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American Villa

Style: American Style

Area: 6800 sq. ft.

Address: America

Australia Villa (2)

Project Introduction

The curved walls echo the orthogonal design of the two-story main house, first touching and then pulling apart, creating exterior spaces of varying shapes and sizes: the entrance garden, outdoor living room and exterior dining area. Working with us, these spaces become opportunities to integrate gardens into the architecture. To make the most of the site’s views, the house’s typical functions were inverted, allowing the main living spaces to be located on the upper level, while the bedrooms were moved to the lower level, opening out to the swimming pool and lower garden. A double-height space in the center of the house connects the upper and lower levels via a cast-in-place concrete staircase.

Upon entering the American villa, sliding glass walls open in all directions, creating a feeling of transparency and lightness. Natural light and air flow freely through the house, reducing the need for air conditioning or daylighting. The hillside naturally cools and insulates the underlying layers. These passive sustainable strategies are combined with active ones, including photovoltaic panels and high-efficiency systems used throughout the home.
A structural system of piers and volumes anchors the free-flowing space between interior and exterior. The walls change in plane, sometimes touching the edge of the building and sometimes receding to the glass line. The circulation, layout and structure of the house are orthogonal, but its relationship to the curved walls surrounding the house and the asymmetrical configuration of plans and volumes create a dynamic relationship between the house and the surrounding landscape.

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