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Japan Tsukuba Circle Villa

Style: Tsukuba Circle Style

Area:  Tatami-floored Japanese Space with a Modern-vintage Space

Address: Japan

Japan tsukuba Circle House (15)

Project Introduction

The facade of the Japan villa features three overlapping circles that rise from the expansive lawn, creating a refreshing energy that ripples outward. The interior blends a tatami-floored Japanese space with a modern-vintage style. White walls surrounding the indoor space ensure privacy while allowing ample sunlight.

The clients are a 30-year-old married couple with three children. The house, called Circle House, is inspired by the image of three circles floating on a river’s surface. Although the house has three rectangular floors, its design focuses on the circular elements.

The outer circle forms most of the exterior wall. The second circle creates a wall around the second-floor balcony, and the third circle is a wall on the flat roof. This two-story building uses various materials. The outer wall features two colors of paint on mortar—transparent and white—with wooden boards accenting parts of the exterior.

Located in Tsukuba City, about an hour’s drive from Tokyo, the Japan villa sits in a town where urban and rural elements mix. It is situated 10 minutes by car from the center of Tsukuba, known for its many laboratories and universities.

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