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How to Make a Hotel Style Bed: A Step-by-Step Guide

hotel bed

We are in the age of perfection where human insatiable traits take precedence. This is a complete visual explanation of our appreciation of hotel bedroom ambiance and comfort.

Over the years, everyone has longed to replicate the brilliance of hotel-styled beds in our various homes. The perfect layers, fluffy pillow, and beautifully tucked-in bed duvet are blissful and give a complete sanctuary vibe.

No wonder there is this mind-boggling curiosity about how to make your bed like a hotel’s own. Everyone chases after this dream that has turned into a sweet dream that’s hard to achieve.

The extensive benefit of a perfectly made bed is an enticing prospect that includes elevating your mood, body appropriation, enhancing your bedroom aesthetic, and others.

This guide unearths the secret of bedmaking and transforms your bed into a hotel-style masterpiece.We mentioned What Types of Beds Do Hotels Use in our previous article? Hope it will be helpful to you.

hotel bed

Gathering Your Hotel-Style Bed-Making Supplies

When creating a hotel-style bed, the carefully outlined bed-making supplies are the most significant step to get you started.

This includes the types of bed skirts, your choice of mattress topper, duvet, and other amenities that will bring about the sought-after comfort akin to that of hotels.

Quality bed linens and pillows

We spend about a third of our lives in bed; even most of us spend more than that sleeping. The quality of bed linen and pillow are examples of essential items that aid our sleep quality.

In our journey to replicate hotel-style beds in our homes, the durability, cooling capability, softness, and hypoallergenic properties of your choice bed linens and pillows must be satisfied.

Ensure you invest in high-quality bedding made from sturdy natural materials that allow moisture evaporation. 

Mattress topper or featherbed

Mattress toppers are soft padded covers that are mostly placed atop the mattress. This also provides an extra layer of ambiance and warmth in cold climates.

A mattress topper or featherbed is another excellent addition that aids your wish to make your bed like that hotel style. There are various types of mattress toppers you can select from, such as memory foam, latex, wool, and others.

Each of these comes with their unique properties. Memory foam mattress topper stands out among the core with their penchant for molding around your body and providing reliable support when needed.  

Duvet or Comforter

Duvet and comforter are super fluffy quilts that keep you cozy and warm at night. It’s impossible to achieve the level of hotel-like comfort and ambiance In your home without any of the all-season duvets and comforters.

These items served as the centerpiece of your hotel-style bed. All you need to do is to select one that suits your aesthetic and comfort level. 

Pillow Shams and Decorative pillows

These are the decorative fixtures on your bed. Pillow shams and decorative pillows are aesthetic properties that add colors to your hotel-style bed ambitions.

You should go for a pillow sham if you want something that breathes energy into your bed simultaneously as your sleeping pillow. At the same time, Decorative pillows serve as the cherry on top for bed refreshment.

Ensure you select different colors and patterns of pillow sham and decorative pillows that complement and contrast with your bedsheet, comforter, and duvet. 

Bed Skirt 

While bed skirts might be an optional bedding accessory, they serve a functional purpose by providing a refined look to your hotel-styled bed aspiration.

Bed skirts enhance your ned visual appeal and hide storage or unsightly areas underneath, giving your bed a tidy and clean look.

Bed skirts come in various styles, such as linen canvas, wrap-around, split corners, etc. Ensure you select one that aligns with your bed design and preference. 

Bedside amenities

Your hotel-styled bedroom replication is not complete without the addition of bedside amenities. Bedside amenities are everyday items placed on a nightstand for guest comfort. These include lightning fixtures, alarm clocks, edible items, charging ports, etc. 

Prepare Your Mattress

The purpose of a well-prepared mattress transcends beyond the visual appeal to the comfort level and sleep quality it offers.

Preparing your mattress is crucial to actualizing your hotel-styled bed at home. Therefore, the following steps are essential for a pleasant night’s sleep. 

Add a Mattress Protector

Mattress Protector

The majority of people underestimate the power of mattress protection. What’s baffling is that almost everyone understands the importance of mattresses in our quality of sleep, yet they still overlook the simple process of mattress protection.

Over the years, there has been a concise effort to create mattress protectors in commercial quantities. These brilliant innovations boast a waterproof option that repels stains and spills, enhancing the mattress’s longevity.

Therefore, you should purchase any commercial mattress protectors such as SafeRest, PlushDeluxe Utopia, and others available in your locale or online marketplace. 

Incorporate a Mattress Topper

Adding a mattress topper is the most basic way of improving the feel of your bed and creating a plushness like that of a hotel bed. Mattress topper sets the level of your bed’s coolness, softness, and firmness.

Therefore, the type of mattress topper (memory foam, latex, featherbed, etc.) you should opt for must suit your requirements and comfort. 

Mattress Topper

Tuck in a Fitted Bedsheet

Next on your agenda is to tuck in your bedsheet on the mattresses. This systematic process can be done in a simple but meticulous step. 

Lay a flat sheet over your mattress and spread it evenly on all sides.  Tuck the elasticized end of the bedsheet under the mattress by slightly lifting it and using the back under it.   

Grab the leftover excess sheet at one of the corners and pull the sheet straight up to make a triangular shape. Hold the corner of the mattress in one hand and lift the side of the bedsheet, then tuck them in at the edge of your bed. 

 Smooth out the bedsheet wrinkles by folding the angled sheets down tightly. Repeat the process on every bed surface. 

Layer the Bedding

When creating a hotel-styled bed, your bedding layering skill must be systematic and top-notch. The following are the essential tips and tricks on how to layer your bed like that of hotels. 

Placing the Flat Sheet

Start with your flat sheet tucked around the mattress. Add another flat sheet, followed by a soft, lightweight blanket. Align the edges to rhythm, eliminate the wrinkles, and ensure there is enough overhang at the foot of the table to ensure they are well tucked in.  

Lay the Duvet or Comforter

The next step is to layer in the duvet or comforter. Ensure there is even distribution of them on top of the well-placed flat sheet, aligning the duvet and comforter to the head of the bed. Make sure to fluff the duvet up and center on both sides of the bed. 

Fold the Top Sheet and Duvet Down

The stylistic look of the hotel bed requires folding the tip sheet and duvet down about one-third from the head of the bed. This is important to create a beautiful layered effect showcasing the bedsheet’s top. 

Fluff and Arrange the Pillows

Finally, arrange the pillows across the headboard with the open end facing outward. Pillows come in various sizes and colors to give your bed an inviting hotel-style look.

If you are using the euro pillows, you should start with two to three pillows placed on the headboard m, followed by the standard sleeping pillows, and close it up with an accent or decorative pillow.

Create Hotel-Style Perfect Corners

Hotel-style beds boast perfectly tucked corners that form the backbone of their exceptional visual appearance. You can only achieve the hotel standard in your home by undertaking the steps necessary to achieve such perfection.

Lift the foot of your mattress and push down the edge of the bedsheet underneath it. Use one hand to hold the sheet loose edge about 30cm up from the corner 

Create a 45-degree angle to create a triangle flap with the hanging bedsheet. Push the hanging bed sheet underneath the mattress. Ensure the sheets are flat while tucking in to ensure no wrinkles. 

Proceed to tucking in the sides by lifting the edge of the sheet. Tuck the sheet under the mattress with your hand that you use to smooth out the wrinkles.   

Add Finishing Touches

The role of bedside amenities and other visually inclined finishing touches can not be overemphasized in achieving your hotel-like bed.

This can make all the difference through the perfect combination of lighting and other essential items that enhance your comfort level and sleep quality. Here are some tips to add that extra comfort. 

Accessorize your bed with Accent Rug. 


Accent rug is a multi-textured beautiful accessory that lofts the entire mood of your bedroom and transforms that into the hotel-styled ones you sought.

This type of rug is manufactured in different colors and patterns, adding texture and warmth to your sleeping experience. Choose an accent rug that complements your bedroom design ethos and add that to the foot of your bed for a splash of beauty. 

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Add Bed Skirt 

Bed skirt not only adds decorative elements to your bed but also serves the functional purpose of hiding any under-bed storage and bed frames that can distort the immersive feel of your bed.

Select any bed skirt that aligns with the color scheme of your bed to give you that hotel-like cohesive outlook. 

Incorporate Bedside Amenities. 

The glaring difference between a hotel bed and our average bed is the attention to detail. This is the foundation upon which the incorporation of bedside amenities relies.

To get the hotel-style bed you crave, you need to sort your nightstand with proper lighting and add cookies, trays, a glass of water, and other items. These are important to enhance your comfort and contribute to a super bedtime routine.  


This comprehensive guide is an eye-opener for everyone looking to replicate the hotel-style bedroom experience in their homes.

It’s not rocket science, but getting that visually pleasing and comfortable hotel-like bed in your home requires tacts ranging from getting your bedroom amenities in order, proper layering techniques, and eliminating wrinkles to adding bedside amenities to enhance your sleep routine and personal touch. 

George Intl understands the need to transform your bedroom into a luxurious retreat that oval any high-end hotel. Therefore, George Intl is the perfect choice for your high-quality bedroom accessories that blend the aesthetic and functional elements of a 5-star hotel. 

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