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Cost-effective lighting solutions with customized approach for you.

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Superior Lighting Solutions, 20 Years of Experience in Lighting Industry

We have advanced lighting production lines and first-class production technology, and are committed to providing one-stop lighting solutions to customers around the world. Whether it is a chandelier, ceiling lamp, table lamp or commercial lighting, we guarantee the quality, precision and durability of our products.

GeorgIntl provides 12 categories of lighting products, including chandeliers, ceiling lamps, table lamps and commercial lighting. Each category has more than 50,000 products of different styles and specifications for customers to choose from. In the future, we will continue to increase our R&D and innovation efforts, continuously improve the automation and intelligence level of our production lines, and meet customer needs with more efficient and precise production methods.

At the same time, we will also actively expand the international market and provide better and more professional lighting products and services to global customers. We firmly believe that our lighting will light up every space and add more color and warmth to life.




Lighting Customization

Every country and region has different lighting needs and aesthetic standards. One-to-one communication can create unique lighting effects.


Accompany You All the Way

In order to let you have an in-depth understanding of our corporate culture and production processes, we will accompany you throughout the visit to our factory and production lines. If necessary, we will also provide airport pick-up services.

lighting factory Lamps aging

Lighting Factory – Lamps Aging

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Lighting Product Display



Tens of Thousands of Lamps

We provide a total of 12 categories of lighting products including chandeliers, ceiling lamps, table lamps, outdoor lights, and switch lights, with more than 50,000 products of different styles and specifications.


Transparent Pricing

Clear and transparent pricing strategy, all products are clearly priced, reject any hidden fees or additional fees during the transaction process, and provide detailed and clear quotations.

Why Choose a Quality Lighting Manufacturer

Manufacturing Experience and Technology

After years of development, China's lighting manufacturing industry has reached international leading levels in terms of product quality, design innovation and production efficiency.

Intelligent Production

Introducing advanced production lines and automation equipment, digital management can achieve precise control and data analysis of the production process.

Cost Control

Manufacturers promote green manufacturing, using environmentally friendly materials and production processes, and reducing energy consumption and waste emissions during the production process.

Professional Pre-sales Consultation

Provide detailed product introduction, technical consultation and solution design services. Let you better understand product features and advantages, so as to make more informed purchasing decisions.

How to Find Quality Lighting Manufacturer in China

Find a good lighting manufacturer in Zhongshan, Guangdong

In fact, it is not difficult to find a high-quality lighting manufacturer in China. Zhongshan, Guangdong is known as the lighting capital of China and is the largest professional lighting production base and wholesale market in China. 

It not only recommends foreign buyers to come here, but also domestic Chinese ones. Consumers will choose to go to Zhongshan to choose manufacturers. In Zhongshan, a large number of lighting manufacturers and suppliers have gathered, forming a complete industrial chain, providing global buyers with rich choices and convenient purchasing conditions. 

There are many types of lighting products, covering various styles, functions and materials. For lighting supplies, you can basically find high-quality manufacturers in Zhongshan for any project or requirement. If your project requires specific lighting, it doesn’t matter. 

In Zhongshan, you can realize your unconstrained customization ideas. Under such an industrial cluster, price is no longer a problem that bothers you. The lighting industry is huge and production costs will be greatly reduced. Therefore, you can find cost-effective lighting products in Zhongshan to save money on the project.

lighting factory production line

Maybe you have this kind of confusion when you want to buy Chinese lighting

When foreign customers start to get quotes online, they may be more interested in knowing whether there are differences in prices between different lighting manufacturers and the reasons for the differences. 

There may be differences in the quotations for different tasks. The main reasons may be as follows: 

1. Behind the supplier, there is another lighting factory that cooperates with it. 

2. The supplier or manufacturer I contacted thought I was a foreign friend and did not know the actual price. 

3. Generally, manufacturers do not produce the products I need and require additional customization. 

4. The manufacturer’s production capacity and workmanship are below average.

In this case, foreign customers usually collect quotes from several manufacturers, and need to spend time understanding the differences between different manufacturers and the actual production conditions. In this case, you may need to spend more time with them spirit to find truly quality partners that are suitable for your project.

lighting showroom

Experience GeorgeIntl’s lighting customization solutions

So, is there anything more worthwhile about choosing GeorgeIntl compared to other Zhongshan lighting manufacturers? 

Of course, we have also been engaged in lighting production for 20 years, and all lighting products have obtained quality management system certifications such as ISO9001 and other relevant international certifications. We can provide you with pre-sales interior design, and you can explain to us the actual situation of the project and the decoration style , budget, etc. 

We will show you 3D or indoor renderings in the shortest possible time, so that you can understand the actual effect of the lighting in advance. So that you can adjust the plan in time. In addition, we provide additional indoor building materials products such as furniture and soft furnishings to make the indoor and outdoor space more reasonable. 

This is also what we advocate, one-stop purchasing service. When you come to China, you only need to find us and we can help you. You provide all the products you need for your project. Save time, while completing the procurement task, we can also arrange for personnel to accompany you to explore the customs of the East and learn about Kung Fu, tea and other long-standing cultures.

Suitable For Your Project

Cost Effective Lighting Cases

Lighting Solution FAQs

As you explore our world of stunning lighting, you may come across some questions or require further clarification.

China’s lighting manufacturers have made great progress. There are many well-known manufacturers for a limited time. We can list some for you, which should solve some of your doubts.

NVC Lighting: A large enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of lighting products. Its product lines are rich, including home lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting and other fields. The unique design style and stable quality have won the favor of many consumers.

OPPLE Lighting: A leading company in China’s lighting industry, OPPLE Lighting has won wide market recognition for its excellent quality, innovative design and perfect after-sales service. Its products cover LED lighting, home lighting, commercial lighting and other fields, and are deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad.

FSL: Foshan Lighting is a lighting company with a long history, and its products are known for their high quality and cost-effectiveness. The product line covers home lighting, commercial lighting, road lighting and other fields. The design style is simple and practical, and is deeply loved by consumers.

Philips Lighting: As the world’s leading provider of lighting solutions, Philips has a high reputation and reputation in the field of lighting. Its product lines cover home lighting, commercial lighting, road lighting and other fields. The design style is simple and fashionable, the quality is reliable, and it is deeply loved by consumers.

Huayi Lighting: Founded in 1986, it is a well-known comprehensive lighting brand in the industry. It is a modern enterprise group with lighting as its main business and integrating property, investment and trade.

Comely Lighting: Founded in 1996, Comely is one of the first companies in China to obtain a lighting export license. It focuses on design research and development, holds multiple patents, and its lighting products are known for their unique design and high quality.

TCL Lighting: TCL Group’s core enterprise in the lighting field, specializing in the R&D, production and sales of lighting products. Its product lines include LED lamps, intelligent lighting systems, etc., which are known for their high quality, high performance and low energy consumption.

Yankon Lighting: Yankon is the leader in China’s lighting appliance industry and one of the largest energy-saving lamp production and export bases in China.

Kinglong Lighting: Kinglong’s design is avant-garde but not minimalist, grand yet delicate. Its representative, the swan chandelier launched by Italian designer Fabil Fornasier, won the “Best Fixed Lighting Design Award” and the “British Lighting Design Annual Award”.

For some buyers who have no experience purchasing lighting in China, the following three provinces are your best solution for finding high-quality lighting manufacturers.

Guangdong Province: Especially Zhongshan City and Foshan City, these two regions are the core production areas of China’s lighting industry. Zhongshan Ancient Town is known as the “Lighting Capital of China” and has gathered a large number of lighting manufacturers and suppliers. Guangdong’s lighting industry is famous for its large scale, complete varieties and complete industrial chain.

Zhejiang Province: The lighting industry in Zhejiang Province is mainly concentrated in Xiaoshan District and Yuhang District under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou City. These two areas have a complete light source and lighting accessories industry chain and a trinity industrial environment, and are one of the important bases of China’s lighting industry.

Jiangsu Province: Suzhou and Nanjing in Jiangsu Province occupy a large market share in lighting production. Suzhou’s lighting export volume ranks among the top in the country, and its lighting products are known for their high quality and high grade.

We are very proud to inform you that our lighting products have passed a number of international certifications, ensuring that they meet or exceed the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and other relevant safety standards. 

CE certification: This marks that our products comply with European health, safety and environmental standards, ensuring free circulation in the European market.

We can provide you with lighting products that support intelligent control and have a series of intelligent functions and features.

Smart lighting products can be connected to various smart devices or systems, such as smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, etc. By downloading the corresponding mobile application, you can easily control the lighting remotely. As long as there is a network connection, you can do it at any time Adjust the brightness, color temperature, color and other parameters of lighting anywhere.
You can also set the lighting on and off times according to your own work and rest habits. For example, you can automatically turn on the lights in the bedroom and turn off all the lights late at night.

If you have any questions about our products or need further information, please feel free to contact us.

We focus on providing customers with high-quality, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly lighting products to meet different customers’ pursuit of green life.

Material selection: Our lighting products are made of environmentally friendly materials that do not contain any elements harmful to the human body, such as lead and mercury.

LED technology: Mainly using LED technology. LED lights are DC-driven lamps that do not cause flicker and therefore do no harm to people’s vision. In addition, LED lights are energy-efficient and consume far less energy than traditional light bulbs. Their energy consumption is only 1/4 of traditional light bulbs.

Long life: Because LED lights do not have the filaments and glass bulbs of ordinary lights, they will not break or shatter. Our lighting products have a service life of about 50,000 hours, which means they can provide stable lighting for a long time, reducing the frequency of lamp replacements, thereby indirectly achieving energy saving and environmental protection effects.

We will regularly learn about the latest policies of various countries on the import of imported lighting products to ensure that our quotations and services can be accurately displayed.

We will use our professional knowledge and experience to provide each customer with tariff and tax optimization suggestions, such as choosing different packaging methods, transportation methods, etc.

But we must ensure that the order complies with local laws, regulations and customs requirements.

Vintage style lamps can really be customized. Our factory can customize retro-style lighting products according to your requirements, and LED bulbs can also be used. LED bulbs have many advantages, such as high energy saving, long life, low heat, no flicker, etc., which make them a widely used light source in modern lamps. In retro-style lamps, LED bulbs can also provide stable, soft light to create a unique atmosphere.

Specifically, when customizing retro-style lamps, you can choose the appropriate LED bulb type, power, color temperature and other parameters to achieve the ideal lighting effect.

Our lighting products are designed with various usage scenarios in mind, including the outdoor environment. Of course, we also supply professional outdoor lighting products, which are truly developed for the outdoor environment. In order to adapt to the outdoor environment, lighting products are Has the following characteristics:

Waterproof box and dustproof performance: Our product shell adopts waterproof and dustproof design, which can effectively resist the erosion of rain, sand and dust and other natural factors, ensuring the safety and normal operation of internal components

Weather resistance: Use materials that can resist extreme temperature changes to ensure that the product can maintain stable performance in high or low temperature environments

Impact and seismic resistance: The internal design of the product is reasonable and can resist a certain degree of impact and vibration.

Protection level: Meets the protection level requirements of international standards, providing reliable protection in various outdoor environments

We do provide lighting design services and strive to provide customers with professional, efficient and creative lighting solutions

Space analysis: The designer will conduct a detailed analysis of the project space to understand the project requirements and ensure that the lighting design meets the actual requirements.

Lighting scheme design: Based on space analysis and your needs, we will design one or more lighting schemes. These schemes will take into account key factors such as lighting brightness, color temperature, color rendering index, etc. to ensure that the lighting effect creates a comfortable atmosphere

Lighting product selection: Based on needs and budget, recommend suitable lighting products that are efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly

We understand that you may want your carefully customized facility products to arrive as quickly as possible, and choosing air freight is indeed a fast and reliable option. We have established close cooperative relationships with a number of international freight forwarding companies and can provide you with air freight services at your request.

However, the freight may be more expensive, and the cost you need to bear will increase. Therefore, if the project time permits, we still recommend that it is better to ship by sea. Low-cost freight will save you a lot of costs.

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We will email you within 24 hours. If your project is urgent, please feel free to call +86 185 2096 9094 directly.