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California Financial Office

Style: Financial Style

Area: Sit-stand desks and Ergonomic Monitor Arms

Address: California, USA

California financial technology company office area (10)

Project Introduction

The new design for a San Diego workplace balances the financial office’s need for privacy with every employee’s health and wellness. We updated a financial services delivery office in San Diego, California. With more than 80% of the employees being Millennials, they are ready for a fresh approach to the workplace. The Union Bank Building offers 360-degree views of San Diego, including downtown, the Pacific Ocean, Balboa Park, San Diego Bay, and the mountains to the east. These views and abundant natural light provide ideal opportunities to design workplaces with a strong connection to nature.

Wellness is a key design element across all workstations. We focused on integrating sit-stand desks and ergonomic monitor arms to provide employees with maximum flexibility. Custom-designed planters at the end of each row of workstations replace traditional system furniture end panels. We minimized finishes to a simple yet sophisticated color palette. Additionally, we collaborated with local artists to select and commission artwork for the new space.

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