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Barcelona City Center Apartment

Style: Spanish Style

Area: Full-floor apartment, Gym, Game Room, and Sauna

Address: Spain

Barcelona city center apartment building (17)

Project Introduction

Situated in the heart of Terrassa (Barcelona), this city center apartment occupies a rectangular plot on the bustling corner of two roads, ensuring high visibility. The ground floor serves as retail space, boasting glass walls for maximum exposure. The building features two stairwells of varying heights, each with independent public access, in compliance with urban planning regulations. Additionally, the basement level provides ample parking for residents.

The upper floor houses duplex apartments with an innovative layout – living spaces are situated beneath the roof, offering enhanced spatial quality and panoramic city views, while bedrooms occupy the lower level. Apartments with two or more bedrooms benefit from dual aspects, with street-facing facades and internal courtyards, ensuring excellent cross-ventilation and additional spaces within each unit.

The city center apartment design incorporates a mix of openings of varying widths, arranged in non-linear configurations. These openings feature vertical formats and diverse elements such as window frames, door frames, and blind head boxes. Large tiles, combining two colors, adorn the facade in various sizes and layouts, creating visual interest. At the corner, a glazed gallery on the first and second floors adds a distinctive touch

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