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Italian Luxury Villa

Style: Italian luxury Style

Area: Semi-basement with Garage and SPA Area, Ground Floor with Entrance Hall, Lounge and Reception Area

Address: Italy

Italian luxury villa (15)

Project Introduction

Designed in 2015 and completed in 2018, this Italian luxury villa exemplifies the interplay of void and solid, convex and concave, and the interpenetration of geometric shapes with charming, simple lines. Situated on a steep clay hill overlooking the countryside of Castellano Reggio Emilia, the 1650 m² villa showcases how contemporary style can blend seamlessly with the natural landscape.

The villa spans three levels. The semi-basement houses the garage and spa area. The ground floor includes the entrance hall, lounge, reception area, kitchen, and guest area. The first floor features the sleeping area. To make the project viable, about 8 kilometers of piles were planted at depths between 8 and 10 meters, along with a series of bulkheads and various types of excavation. This structural dynamism features interlocking cubes, shifting shapes, and alternating solid and transparent elements.

The predominantly white façade, with its clear and precise lines, is punctuated by full-height doors and two vertical glass blades stained dark. Cutouts in the floor, reminiscent of ancient manor house moats, accentuate the entrance and force visitors to step over three steps suspended above the water.

During the design phase, we paid special attention to combining various exterior materials. The mix of weathering steel, turf, gravel, and wood creates a blend of luxury and Zen minimalism, which characterizes the villa.

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