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How Hotel Beds Are Made

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Come to think of a situation, you’ve reached the end of a long journey. You’ve showered and cozied up in the well-laid king-sized hotel bed.

That’s the feeling every guest cherishes. A good night’s sleep in a comfortable and well-made hotel bed. There is no underestimating the importance of hotel beds in shaping guests’ experience.

The crispy white sheet, fluffy pillow, and well-tuck coverlet and duvet give the vibe only a heavenly paradise could rival. You are curious about how they make such a comfy sleeping space or trying to recreate such.

This article will provide an insightful explanation of how hotel beds are made. Here is a related article that deepens your understanding of what types of beds do hotels use.

Material Selection

Let’s start with the material selection. This is a crucial component for making a hotel bed. Bed-making materials are numerous, ranging from mattresses to bedding. You have nothing to fear because George Intl gets you covered.

Carefully understanding the varied guests’ needs is important to make this seamless. The following are the essential materials available for selection.

1. Mattress Types

It’s unwise to pick out of the three mattress types without due diligence. The reason is that each mattress type has uses that suit specific needs.

Understanding the functionality, durability and quality of each mattress type, together with their unique features, is a must. Therefore, read with me on the following classes as explained. 


It’s possible you may have slept on one of these. Innerspring mattress is the most popular among the mattress type.

The reasons are plausible. Innerspring mattresses, as the name implies, have a supportive metal coil surrounded by a few layers of cotton materials.

This perfectly fits the stylistic and functional criteria of hotel beds. They are also affordable, durable, and offer good comfort and support for the body.

Another key functionality that sets innerspring mattresses apart is their plushness. This is one reason why hotel beds are made in such a way that suits every type of sleeper.

Memory Foam

As I stated earlier, every mattress option comes with its quality and features. Memory foam is another appealing choice for making a hotel bed.

It is undeniable that hotel bed-making is a science on its own. Memory foam mattress comes with a beautiful and hypoallergenic effect. This is another hallmark of a guest’s comfortable night’s sleep.

Memory foam mattress does not provide the bouncing feeling of the innerspring type. This mattress offers an even distribution of body weight and resistance to dust mites that could lead to allergic reactions.

So, if your guest demographic consists of people with body pains and aches, memory foam should be your best option to make your hotel bed. 


You’ll agree with me that luxury is the sauce of life. This is everyone’s opinion about the newly introduced hybrid mattress.

Imagine an extraordinaire mattress that combines the bounce of innerspring with the cooling effect of memory foam.

A hybrid mattress is created because memory foam makes up the top layer. This provides pressure relief, hypoallergenic, exceptional bounce level and support base for your body weight.

The bottom layer has an innerspring functionality that provides plushness and surreal bounce. The combined effect makes this type of mattress a go-to choice for hoteliers looking to add a touch of luxury to their hotel bed

2. Bedding Accessories 

hotel beds

We can liken bedding accessories to spices in a soup. That’s the length of their importance. You can’t make a hotel bed without the necessary bedding accessories.

Every single bedding in this lineup has its importance, making them essential to hotel bed-making and guest comfort. 

Bed Sheets

Almost every one of us is in awe of the beauty of a hotel bed. High-quality Bed sheets are the main reason for this beauty.

This brings out the peak of luxury in a hotel bed. There are various bed sheets, including those made from cotton, wool and linen. You can select from any of these types, but must focus more on their thread count.

Bed sheet thread count plays a crucial role in the overall outlook of hotel bed making. Always choose a bed sheet with a thread count between 200-400. 

Duvets and Comforters

There is no comfy hotel bed without a lightweight duvet and comforters. They fill the hotel bed with warmth throughout the night. You might mistake them for a piece of supportive cloth.

Their role transcends beyond that, providing hotel guests with heat and insulation on top of their decorative outlook and sophisticated simplicity. 


It’s interesting to see the versatile uses of pillows in hotel bed making. Let’s set aside pillow versatile functionality; they are an enigma of beauty.

Pillow is the first and most noticeable hotel bed decorative item. I know you are surprised how that is even possible. Don’t worry; you’ll get to see that soon. 

Bed skirts  

This hotel bedding classic serves an aesthetic purpose. There’s no hotel bed without a bird skirt. Bird skirts are also known as bed valance or dust ruffles.

This small but essential piece hides an unsightly box spring and bed frame. It is also a great item to add elegance and aesthetic touch to the hotel bed. 

Bed Making Process

hotel beds

Think about the excitement of looking at a well-made hotel bed after a long journey. You are on the cusp of unearthing the science behind this masterclass. Just follow my lead as stated below. 

1.  Prepare the Mattress and Bedding

You must prepare your mattress and bedding to make a compelling hotel bed. Start by removing everything from the bed. Followed by grabbing those crisp-looking and properly cleaned beddings and keeping them on one side.

Dust or vacuum your mattress and ensure they are free of dust and debris. Press the bed to be sure of its firmness. If by chance you see a stain, use a stain remover. 

2. Add Bed Sheet in Layers   

After uncluttering the bed and mattress, put a fitted/protective sheet on the bed. You can do this by placing the sheet around the mattress and pulling it from each corner.

Lay the first of the two sheets on top of the fitted sheet. Ensure this sheet is draped evenly on each side and touches the mattress’s edge.

At this point, you must have had two sheets on the hotel bed. Now, lay down the third sheet. Make sure this sheet aligns with the edge of the mattress. 

3. Make the Bed Neatly

The three sheets are your first point of aesthetics and neat hotel bed making. Hold the top edge of the third sheet (topmost layer) and extend it beyond the second sheet.

Now, fold it back to fit between the first and second sheets. Flatten the edge facing the headboard and straighten it down towards the foot of the bed.

At this stage, you should fold in each corner. Bring down the dangling fabrics of the three bed sheets towards the bed floor. This will give you the curves looking shape you most sought after. 

4. Final Touches: Add Pillows and Duvets or Comforter 

After smoothening the bed sheet fabrics, lay the duvet or comforter and drag it away from the headboard. That should be like 3 inches away maximum.

Now, set your pillows, maintaining an odd number between 3 and 6 in a symmetrical arrangement on every side. Lastly, add a throw blanket to the bedding if you desire. 


The science of hotel bed making is an exciting piece that many individuals and even hoteliers are in awe of. The careful planning that includes the selection of high-quality mattresses and bedding accessories is a crucial component to start with.

The glut of hotel bed-making items in the market can make this selection complex. However,  careful understanding of each of their functionality will make it seamless.

The following agenda is the highly specialized steps of making hotel beds, ranging from dusting hotel mattresses to adding the finishing touch.

There’s no need to go through the stress of bed-making when you can work with George Intl. We bring you high-quality hotel needs such as mattresses, bedding accessories, etc.

That’s not all; George Intl also provides exquisite 5-star hotel beds and bed designs that place your hotel on a pedestal. 

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