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Mr. Pang, the founder of GeorgeIntl, has had an indissoluble bond with natural stone more than 30 years ago. Since then, he has been committed to presenting this gift of nature to the world in the most perfect form, and has always adhered to With a passion for natural stone.

Since 2008, our stone factory has completed scale expansion, with a factory area of tens of thousands square meters, more than 200 production employees, and the introduction of Italian stone production lines, which has greatly improved production efficiency.

Choosing us means that we include all kinds of natural stones, such as marble, granite, quartzite, parquet, etc. The wide variety of stone materials is enough for you to cope with various usage environments. Whether indoors or outdoors, on the floor, wall or countertop. We even have We can provide you with customized waterjet medallion products in different pattern styles.




Sufficient Stone Inventory

Having sufficient inventory of stone products ensures that your needs are met in a timely manner. No matter what type, size and quantity of stone products are required, we can deliver them quickly.

Engraving Customization Service

Professional stone craftsmen can carve according to your specific design requirements, and can also customize mosaic products with special patterns. Everything is up to you.

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Stone Factory – Customer Inspection


low prices

Transparent Prices

We will provide you with a detailed quotation and contract to ensure you clearly understand each cost and service content. There are no hidden fees or additional fees, so you can feel confident working with us.


Inspection Service

In order to allow customers to purchase our products with more confidence, we provide the service of picking up and delivering customers for inspection. Our professional team will accompany you to the warehouse or production site to view and inspect the purchased stone products on the spot.

Why Choose a Quality Marble Manufacturer

Price and Value for Money

Although price is not the only determining factor, quality stone manufacturers can usually provide reasonable prices and good value for money.

Rich Product Range

An extensive product line includes a variety of colors, textures and types of stone. A wide range of options are available to meet most applications and project needs.

Communication Skills

Only with good foreign language communication skills and cooperative spirit can we establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships with global customers.

Stable Supply and Delivery

A stable supply chain and efficient production process can ensure on-time delivery and reduce the risk of project delays. For foreign customers, ensuring delivery times and supply chain reliability is crucial.

How to Find Quality Marble Manufacturer in China

Domestic stone manufacturers in China

If you want to find a stone manufacturer in China with good quality and suitable for the project needs, you first need to briefly understand which regions China’s stone manufacturers are mainly distributed in. The stones produced in different regions may be different, which will also affect the future. Ocean shipping also causes different costs.

Laizhou, Shandong:
Laizhou, Shandong Province is known as the “Stone Capital of China” and is one of the important bases of China’s stone industry. There are many stone companies in the area, their output value accounts for more than 18% of the city’s GDP, and their annual output value exceeds $700 million. The main products are granite, with rich varieties and excellent texture.

Yunfu, Guangdong:
Yunfu, Guangdong is one of the largest stone processing and trade bases in China. It mainly produces and processes imported blocks and has a wide range of products, including marble, granite, artificial stone and other types. The annual output of Yunfu stone is about 15 million square meters, accounting for about 20% of the city’s GDP.

Hezhou, Guangxi:
Hezhou, Guangxi, is dominated by white and crystal clear marble, which is favored by consumers for its green and environmental protection. There are many varieties of marble with abundant reserves, including white, gray-white, yellow-white and many other types.

Ya’an, Sichuan:
Baoxing County in the Ya’an region of Sichuan is dominated by granite, with more than 30 varieties of precious stones, and an annual output of about nine million square meters.

Hubei Tongshan:
As one of the largest stone markets in China, Tongshan County in Hubei Province has many stone companies. The annual mining of rough materials reaches more than 150,000 cubic meters, and various types of processed plates are about more than 7 million square meters.

Xinjiang is also rich in stone resources, especially the granite and marble resources in Shanshan County, which are of excellent quality. It has the rare red series giant monolithic mine “Shanshan Red” and the gray series giant granite monolithic mine “Snow Lotus”.

Why choose manufacturers in Guangdong

Guangdong, especially the Yunfu area, is one of the largest stone processing and trade bases in China. A large number of stone companies and related industrial chains have gathered here, forming a strong industrial cluster effect. Here you can find marble, granite, artificial stone and other types of stone products, with rich varieties and diverse choices. 

Stone factories have advanced processing technology and equipment and can provide high-quality stone processing services. Whether it is cutting, grinding, polishing or engraving, Guangdong’s stone suppliers can reach a high level to ensure the quality and beauty of the products. 

Besides, sea transportation is an important logistics method in the stone industry, especially for large and heavy stone products. Guangdong is a frontier region for China’s opening up to the outside world, with complete port facilities, abundant routes, a developed logistics network and a convenient trade environment. 

Guangdong also has multiple stone trading markets and exhibition centers, providing foreign customers with more purchasing channels and business opportunities.

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Give Georgeintl a chance to show you one-stop stone solutions

Welcome to call us or contact us through social software. A good project requires a good manufacturer. We can present the design renderings to you based on the drawings through 3D Max and other software. Let you know in advance how the entire project will work with us. What surprising things can be revealed under the stone plan? At the same time, the exquisite skills of the factory craftsmen also ensure that the stone products can 100% replicate the design renderings.

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Stone Solution FAQs

Whether you are considering stone for home renovations, commercial spaces or outdoor landscaping,
we hope our stone solutions will bring success to your project.

Although marble is a high-end decorative material, its characteristics and limitations need to be considered when choosing the occasion for use.

Outdoor floor decoration: Since the main chemical component of marble is alkaline calcium carbonate, it is easily eroded by acid. Therefore, marble is generally not suitable for outdoor floor decoration, especially in areas with frequent acid rain. After long-term exposure to acid rain or acids formed by acidic oxides in the air when they meet water, marble may lose its luster, and may even suffer from spots, loss of gloss, and depowdering. 

Large or high-traffic floors: Although marble has the characteristics of high hardness and strong wear resistance, due to its insufficient elasticity, it is easy to break when subjected to strong impact or pressure, and is difficult to repair. Therefore, marble may not be suitable as a floor decoration material in large or high-traffic places (such as stations, airports, shopping malls, etc.). 

Seamless splicing: Due to the natural characteristics of marble, the color of the artificial glue used in the splicing operation cannot completely match that of natural stone, and its cross-sections are uneven, making it difficult to achieve seamless splicing. If you need a seamless decorative effect, marble may not be the best choice. 

Occasions where a soft touch is required: Marble feels cold and hard. If you need a soft and comfortable touch in your decoration, marble may not be the best choice.

Italian marble and Chinese marble differ in several ways. 

Origin: Italian marble is imported from Italy and other European countries, while Chinese marble is produced in China. 

Quality: Italian marble has higher hardness, better texture, and richer veining. In contrast, Chinese marble generally has lower hardness, but its designs and colors are beautiful, easy to splice and decorate in large areas, and can be supplied in batches with the same design and color. 

Appearance: Italian marble generally has more texture and color variations, which makes it more suitable for use in high-end renovations. Chinese marble is more suitable for some simple decoration places. 

Price: Due to factors such as labor costs, the price of Chinese marble is more affordable than Italian marble. 

Properties: Italian marble is very strong and durable and can last for many years, while Chinese marble, although it also has its own unique advantages, may be slightly inferior to Italian marble in some properties.

It is worth noting that China is extremely rich in marble mineral resources, with large reserves and many varieties, and its total reserves rank among the top in the world. Therefore, when shopping for marble, you can choose the right product based on your needs and budget.

Generally speaking, if marble is used indoors and is properly cared for and maintained, its service life can be very long, even up to hundreds of years. This is because marble itself is wear-resistant, durable and not prone to aging.

However, if marble is used outdoors, its lifespan may be shortened by factors such as UV rays, humidity, and weathering. Some sources indicate that the service life of outdoor marble may range from 50 to 80 years, depending on its quality and maintenance.

In addition, the service life of marble is also related to the way it is used and the frequency of maintenance. If the marble surface is frequently worn or contaminated and is not cleaned and maintained in a timely manner, its service life may be shortened. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of marble, it is recommended to clean and maintain it regularly and protect it from excessive wear and pollution.

When selecting the right stone for a project, we first need to have a thorough understanding of the project’s specific needs, usage, and desired design style. Different stones have their own unique physical properties, appearance quality and applicable scenarios, so we need to choose the appropriate stone based on the actual conditions of the project.

During the selection process, we need to consider the physical properties of the stone such as hardness, wear resistance, slip resistance, and weather resistance to ensure that it can adapt to the use environment and requirements of the project. At the same time, we also need to observe the color, texture, gloss and other appearance quality of the stone to ensure that it is coordinated with the overall design style of the project.

For example, granite and sandstone are suitable for outdoor floors; marble and limestone are suitable for indoor floors; granite and quartz are suitable for kitchen countertops; sandstone or granite with good anti-slip properties is suitable for bathroom floors and walls; slate and limestone are suitable for outdoor landscapes. Natural stone.

Pointing: This is a method of directly joining two pieces of stone by cutting and filling the gap with mortar. However, caulking requires a high technical level and is cumbersome to operate. You need to prepare your own professional tools such as mortar and caulking knives.

Gluing: This is a caulking method suitable for small gaps, such as caulking of slabs or small stones. The glueing operation is simple, does not require professional tools, and the time is short and the effect is good. However, you need to pay attention to the quality of the glue and choose a glue that is particularly suitable for stone.

Grouting: Grouting is a caulking method in which cement slurry is poured into the gaps between stones. It is a relatively durable method that can make the stone stronger. When preparing the slurry, it is necessary to take the stone and voids into consideration and accurately calculate the quality and dosage of the slurry.

Metal connection method: Use stainless steel wire rope or tie rod to pass through the stone for anchoring connection, and then pour resin for potting to achieve high-strength connection. This method is strong and reliable, but will increase the difficulty of processing.

Metal fastener method: Use stainless steel fasteners to fix the edge of the stone, and then fill the gaps with resin. This method has good robustness, but the processing is complicated and the cost is high.

Marble: Marble is often used for floor decoration in luxury hotel lobbies due to its clear and elegant texture, high hardness, wear resistance, and easy cleaning. Its unique texture and color can create a noble and elegant atmosphere in the lobby.

Granite: Granite also has the advantages of high hardness, resistance to pressure and wear, and various colors. It is often used for floors in commercial places. The strong and durable properties of granite make it an ideal floor covering in luxury hotel lobbies.

White marble: White marble is a kind of stone with fine texture and pure white color. It is often used in the decoration of high-end buildings. In the lobby of a luxury hotel, the pure beauty of white marble can enhance the quality of the overall space.

In addition to the above stones, some luxury hotels will also choose to use jade, gold spider and other precious stones to create a luxurious feel in the lobby. Not only do these stones have unique textures and colors, they are also often expensive and can reflect the luxury quality of a hotel.

First of all, different textures can bring different visual effects. For example, the texture of twill stone is smooth and natural, which can give the space an elegant and playful feeling; the texture of reticulated stone is like a densely interwoven mesh, which can make large-area decorations look majestic; the texture of grouped stone is relatively static, which can make the space more elegant and playful. The levels of space are increasing, and the content and form are rich. These different textures can meet the needs of different customers for decorative styles and effects.

Secondly, texture also affects the physical properties of stone. Some stones with special textures may have better anti-slip properties and are suitable for use in places requiring high safety, such as bathrooms, swimming pools, etc. Some stones with smooth textures may be easier to clean and maintain.

In addition, the texture of the stone may also affect its durability and maintenance costs. Some stones with complex textures may be more susceptible to wear and staining, requiring more frequent cleaning and maintenance. Some stones with simple textures may be more durable and cost less to maintain.

Stone parquet can be customized, you just need to provide some information and we can design it for you:

Design drawing or sketch: This is the basis for custom stone parquet. Detailed design drawings or sketches are required, including the shape, size, color matching and stone texture requirements of the mosaic.

Material and specifications: You need to specify the material and specifications of the required stone, such as marble, granite, etc., as well as the thickness and size of the stone.

Usage scenarios: It is necessary to describe the usage scenarios of stone parquet, such as indoor floors, walls, background walls, etc., so that the supplier can provide appropriate suggestions and material selection.

Special requirements: If there are special processing requirements or installation requirements for stone parquet, these also need to be stated in advance when customizing.

Stone floors can become discolored for a variety of reasons. First of all, the chemical properties of the surface of stone floor tiles are different. Different materials may undergo different chemical reactions when encountering rain, air and other external environments, resulting in discoloration. 

If the stone floor is exposed to high temperature for a long time, the color of the surface will fade and uneven discoloration will occur. In addition, some pollution sources, such as petroleum, acid, etc., may also cause discoloration of the ground. 

To address the problem of discoloration of stone floors, the following measures can be taken: 

Routine maintenance: Regularly remove dust and scale, use a multi-functional dust remover to remove dust and dirt on the surface, and keep the floor dry and clean. At the same time, clean up the accumulated water in time to prevent the occurrence of alkalinity and the appearance of white flowers. Always check whether the protective layer is complete and effective. If it is damaged, worn or aged, it should be repaired or replaced in time. 

Professional repair: If your stone floor has become discolored, consider refinishing, polishing or crystallizing it. Renovation and polishing can restore the flatness and gloss of the stone floor, while crystallization treatment can improve the hardness and wear resistance of the stone floor.


You can rest assured that every product will be packaged by our experienced staff.

Packaging material selection:
Priority is given to the use of wooden boxes for packaging, as wooden boxes have a strong structure and can effectively protect the stone from impact and collision during transportation.
If the stone is thin, it can be packed in a foam box first and then placed in a wooden box to increase the cushioning effect.
Use foam or soft material to separate the smooth surfaces of the stones to reduce friction and collision between the stones.

The boards should be placed vertically, with the smooth surface facing the smooth surface. This can reduce the stress area of the stone during transportation and reduce the risk of damage.
If the cut stones are smaller in size, wooden pallets can be used for packaging. The stones should also be placed vertically, with the smooth surface facing the smooth surface, separated by foam plastic, and finally tied firmly with tape.
For large or special-shaped stones, it may be necessary to customize a special wooden frame or frame for packaging to ensure that the stone is stable and does not shake during transportation.

Reinforcement measures:
Reinforce every corner and edge of the wooden box. You can use wooden strips or iron plates for reinforcement to improve the pressure and impact resistance of the wooden box.
In wooden boxes, straps or ropes can be used to tie the stones firmly to prevent them from sliding or colliding during transportation.
If possible, add shock-proof materials, such as rubber pads or bubble wrap, between the stone and the wooden box to absorb shock and impact during transportation.

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