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Brazil Beach Resort

Style: Brazil Beach Style

Area: 17 suites, restaurant, swimming pool and spa

Address: Itacare, Brazil

Brazilian Beach Hotels and Villas (18)

Project Introduction

When developing a hotel-residence project on this beautiful land—an idyllic sanctuary facing the sea and protected by the Atlantic Forest—one guideline quickly came to mind: respect and emphasize the landscape’s beauty. Facing the sea and surrounded by dense preserved forest, we aimed to integrate the Brazil beach resort into the landscape rather than impose upon it. The brief also called for the architecture to reflect contemporary aspects while honoring the area’s historical and cultural value in Itacaré, south of Bahia.

We sought a simple yet complex solution: an intervention that respects the landscape, using transparent and natural materials arranged in braids, trellises, and pergolas. These materials allow light, breezes, and views to pass through, resulting in architecture that combines environmental comfort with aesthetic beauty. We could call it “tropical”—handmade, timeless, and local. As a result, the hotel and residential villas are spacious with wide openings, always facing the sea, lush vegetation, or the complex’s exterior spaces, ensuring natural light and integration with nature. Balancing the internal and external environments, the spaces are organized simply, using gardens, water mirrors, stone walls, and wooden trellises to facilitate daily activities.

To enable the Brazil beach resort and its suites to be rented independently from the hotel while guaranteeing the same degree of privacy, each suite is designed as an independent block with separate access and similar space and comfort. The hotel, the focal point of the entire development, consists of 17 suites, a restaurant, a swimming pool, and a spa. Ultimately, we aimed to create the “Barracuda Experience” through the integration of space and simple architecture designed to bring together guests and the team that hosts them.

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