.  

Particle Extraction

After the blotting and pre-grooming, the next crucial step is the dirt, stain, and cleaning extraction process. This is the proper hotel carpet cleaning step that brings out the beauty of the entire cleaning process.

The large surface area and the time constraints associated with cleaning hotel carpets necessitate the use of specialized and multifunctional carpet cleaning machines that blow hot water mixed with cleaning agents over the carpet, flush out the entire area, and extract them all at once.

Removing all forms of residual moisture is essential to properly clarify the whole process and bring out the best possible results in anticipation of the drying process. 

Ventilation and Drying

Drying requires adequate ventilation and sometimes high-velocity air movers for effective moisture evaporation. The fact that the hotel is a busy area culminated with the inherent time constraints due to the continuous influx of guests who might need to use the hallways, lobby, and other facilities.

Therefore, you must find ways to accelerate the drying process by opening all the hotel windows, using a fan, or getting a dehumidifier. This helps reduce downtime and ensures the hotel carpet is ready for use quickly. 

Maintenance and Frequency of Hotel Carpet Cleaning 

hotel carpet

The timely maintenance of hotel carpets indicates overall hotel cleanliness that ensures a welcoming experience for guests. The maintenance schedule should always be carried out based on the hotel cleaning standard, the number of guests intake, and the type of carpet.

Most hotel carpets are typically manufactured to withstand heavy usage and conceal diets as much as possible. Therefore, it is essential to clean them every three to six months.

Additionally, hotel carpet requires frequent spot-checking and interim maintenance by in-house cleaning staff. These people should be mandated to appropriately identify and treat any stains or spills. 


The fact still stands that hotels are treasured by their cleanliness standards. Hotel carpet welcoming and inviting role in shaping guests’ experience can not be overestimated.

Therefore, hotel carpet requires total attention to their cleanliness and maintenance. The hotel carpet cleaning process is measured with many tentacles, ranging from equipment gathering, preparation, pre-treatment, agitation, extraction, and drying.

Every step is worthwhile, demonstrating the hotel’s commitment to a comfortable guest experience. In the Tapestry of excellent hotel carpets, George Intl stands out with the perfect for hotels looking to elevate their standard.

With George Intl’s exceptional hotel carpet collection, your hotel can ooze fresh, beautiful carpet fixtures that guarantee guest satisfaction. 

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