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Indonesia Resort

Style: Uraman Style

Area: 980 m²

Address: Indonesia

Project name Uraman Resort Hotel (12)

Project Introduction

This Indonesia resort on the island of Bali blends seamlessly into the forest, with lush rice fields on one side and a gurgling stream on the other. The river collects water throughout the area, forming a small waterfall at the intersection. This generates enough water to power a hydroelectric generator, maintaining electricity for the entire complex. Engagement with nature is a design focus, not only in operations but also in the use of locally sourced materials. Consequently, the sanatorium is completely zero carbon.

We extensively used rammed earth for all ground walls. Located on a hill, the site required substantial groundwork, making it easy to build many curved walls using the leftover soil. Rammed earth’s physical properties and layered colors provide beauty, excellent thermal insulation, and structural integrity. Due to the project’s high intensity, we recruited nearby villagers for construction, making it the largest rammed earth project in Indonesia.

The rest of the structure is made from bamboo, much of it harvested on site. This fast-growing material is highly sustainable, and its flexibility allows the creation of spaces that echo the richness of tropical life. The Indonesia resort appears to grow from the ground, sprouting from the rich vegetation.

One of the buildings is a yoga studio, hanging off the edge of a cliff with a cantilevered structure supporting a parabolic bamboo pavilion. The room itself offers eco-luxury, with a cocoon-like bedroom promoting wellness. The guest villas also feature unique designs, incorporating warm bamboo tones and rammed earth walls. The curvilinear roof form can be admired from different heights and angles, while its reflection in the meandering pond below enhances its effect.

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