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Humble House Ellie Hotel

Style: Modern style

Area: 250 Rooms, Restaurants, Banquet halls, cCnference areas, Spas and swimming pools

Address: Taipei, China


Project Introduction

The main tower is a business hotel with 250 rooms, a shopping mall on the podium, and parking and equipment rooms on the third to fifth floors underground. Every room in the tower has the best view, and public areas such as restaurants, banquet halls, conference areas, spas and swimming pools are arranged in the middle part of the tower to provide convenient accessibility for guests in the rooms. The shopping malls and hotels on the ground share a large distribution plaza.

The acute-angled triangular bay windows on the tower form a very interesting rhythm and provide a richer view for the small room. The podium uses a variety of cladding, including curved glass panels, perforated curtain walls, transparent and translucent glass curtain walls, etc., which together create a dynamic appearance that reflects the inner function of the building.

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