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How to Choose a hotel Chandelier

hotel chandelier

Hotel decoration is a tricky business. Many combinations and intricacies go into creating such a haven of comfort. Imagine a chariot without a horse. That’s what it looks like when you decorate your hotel without a chandelier.

The chandelier is just a  hanging light fixture for the average observer and guests. This thought reinforces the need to properly look into the fundamentals and how to choose a chandelier.

The chandelier is an important piece that breathes artistic expression into the hotel ceiling. This is an artful way to utilize this landscape to make a bold statement.

The varied chandelier designs and styles are an enabler of this beauty. As a hotelier, you are laden with unique choices, ranging from classic to modern chandeliers that suit your needs.

This article delves into the basics of chandeliers and provides complete insight into choosing one that suits your hotel’s decorative needs. We also provide you with the seven essential things that make a good hotel room become great in our previous article.

Types of Chandeliers to Choose for Hotels


You might be overwhelmed by the different types of chandeliers available. But this is an excellent thing for a hotel decorative masterpiece.

George Intl understands that you have various styles. Therefore, we bring to you the different types of chandeliers. To give you a chance to shop around before making your purchase. 

1. Crystal Chandeliers

As the name implies, crystal chandeliers are made with crystal materials. This type of chandelier gives your hotel decoration the ultimate elegance.

Crystal chandelier is a beautiful piece that fits hotel hallways, dining and lobbies. They have a wide range of designs and lighting configurations.

One of the most popular variants of crystal chandeliers is the raindrop style. This is a beautiful design that’s arranged to showcase falling crystals.

Another type of crystal chandelier is a staircase. As we call it, staircase chandeliers come in handy if you design a winding hotel staircase. 

2. Modern and Contemporary Chandeliers

The modern and contemporary chandelier is for hoteliers who are futuristic inclined. The beauty of this design is the crisp edge and geometric shapes. It’s a dashing elegant that wows hotel guests upon sighting.

Modern and contemporary chandeliers are not like any other types. They are in small sizes, like a cherry on the cake. Modern chandeliers are defined by their intricacy.

This makes it fit every area in the hotel you can think of. Some other great examples of contemporary chandeliers are drum, caged, tiered, transitional and bowl. 

3. Traditional Chandeliers

These rustic-style chandeliers used to be staples in every home and hotel back in the day. They are the starting point of every chandelier.

With its five or more candle-like extensive fingers, they are often referred to as candle chandeliers. This is a good choice for hotel restaurants. Although, with slight modifications, you can use this in another area of your hotel. 

4. Antler Chandeliers

This chandelier is designed explicitly for eco-friendly hotel establishments. No other type can beat the craftiness of this design.

Antler chandeliers are natural pieces with a rustic touch. Your hotel tends to offer a down-to-earth view with an antler chandelier.

This is an excellent choice for hotel rooms and resorts. Because of its shape, you don’t want to put an antler chandelier in a dining area.

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Choosing hotel chandeliers

How to Choose a Chandelier for Hotel

Regardless of what style you are going for, you should always pick the interest of the hotel. Your journey with the chandelier is just getting started. Now, let’s scale to the critical consideration of choosing a chandelier for your hotel. 

1. Style and Aesthetics

Hotel style and aesthetics are your priority. There are various angles you need to take into consideration. Let’s start with the finishes.

Regardless of your lighting fixture, the finishes will bring out the aesthetical balance. For instance, polished chrome finishes will give your hotel chandelier a lean and contemporary look. Brass tones offer warmth, while oil-rubbed bronze gives a precise, well-contrasted look.

The next thing you should look out for is the right shade options. The proper selection of shades sets your hotel apart.

You have the choice of vintage-inspired shades and metal designs. The difference between these lies in the hotel’s beauty standard and overall decor.  

2. Functionality 

Every hotel area requires distinctive chandelier choices. Identifying the fit and functionality of every chandelier lighting fixture and style in each hotel space is crucial.

Let’s start with the hotel lobbies and hallways. These spots shape guests’ experiences and give them first impressions. Therefore, you need to select a chandelier that’s updated in nature with timeless elegance.

One common choice for this space is among our traditional chandelier collections, or speak to George intl to give you a customizable chandelier that reflects your hotel needs.

The next spot you should look at is the hotel kitchen and dining area. Traditionally, this is the most common spot to hang a chandelier.

You have to find a balance between the overall furniture of this hotel space, height and the lighting fixture. This is an almanac for you to proceed with choosing any of the modern chandelier options.

Lastly, the hotel bedroom. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the additional premium such addition generally adds to the hotel bedroom and establishment.

Careful consideration of the ceiling is essential. Followed by selecting any of the intricate and small-sized modern chandeliers, like tiers or drums, to be placed directly above the bed. 

3. Measurement 

There is no one size fit regarding chandelier height and diameter. Understanding the proper measurement is a must if you want to get the full grip of learning how to choose the chandelier for your hotel.

With our experience in this domain, every chandelier has no fixed length. The reason is that the chandelier length depends on the ceiling height and the hotel space you are installing.

George Intl has made this relatively easy for you. We create customizable sizes for all chandeliers to fit your hotel needs.

For hotel lobby with a standard fifteen-foot ceiling would require at least 7 feet between the chandelier and the floor. This is the usual standard that must be maintained for guests and hotel staff to walk seamlessly.

Furthermore, you must understand the sizes and widths of each hotel space. Understanding this concept would give you the ideal diameter of the chandelier.

If the hotel dining space is 46 by 24 feet, combine the two figures to give you the correct chandelier inches (46 + 24 = 70 inches wide).

Finally, always check the chandelier’s weight to ensure you don’t exceed the maximum weight for each hotel space. You can do this by looking at the product information or contacting George Intl for a hotel chandelier solution. 


Sourcing Chandelier for Your Hotel

As a hotelier, understanding how to choose a chandelier for your hotel is sacrosanct. This is a carefully curated guide that you can master.

It is no news that the chandelier is the final piece of your hotel decoration. They are the cherry on the cake that makes the statement and wow your guest.

Choosing a chandelier starts with understanding each type and the key considerations. These are clearly stated processes encompassing the overall process of selecting a chandelier for your hotel, unlike choosing a regular home.

The actual measurement of each hotel space needs to be taken into consideration. At the same time, you need to create a balance between each hotel area and the chandelier type you intend to install.

You do not have to go through these struggles when you have George Intl the one-stop hotel engineering supplier and manufacturer as your trusted companion.

George Intl will provide your quality hotel chandelier and handle the installation processes to get value for your money.   

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