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Japanese Modern Villa

Style: Japanese Modern Style

Area: 202 Square Meters

Address: Japan

Japanese modern villa (34)

Project Introduction

Inside, the Japanese modern villa features two parallel courtyards, one large and one small. The main courtyard on the south side boasts a bamboo grove that immediately catches the eye upon entering. The living room, study, and bedrooms all face this courtyard, allowing the clients and their dog to enjoy outdoor time freely. On the north side, a smaller, slit-shaped courtyard with plantings serves as a lightwell, bathing the first-floor living room, entryway, and an upstairs living room with pleasant, diffuse light.

Deep eaves over the south-facing upstairs windows block direct sunlight, creating a subdued, formal atmosphere in the first-floor living room. In contrast, the upstairs living room is more casual, with an attached roof balcony that sets a different mood. This design allows the residents to move freely throughout the house, spending time in spaces where they feel most comfortable.

In the post-COVID era, residential clients prefer homes that offer meaningful quality time rather than rooms with rigid functions. Families want spaces that balance distance and closeness, allowing for seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor areas, almost like traveling within their own house. We believe this kind of free-flowing environment will be highly sought after in residential architecture in the years to come.

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