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British Modern Office

Style: Modern Office Style

Area: Executive Offices, CEO Offices, “Open Offices” and Conference Rooms

Address: UK

British modern office design (16)

Project Introduction

Due to the company’s expansion, we need to project offices within an industrial warehouse under construction. The building’s modern office design has two floors with a varied program. The ground floor includes entrance spaces with worker reception, an office for warehouse users, and changing rooms with showers. The second floor houses the office space, filtered by a waiting/reception room that leads to different areas: executive offices, the CEO’s office, open offices, and meeting rooms. The warehouse features precast concrete pieces and a glass curtain wall on the main façade.

We aimed to integrate with the existing construction system and dialogue with its elements. Working with these elements, we chose neutral tones similar to the gray of concrete to create a homogeneous space. We achieved this by combining islands of exposed slabs with their facilities and contrasting them with sober white plasterboard volumes.

Through the use of furniture, glass, false ceilings, and exposed slabs, we generated blocks that subtly delineate the functions of each area.

Given the company’s focus on car parts, we introduced industrial materials to provide identity to the offices. Metallic cladding, such as corrugated and deploye panels, references the aesthetics of an automobile workshop. These panels create lighting effects through their reflections and transparencies. We lined an entrance tunnel with illuminated deploye panels to generate a sense of movement. We used this same effect in the second-floor corridors to create dynamism in the transition areas.

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