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How to Install a Hotel Lobby Chandelier

Hotel Lobby Chandelier

The radiance and ambience provided by hotel lobby chandelier are invaluable to hotel owners and the establishments at large. Guests are always searching for where they can get the best and elegant experience.

The chandelier is a beautiful addition to the hotel lobby. Installing the hotel lobby chandelier shed an illumination of luxury in the hotel.

This is important to make the hotel guests feel like they are attending a luxurious and one-in-a-lifetime first impression. For all its goodness, proper installation of hotel lobby chandeliers is paramount to this objective.

This is important for its timelessness and durability, which saves the cost of purchasing new ones within a short period.

George Intl understands that installing a hotel lobby chandelier can be tasking and sensitive. Therefore, we created this article to simplify your process and give you complete insight into installing a hotel lobby chandelier like a pro. Let’s get into it. 

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Planning for Hotel Lobby Chandelier Installation 

The first step in this section is the lobby space assessment. An adequate survey of the lobby space must be carried out to have substantial knowledge about the type of chandelier to make use of and other necessary inputs to be in place to achieve successful installation.

Choosing the right chandelier design

Certain factors must be considered, such as the size of the lobby (length and width)  and its height above the ground level.

Also, the dimming property of the chandelier should not be left out. All these parameters must be prioritised to get the right chandelier design for the lobby.

Budget considerations

The cost of Chandeliers varies due to their variant types and respective outstanding features.

Purchasing power must be carefully evaluated to get a quality chandelier without burning your financial purse.

Gathering Tools and Materials for Hotel Lobby Chandelier Installation 

You will surely make use of a myriad of tools while installing it to ease out and facilitate the entire processes.

These tools include the wire cutter, wire stripper, wire connector, voltage meter, plier, ladder, power drill and drill bits, screwdrivers, etc.

Acquiring the chandelier and additional components

It is necessary to get supplementary items while purchasing a Chandelier. Other components are dimmer switches, canopy kits, replacement bulbs, chains, down rods, screws, anchors, etc.

They are required to ensure that chandeliers are fitted without any form of misfit.

Safety equipment

Some high-level safety equipment is used during the chandelier installation to prevent unprecedented hazards.

This includes gloves, safety glasses, a non-contact voltage tester, a dust mask, a first aid kit, a voltage detector, e.t.c

Preparing the Lobby For Chandelier Installation

Start by shutting down the power supply source. This must be done while preparing the lobby to install a chandelier. Turning off the electricity will allow you to fix the chandelier quickly without being electrocuted or coming across a series of electrical sparks.

Additionally, falling debris, dust, and accidental spills may arise during the chandelier installation, damaging the floor’s integrity and other furnishings.

Therefore, it is essential to put in place preventive strategies to reduce the damage to the bare minimum.

The preventative approach includes laying floor mats or protective coverings, using catch trays, etc. Lastly, get a  proper weight-bearing capacity to ensure the chandelier does not fall off.

Installing the Hotel Lobby Chandelier

Hotel Lobby Chandelier

Chandeliers and its components must be assembled before it can be installed. The assembling process is tailored towards the manufacturer’s instruction and design.

Different tools are used to couple the chandelier together before installing it.

Wiring and electrical connections

Series of electrical connections were carried out to power the chandelier. Safety precautions should be exercised while connecting to avoid electrical fallout, which can damage the chandelier.

Mounting the chandelier

The chandelier is permanently mounted on the ceiling, a few kilometres above the ground.

You will have to stand on the ladder or scaffold during this process while using a mounting bracket and other appropriate hardware. Adequate safety precautions must be in place during the mounting process.

Securing and Adjusting the Hotel Lobby Chandelier

Checking out for stability while installing a Chandelier is crucial because it poses a significant threat if it falls off the ceiling.

A renowned expert must oversee the installation process to ensure stability, and the manufacturer’s instructions must be strictly followed.

Proper mounting brackets and fastening of securing chain or download must be encouraged to achieve stability.

Adjusting the height and position

The height and position must be adjusted until the chandelier is carefully balanced. It must hang evenly in the ceiling without any wobbling or tilting.

Checking for level and balance

Professional use of a plumb line or spirit to ascertain the level of balance of a Chandelier. It is important to check the level and balance of a Chandelier to prevent tilting, which can lead to total fall-off.

Electrical Connection

The first step is to connect the chandelier to a power source. This involves the connection between the chandelier’s wire and the power source.

After the connection, the lighting comes up and vice-versa if the power source is faulty or the chandelier is not well connected. Afterwards, carry out a wholesome check on the electrical connection.

This is an acid test to check whether the chandelier is functioning accurately and giving out illumination as desired. Necessary adjustments will be made if the lighting is subpar. The testing is done towards the tail end of the installation process.

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Final Safety Checks for the Installed Hotel Lobby Chandelier

Hotel Lobby Chandelier

Start with Inspecting all connections. One of the essential safety tips is to check all electrical connections immediately after installation.

This will go a long way to knowing where prompt fixing is required to prevent electrical surges, possibly rendering the installation process null and void.

Ensure no wire is exposed

At no point during installation should a wire be exposed without covering. All wires and cables connected at a particular point must be covered with tape.

This will eliminate any electrocution or electrical shock when there is human contact with the wire.

Secure decorative elements

All decorative elements must be well secured and protected against debris and dust. These beautiful items may become filthy or unfriendly when exposed during the installation process.

Lastly, get a protective covering that can be used to avert any damage to the chandelier decorative element after installation. 

Cleanup and Restoration

At this stage, be sure to remove the protective coverings. The protective coverings should be removed immediately after the installation exercise is completed.

This will restore the spot being covered to its original phase. The protective coverings are being washed thoroughly to remove the stains and dirt.

The installation area must be cleaned well to remove falling debris, dirt, and metal particles, which can cause injury or hazards.

Lastly, switch on the power supply after the whole hotel lobby chandelier installation process, and put some measures in place to check if all the electrical connections and chandeliers are in good shape.

How to Install a Hotel Lobby Chandelier: Final Thought

The importance of chandeliers in the hotel lobby and other sensitive areas cannot be over-emphasized. It makes the environment look appealing through its aesthetic design and lighting.

A concerted effort must be in place to achieve the remarkable feat pre- and post-installation. George Intl is a foremost hotel engineering supplier that oversees the sale and installation of high-quality hotel chandeliers and other supplies.

Check out George Intl’s catalogue of chandeliers and other hotel products that help you complete the plan within your budget. 

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