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How to Design a Bedside Table

Bedside Table

Throwing in any style of bedside table into your furnishing might not be the best idea. The truth is, when it comes to designing a bedside table, there’s an art to it. With the right combination of colors and accessories, you’ll achieve the right look.

When designing a bedside table, it’s important to consider the bedroom idea, so you don’t end up with a contrasting look to the room décor. 

There’s no point in being rigid when it comes to aesthetics, you are free to explore and play around until you find what suits your preference.Eager to get inspiration on how to design a bedside table; keep reading.

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Bedside Table

Beautiful Bedside Table Tips

1. Be Practical

Note that, this rule applies only if you are designing your home bedside table, and not one for commercial use. 

Bedside tables can sometimes be a reflection of your person, and as such you can take more creative liberty. 

While you might not need to match your bedside table with the headboard, you can add useful additions to make it stand out.

Personal touches like small artwork or family pictures can give your bedside table a very homely look that speaks to you alone.

Also, it might help to arrange your favorite scented candles, as this will help enhance the look of your bedside table. But make sure you don’t compromise on style, so it complements your décor look.

2. Don’t Forget The Lamp

The only time you are allowed not to have a lamp on your bedside table is when you have wall lights that keep your space very illuminated. 

Even if you have a well-illuminated room, it’s advisable to still place a lamp on your bedside table, as it’s not only a functional piece, but it also gives a sophisticated look to your bedside table.

When choosing a lamp for your bedside table, go for options that complement your room décor, and ensure you place the lamp first before other items, so it serves as an anchoring factor. 

Bedside Table

3. Don’t Go Overboard With Accessories

It’s easy to get carried away when designing a bedside table, especially when you want to showcase all your accessories. However, this is not necessary; too many accessories are easy faux pas that even many professional decorators make. 

Keep in mind that the maximum number of items you can put on your bedside table is “THREE”, so you don’t overcrowd the area. 

Your first item can be a vase filled with your favorite color, the second, maybe a small stack of your favorite books, and the last item should be a lamp. Oh, don’t forget the lamp.

But, you might be wondering, what if I have a big bedside table? The same rule of three items still applies. However, ensure that you get bigger-sized items, or you’ll have your accessories looking dwarfed on the table, and this is honestly not a pretty sight.

Plus, it also helps to use accessories of different sizes and heights, as it creates an illusion of a bigger space.

4. Go for Symmetry 

When it comes to symmetry, no rule says they both need to be mirror images; sisters? Yes, but not mirror images. The use of symmetry is always captivating, but you can always choose to move away from the pattern just a bit. 

They should be styled in a way that makes them look similar, and not necessarily identical. Twin bedside tables add poise to spaces and give the room an interesting look. 

To get the most out of the symmetry style, you can design each table with similar accent pieces, depending on how symmetrical you want it to look. 

Using two entirely different types of tables, with contrasting colors and constructing material might appear a bit out of place, but if it works for you, perfect then.

However, if you decide to go that route, use a matching lamp to pull them both together. 

5. Try Out Vintage Pieces

If you wish to go for a retro look that speaks to your individuality, you’ll need to source for retro accent pieces.

You should try purchasing your décor items from vintage shops, that way you are certain your final look will be unique. 

When you shop for new items for a bedside table, there’s a high chance that you’ll achieve the same final results with quite several people. 

Bedside Table

6. Contrast & Complement 

To highlight the design of a bedside table, it’s necessary to use contrasting and complementary colors. Play around with colors, but don’t go overboard, or it’ll look out of place.

Whether the color of your table is black or a pure white design, ensure you reference your cabinet’s hue with similar colors. Contrasting colors add layers to your display, and bold colors will add effective highlights as well. 

For instance, dressing your bed in a bedspread of the same color family as the bedside table will intensify the design of your table.

7. Look Out For A Design That Complements Shapes in The Room

Yes, we have agreed that contrast in shapes and colors can be great, but how about you play off with the shape of your bedframe?

A circular bedside table will look nice with a curved bedframe, and be sure that you keep the colors warm, even if you decide to go with contrasting colors. 

8. Slimline In A Small Space

Having a big-sized bedside table in a small room is a no-no. You’ll take off the focus from the décor of your room, and center it on the table. While it’s a good thing to have your bedside table as the center of attraction, this doesn’t apply if it sticks out as a sore thumb.

Consider buying a small table that fits neatly into the bedroom, with streamlined legs and a neutral color. 

Remember that the accessories you’ll place on a small bedside table are to enhance its look. Choose timeless designs that flatter the material of your table. 

9. Use Art Pieces

With a few styling tricks and a dash of creativity, a bedside table can easily become the center of attraction of the interior décor. 

For art lovers; one of the tricks in styling your bedside table is using art pieces or framed photographs with similar colors and styles to your bedside table.

Featuring an art piece with complementary colors that match your room’s interior will create an inspired space. You can use decorative ornaments like prints, sculptures, and statuettes to achieve an artistic look that’ll make your space look more unique. 

10. Keep the Texture in Mind

When deciding what type of texture will match your bedside, be sure to take into consideration the type of surface you are working with. 

Smooth accents accentuate high-shine veneers, so you can consider accents like table lamps and even ceramic vases.

If your bedside table has a visible grain texture, tactile accents like coral sculptures will draw the necessary attention.

A stylish mixture of textures will make your space look more interesting and add to its unique look.

11. Don’t Forget the Color Code

A vital tip for styling your bedside table is playing with colors, but that’s not always the case, especially when you don’t know how to mix colors.

To be on the safe side, choose a color that’ll go in sync with the rest of your room. You can coordinate all the accessories on your bedside table to match the main color theme of your bedroom interior décor. 

So, when choosing decorative pieces like lamps or artwork for a bedside table, go with a continuous color palette. 

12. Use Flowers

Flowers have a way of adding an organic touch to the bedroom, especially when placed on a vintage bedside table. Pretty blooms can serve as an injection of fragrance as well; to achieve a long-term result, use plants like orchids. And be sure to put it in a matching vase that complements other decorative items on the table. 

Bedside Table

Essentials to Put On Your Bedside Table

Styling your bedside table is a personal affair, and there’s a range of different essentials that you might need close to you when you sleep.

For some individuals, it might be medications, a bottle of water, or even an alarm clock.Some of the range of essentials you can put on your personalized bedside table include:

  • Books
  • Reading lamp
  • Alarm clock
  • Vase of fresh flowers
  • Picture frame
  • Small tray for jewelry


It’s easy to get tempted and cover your bedside table with so many decorative items, less is always more. Your unique style might make you want to over-style your bedside table, but you’ll end up creating an ordinary look.

Don’t shy away from having bare spaces; choose a few power pieces and give your table the attractive look it deserves. Whether you need a modern or classic bedside table to accentuate the interior décor of your room, George Intl is your best bet. 

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