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Botswana Eco Safari Resort

Style: Eco Safari Style

Area: 31,600 square feet

Address: Botswana

Botswana Eco Safari Lodge (25)

Project Introduction

The newly built eco safari resort is an ecologically sustainable safari lodge in the Okavango Delta, northwestern Botswana. It has become an iconic location, setting new standards for hotel design in the area. The designers aimed for a lighter, more sustainable design, using local, natural materials for the cabins. They avoided concrete in the ground-level construction and used a solar panel field to meet the lodge’s electrical needs. Guests are dropped off nearby and led through a pavilion made of woven saplings and slats to the entrance, where the cabin nestled among the trees comes into view.

The design emphasizes flow, light, and space, capturing the area’s peaceful atmosphere. It moves away from the dark interiors typical of traditional safari lodges. The entire design is luxurious, sophisticated, and simple. This includes the 12 elevated guest rooms and the wooden skeleton of the main area, featuring a striking curved bar.

The eco safari resort is nestled among wild palms and fig trees, offering views of the sparkling Delta from every corner. The hotel cabins include a main building and 12 surrounding “private nest” guest rooms. Guests can relax and enjoy the views from the open-plan bedrooms and lounge areas. The suites feature a striking tiled design, constructed from timber and inspired by elements like pangolins and woven nests.

A walkway through ancient banyan trees leads to a superb viewing platform with unparalleled views of the Delta. To create a feeling of being “in the jungle,” each suite is elevated and thoughtfully integrated into the environment. The suites consist of interior and exterior spaces, including a lounge area, private alfresco dining, and a private pool. Each room is equipped with heating stoves to ensure warmth during the cold season.

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