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Importing Hotel Furniture From China: A Complete Guide 

Hotel Furniture

The optimal uses of hotel furniture as the purveyors of aesthetics and comfort have reinforced its importance. China has become the perfect destination for sourcing high-quality and cost-effective furniture by hotel owners and managers.

Understanding the process and steps for importing hotel furniture from China is paramount. Therefore, this article will navigate you through the essential steps and best practices for importing hotel furniture from China. 

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Why Import Furniture from China

China’s entire market offers you options that no European market can suggest—starting from getting hotel furniture at a lower price directly from manufacturers to choosing what you want from a wide range of great designs and also getting durable hotel furniture made with high-quality wood with no visible joints that speak of top-class finishes.

However, China’s furniture market has seen an annual growth of 11.20%, with a total market capitalization of $95.73 billion.

It is a testament to how large the furniture importation industry has grown, with various hospitality decision-makers importing furniture from China at the expense of buying from the European market. 

China Furniture Market Analysis: Regions to Get What You Want. 

China is a large country consisting of 33 administrative regions, 22 provinces, and five autonomous regions. Understanding each furniture manufacturing region’s production capacity and specialty is essential. 

The North coasting area ( Bohai Sea region including Beijing)

This region has a high concentration of resources and is known for its high-tech furniture types, including those made with glasses and metals.

You can get the best dining tables, upholstery furniture, and chairs in the north coasting area. Manufacturers here have many years of experience to give you the best quality hotel furniture you can imagine at a low cost. 

The central coastal area (Yangtze River delta including Shanghai)

Yangtze River delta region is fast-growing, with expertise in rattan furniture, kitchen cabinetry, and some painted woodwork. This region has a booming furniture production pipeline with well-established facilities and easy transportation.

It is essential to understand how things are done in this region before choosing any manufacturer since not every one of them can produce other conventional hotel furniture. 

Central China (The Western Triangle)

Central China is the home of the best mid-range hotel furniture, such as upholstered furniture, bedding, rattan chairs, and tables. It is one of the best places to look out for when searching for high-quality hotel furniture that is expertly manufactured with best practices. 

hotel furniture

The South of China (Pearl River Delta)

The south of China is the industrial hub for furniture in China, with many experienced manufacturers known for producing European standard furniture suited for everyday use.

This region should be your number-one point of contact whenever you are looking for hotel furniture because of their unique finishes in producing all sorts of furniture you want.

Their advanced tools and techniques enabled this. Another reason to focus on this region is its proximity to Hong Kong port, which allows easy furniture transportation from China to Europe.

Although buying furniture from this region can be a bit higher than other areas, their quality and ease of doing business are worth the extra dollars. 

Types of Hotel Furniture You Can Import From China

Irrespective of your hotel furniture needs in terms of aesthetics and quality, the Chinese market offers various sizes, styles, designs, and materials. You can also purchase customized hotel furniture that will align with your brand identity. 

  • Sofa 
  • Beds 
  • Chairs 
  • Nightstand 
  • Dresser 
  • Wardrobe 
  • Tables
  • Dining Set 
  • Bar Stool 
  • Luggage Racks 
  • Vanities 
  • Poolside Loungers 
  • Patio Sets 
  • Mirrors 

The Step-By-Step Guide on How to Import Hotel Furniture From China

Importing hotel furniture from China can be seamless and, at the same time, complex based on your plan and the steps you follow. The following are the standardized steps to make your importation process seamless and easy. 

Find the Right Furniture Purchasing Connect 

Finding the right furniture purchasing outlet is the most important thing to get started with because this will set the tone that shapes your experience and determine the quality of furniture you will get. The following are the manufacturers and factories in China you can select from based on your objective. 

Sourcing Agents 

These people know the ins and outs of Chinese business culture, including the local laws and negotiation terms.

The sourcing agent plays an essential role in the success of your furniture sourcing because they understand which supplier to deal with and serve as the link between you and the suppliers.

Therefore, pay attention to your specifications and the furniture quality you want. As a beginner, It’s advisable to start with a reputable sourcing agent who will help you navigate the Chinese furniture market terrain and guarantee that you come home with not only hotel furniture that is of high quality but has its complete paperwork and the required materials. 

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Chinese B2B Platforms. 

If you want to import hotel furniture from China through online retailers, your best options are your business-to-business marketplaces like Made in China, Alibaba, GlobalSource, etc.

These platforms aggregated a series of furniture listed directly by manufacturers at company prices for quick and easy access. This e-commerce model enables seamless transactions whereby you can make payments now to the manufacturer following an escrow-secured payment method.

The leading B2B platform is Alibaba, which houses millions of Furniture manufacturers, suppliers, and trading firms. The following are the essential things to note if you purchase hotel furniture from any platform. 

Company or Manufacturer Name 

The Scope of the Product 

Test report of the furniture 

Customer Reviews 

Company Certificates of Compliance 

Registered Capital 

Furniture Fairs 

If you prefer going in person, you should target any furniture fairs to select the furniture you choose. Below are some of the fairs you can target. 

  • China International Furniture Fair (C.I.F.F. Shanghai) 

China International Furniture Fair is a two-section event every March and October in Shanghai and Guangzhou. The two phases feature a wide range of furniture designs, including modern and classical hotel furniture that suits your needs. 

  • Canton Fair Phase 2 (Guangzhou)

The Canton fair is the largest furniture fair event in China, and it is sectioned into three phases and comes up twice a year. It would be best to go for the second phase around the April spring of every year.

This is when they display all sorts of furniture for hotels and households; you can leverage this phase to get what you want at lower prices. 

  • Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition

Shenzhen Furniture Expo brings customers and manufacturers together through detailed exhibitions of China’s best furniture products. During this fair, you will surely see the best quality and tailor-made hotel furniture for your hospitality brand.  

hotel furniture
  • HKTDC Hong Kong Fair

Over 2000 brands storm this event every year in the first week of April. This fair is one of the most widely anticipated furniture exhibition events that combines various furniture designs from reputable brands.

You can get your hotel bathroom furniture, lounge, dressers, and others at a cheaper rate. Although there is an entry fee of $15 or HK1000, trust me, you will get all your furniture needs at once. 

Furniture Mall 

Another method you can use is to go inside a walk-in furniture mall where you can find a variety of ready-made hotel furniture.

The downside is that they might come at a higher price than the other options. The following is the list and locations of malls where you can purchase your hotel furniture. 

  • Louvre Furniture Mall 

Louvre Mall is one of the most widely recognized furniture malls in Guangdong Province, Foshan, Shunde District. 

  • Sun-Link Furniture Market 

The Sun-Link furniture market is located along the National Highway, Lecong, Shunade, and Foshan.

This market has five divisions, including one part for sofas, hotel furniture, home furniture, modern furniture, and neoclassical furniture. Target the hotel and sofa part to shop for the best furniture for your hotel. 

  • Shunde Furniture Mall 

Shunde Furniture Mall is located at the heart of Foshan City. This furniture mall has over 1000 furniture companies with over 3000 furniture dealers along its 20 streets. You can walk into the mall to select any hotel furniture you choose at any time. 

Determine the Import Cost 

It is essential to note that importing hotel furniture from China would come with shipping costs and other expenses like import duty, container charges, Incoterms, etc.

These varied based on the total weight of the furniture. You can reduce this cost by partnering with freight companies that will give you a discount or liaising with your China buying office to provide a favorable quote. 

Negotiate with the Manufacturer or Supplier 

After you have chosen the proper manufacturer or furniture supplier, the next important thing is to broker a deal with them.

This requires a series of negotiations that might be facilitated by you or through a third party (sourcing agent). By doing this, you can beat the price to the favorable range. 

Quality Assurance and Safety

Ensure you look at the quality assurance metrics before giving the go-ahead to the manufacturer. The hotel furniture manufacturing process is a delicate endeavor requiring a certain standard.

Check out and fix any impending factory problems, and always ask for samples to serve as a prototype of the actual furniture. 

Check the Furntire Regulations and Compliance Level 

Communicate the regulation and compliance level of your country to the manufacturers. This will ensure they follow the safety compliance, chemical compliance, and sustainability standards of the destination country. 

Purchasing the Hotel Furniture 

There should be a buying contract between you and the furniture manufacturing company. A series of vital agreements must be signed, including terms of payment, quality criteria, amount, Furniture specifications, and late penalties.

This will be in the form of a standardized format that will guide you and the manufacturer all through. 

hotel furniture

Available Payment Options For China Furniture. 

Importing hotel furniture from China has become seamless, with a series of payment channels available for customers. Below are the prominent examples of payment forms accepted.

Wire Transfer 

This is mainly used for small and medium-scale transactions. For instance, you are paying for three units of hotel room dressers. 

Letter of Credit 

A letter of credit is a secure payment suitable for large-scale furniture purchases to the tune of about $50,000 or above. 

Via Sourcing Agent 

If you are using a sourcing agent, you can pay through them using a Chinese escrow system that will hold the money pending the fulfillment of the order. 


This is the most popular payment method involving taking the money (total cost of the purchase) to the supplier. 

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Hotel Furniture From China 

Getting the best furniture manufacturer while purchasing furniture for your hotel can take time and effort, with tons of untrustworthy people disguising themselves as a reputable source to buy from.

Therefore, it is vital to follow this guideline to pick high-quality manufacturers from the pool. 

Registered Capital 

The higher the registered capital, the better the manufacturer; this allows you to distinguish between small trading companies and larger ones.

Manufacturers with at least RMB 1,000,000 are big manufacturing trading companies, while those with less are just retail trading companies. The simplest way to identify them is to ask for their business license or check through their websites. 

Safety Compliance  

Ensure that the manufacturer you are choosing is following best practices in their furniture manufacturing process. Check for IS9001 compliance on their website to see if they produce hotel furniture that fits into the required standards. 

Minimum Order Quantity (M.O.Q.)

The minimum order quantity is a cheat sheet to get a lower price. The simplest way to do this is to check the number of orders TBH can fulfill simultaneously; the higher the order they can achieve, the lower their price will be.

Most times, manufacturers with wholesale prices offer cheaper costs compared with the retailers reselling the products in the same domain. 


Investing in some hotel furniture that would not withstand the level of use in the hotel is common, leading to damage in a short time. It isn’t good for business.

Therefore, selecting a manufacturer or supplier that will provide a warranty for the furniture with a clearly stated duration is good. By doing this, you will be on the safer side should there be any occurrence of damages within the stipulated warranty period. 

Purchasing Cost 

Always compare prices of hotel furniture from more than three brands before deciding on the average purchasing cost.

This will help you get a favorable price that will fit your budget and not downgrade your desired furniture quality. It is also essential to consider the delivery cost, tax, and other expenses. 

Trustworthiness Score 

It is conducive if you gauge the trustworthiness score of the manufacturer you plan to use. One quick way to get this is to check their website trust score or review their review section to see what previous customers say about them. 

Return Policy 

Often, the hotel furniture you order might not fit the hotel’s specifications or overall design, and they will need to be corrected.

You must ensure that the furniture manufacturer you choose allows you to change the item to fit your want or enable a favorable refund policy. 


Design modification is an important aspect your chosen manufacturer should be willing to do. Any supplier or manufacturer that can not offer this feature to tailor your furniture to the hotel design ethos should be avoided. 


An unavailable furniture supplier is a bad omen that slows down your hotel renovation timeline. You must ask the suppliers about their preferred shipping company or discuss their mail delivery system and how fast they respond to calls and other inquiries.

This will enable you to gauge their availability and know if they fit into your timescale. 

Customer Review. 

Past customer review is a means to identify fraud or manufacturers with questionable products. This will help you to figure out those that you can deal with and those that you should avoid.

You can check out customer reviews on the manufacturer’s websites, discussion groups, and online blogs about their experience. 

hotel furniture

Document Needed After Purchasing Hotel Furniture

Importing furniture from China will require some crucial documents per the country’s regulations. Your shipper must submit the following documents to Chinese customs to ensure safe passage. 

Packing Lists 

The packing list consists of information like the product volumes, types, and quantity. They are issued mainly by the manufacturers or suppliers to ensure the confirmation of the shipment. 

Commercial Invoice 

This is another verification invoice that customs will check at the port. Commercial invoices include the total value of the furniture, which must be given to you by the manufacturer. 

Certificate of Origin 

This certifies the origin of the furniture when it lands in your respective country. Your handler provides this certificate. 

Bill of Landing 

The shipping companies issue this as a confirmation that they’ve received your package and they are shipping it. This is important for custom clearance when the furniture reaches your destination, especially while coming by sea.  


Importing hotel furniture from China can be an exciting endeavor in all possible senses. This guide takes you through the process of mastering supplier selection, custom procedures, and other logistics to secure quality hotel furniture at a far cheaper rate compared to European prices.

For a seamless hotel importation process and experience, consider George Intl as your number-one hotel furniture supplier. With years of expertise and support throughout your importation journey, George Int’l will elevate your hospitality establishment with high-quality Chinese furniture. 

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