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American Ocean View Villa

Style: Ocean View Style

Area: 2800 ft²

Address: United States

American Ocean View Villa (18)

Project Introduction

This ocean view villa is a 2,800 square-foot, 2-bedroom Pacific Northwest-style house anchored into a steep slope. It features an open-concept living, dining, and kitchen area that opens directly to the outdoors with a corner-b-fold door system. A stone mass wall divides the public and private spaces, enclosing the stairs, support areas, and powder room. Nature-inspired elements, such as shell-like pendant light fixtures in the kitchen and wood-grained tile in the master bath, add to the home’s character.

The clients’ family has owned this hillside waterfront property since the 1950s. It contains two parcels that once housed a mid-century home and a 1920s cabin. The two siblings who acquired these parcels wanted the homes redeveloped together. They envisioned using the houses, just 50 feet apart, for large family gatherings to keep their families close.

We maintained the existing site topography to minimize earth disturbance on the steep slope, building the ocean view villa on the existing footprints. Each home features a material palette of stone, concrete, wood, and metal, complementing each other while reflecting the siblings’ personal tastes. Both homes use a stone mass wall to separate private spaces from shared public spaces. A communal drive shared between the two homes provides access and offers a unique view of the cantilevered green roof.

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