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Beijing Hyatt Place

Style: Modern style

Area: 136 Rooms, Lobby, Elevator hall, Restaurant, Gym, Meeting room,

Address: Beijing, China

Beijing Hyatt Place

Project Introduction

Light-colored wood, as a natural material, integrates the tone of the hotel and gives people a warm and friendly feeling. It is perfect to be located next to the Expo. The off-white warm gray stone and the artistic paint with the same texture enrich the details of the background; the playful leaf vein pattern jumps lively in the main area of the hotel, full of natural aura, and the dark metal cabinet sides add exquisite beauty to the hotel.

The restaurant progresses in spatial levels, with private rooms at the innermost side and the buffet area in the middle. It is separated by a movable screen in the middle of the restaurant. The front of the restaurant can be independently combined with the service desk, water bar and coffee functions to form a group lounge area in the lobby bar. This area can be blocked off by a movable screen at the restaurant entrance, completely separating the dining area from the lobby.

Axially symmetrical with the lobby as the center, on the other side of the restaurant is the conference and fitness area. The conference rooms can be flexibly combined into large, medium and small spaces. Warm wood color is the keynote, and the floor is made of woven rubber flooring with geometric patterns, which is more light and modern. Together with the simple ceiling, it makes the conference environment relaxed but still has a solemn sense of ceremony.

The guest rooms are based on beige gray, continuing the warm wood color of the public area, and are matched with colorful fabrics, allowing the colorful floral colors of the Expo to embellish the room with life.

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