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Istanbul Co-Working Office

Style: Co-Working Style

Area:  Meeting Rooms and Social Areas are located in the basement

Address: Istanbul

Istanbul co-working space (7)

Project Introduction

The project is an innovative co-working space in Istanbul designed to meet the needs of companies of all sizes. We completed four floors of coworking space to cater to the diverse requirements of workers in Istanbul, Turkey. This space not only offers shared office benefits but also creates social areas and informal workspaces that cater to everyone’s needs. Our goal is to provide purpose-built office solutions for companies of all sizes, focusing on people-centered, environmentally friendly workspaces with high-tech support.

The office ecosystem spans four levels. Meeting rooms and social areas are located in the basement, while coworking areas and informal workspaces occupy the upper floors. Carefully selected contemporary art pieces enhance the quality and comfort of the work areas. We optimized office space by designing reconfigurable, multifunctional seminar areas and workspaces. Efficient soundproofing is crucial for open-plan offices, so we designed acoustic panels with internal lighting for use above workstations. For the flooring, we used a combination of LVT flooring material and carpet.

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