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Office Solutions

Choose our one-stop office project service, and you will enjoy a professional, efficient and convenient service experience. The designer team can also provide you with interior design. With many years of interior design experience, they can deeply understand your needs and ideas. Through 3D renderings to visually display the design effect, you can preview the future office environment before the project is implemented.

Interior design is just our pre-dinner dessert. Our core service value is to provide you with the purchase of a full range of building materials products, without the need for additional comparisons with suppliers that can dazzle you. In the George Intl showroom, you can choose from all categories including office furniture and commercial lighting. A variety of quotation plans are available for you to choose from, making it easier for you to complete procurement tasks in China and ensure that office projects proceed as planned.

What We Offer

Hotel Interior Design

Interior Design Services

We will combine the company's culture and brand concepts with in-depth understanding of project needs and regional culture to craft interior design. The client is given a practical and beautiful exclusive customized office design solution.

project management

Import Regulations

More than ten years of export experience enable us to skillfully deal with the import regulations and regulations of different countries and regions. Knowing the relevant customs rules in various places can ensure the compliance of the procurement process, reduce your worries, and easily complete the project.


Project Procurement

In Georgeintl's showroom, you can find various categories of building materials products, including but not limited to floors, wall decorations, curtains, ceilings, lighting equipment, office furniture, doors and windows, etc. Our sales team can also recommend suitable building materials products based on your construction drawings.


Cooperation Process


Step 1. Project Analysis

The business team will have in-depth communication with you to learn more about the specific needs of your team’s office, including space planning, design style, functional zoning, etc.

Step 2. Optimize Modification Plan

The design team will discuss your needs with you and conduct in-depth design optimization, including space layout, color matching, lighting design, etc. And will present office renderings to help you understand the design plan more intuitively.

Step 3. Solution Quotation

Based on the existing plans, the business team will provide several quotation plans according to your wishes, among which products that meet the requirements will be selected to ensure the matching of material quality and design. A detailed quotation will also give you a clear understanding of the project cost.

Office project cooperation process-1
Office project cooperation process


Step 4. Contract Confirmed and Signed

After reaching an agreement with you on the project contract, service scope, price terms, etc., we draw up a formal cooperation contract. After ensuring that the contract terms are clear and correct, we sign the contract and pay the advance payment.

Step 5. Screen Suppliers

The business team will screen suppliers of various product categories and integrate them into a supply chain with optimized qualifications and experience.

Step 6. Inspection and Logistics

After production is completed, we will organize a quality inspection team to inspect and accept each product. Check whether the product quantity, specifications, quality, etc. meet the requirements. After that, it will be loaded into the container and cooperate with the freight forwarder to transport the goods to the port you designate.


Global Office Clients

Whether office project is easy or not, just a thought

The difficulty of an office project varies based on several factors including size, design options, vendor selection, and more. Choose a professional full-service office provider to successfully handle various challenges while ensuring progress and your satisfaction.

office design drawings
High End Working Space
Project Details
Industrial Style Office
Project Details
Financial Office
Project Details
Modern Office Design
Project Details
Gradient Office
Project Details
Green Valley Office
Project Details


Why Choose George

Experience and Professional Abilities

We have many years of experience in office design and project procurement, and can quickly respond to various emergencies and challenges. An excellent business team can also provide you with professional suggestions and solutions to ensure high-quality completion of the project. The interior designer team maintains a keen insight into the latest trends in the industry and provides you with cutting-edge design concepts and innovative solutions.

Massive Success Cases and Reputation

In the past ten years or so, we have completed a variety of office projects, covering customers of different sizes and needs. These successful cases have generally been highly praised by customers.

Reasonable Price and Cost Control

We can provide reasonable quotation plans based on your budget and needs to ensure that you get value for money services. During the project process, the supply chain can be organized and utilized to reduce unnecessary procurement costs, saving you money and time.

Good After-sales and Continuous Service

George Intl attaches great importance to the after-sales service of the project and strives to provide you with timely technical support and solutions to ensure the long-term stable operation of the project. What we hope is to continue to cooperate with you after the project is completed and provide you with subsequent optimization and upgrade services, rather than pursuing a transaction.


Anywhere is Fine

Ignore geographical distance, serve wholeheartedly, and firmly believe in the importance of trust.
Treat every friend as if they are by your side and do our best to meet your needs and expectations.

Clients all around the world


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