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Israeli Industrial Style Office

Style: Industrial Style

Area: Glass-fronted Conference Room and Shared Employee Space 

Address: Israel

Israeli industrial style office design (10)

Project Introduction

Despite their diverse functions, we unified the industrial style office with warm tones and inviting furniture, fostering a relaxing atmosphere. The glass-fronted conference room, a standout feature, sits proudly at the center, offering an elegant reinterpretation of transparency.

Utilizing only four materials—glass, aluminum frame, plants, and wooden flooring—the office exudes elegance. The playful, iridescent glass adds color and reflectivity, enhancing the integration of natural and electric lighting systems. Environmental considerations guided material choices, promoting a natural production environment.

Indoor plants abound, creating a lush, serene lobby resembling a jungle. Employees gravitate toward the shared space in the north, adorned with florals, greys, and soft oranges. Ample lighting fixtures ensure efficiency and comfort throughout.

Transparency is key in each office, with visible ventilation ducts and a consistent design ethos. The kitchen features a soft color palette and intuitive lighting, contributing to the minimalist yet sophisticated ambiance. Custom woodwork partitions echo the flooring, infusing warmth into the space.

Ceramic tiles and flooring materials seamlessly integrate across all office spaces, completing the cohesive design.

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