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Brazilian Architectural Villa

Style: Brazilian Style

Area: 1746 square meters

Address: Brazil

Brazilian modern architectural villa (31)

Project Introduction

The architectural villa is located in a heavily wooded residential area of São Paulo and the main challenge was to find a way to study the extensive plans required by the client on a property with many trees, while avoiding the need to cut down the trees.

The rear area of the property has a slope and we can see that one side of the upper box is supported by the lower box and the other side is supported by the ground floor at the highest point of the ground.

Spatially, the architectural villa is organized around the living room, which is also the intersection of the two main circulation axes. Around the living room are three white boxes (lounge area, gourmet area and kitchen area), connected by a concrete roof, giving the house a unified visual effect.

Another important visual axis is determined by the swimming pool deck, which extends to the gastronomic terrace and finally to the necessary stairs to reach the different ground levels. We focused specifically on the kitchen because, according to our clients, this is the most used area. The kitchen is located next to a slope, and with the consent of the landscape project manager, we designed waterfalls and mirrored water to provide stunning views to the kitchen’s users.

We also created an opening in the master suite within the premium suite to improve natural light in the kitchen. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure, this suite is completely visually integrated with the external garden. We expected the different routes within the house to be dynamic and have different visual axes, structuring the landscape from the outdoor areas.

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