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Koh Samui Beach Resort

Style: Koh Samui Beach Style

Area: 10,757 square meters

Address: Thailand

Koh Samui Beach Resort (16)

Project Introduction

Our designers started creating the 138-room koh samui beach resort five years ago, covering architecture, interiors, hardscape, furniture, lighting, and object design. In January 2018, a 52-room oceanfront phase opened for Sala guests. Each room boasts a private pool and ocean view. The beachfront Presidential Pool Villa has two bedrooms and views framed by old banyan trees. The four pool villas and remaining guest rooms spread across three floors. Every room is unique. The Garden Pool Suite on the first floor features a pool behind it. Balcony Pool Suites on the second and third floors have private pools on balconies overlooking the central oceanfront courtyard. Additionally, there is an ocean-facing bedroom pool suite on the third floor.

At night, the lighting mimics the atmosphere of a full moon on the water. The designer added white swimming rings, called onion rings, to create a friendly vibe. The unobstructed sea view is exclusive for SALA guests. From the largest outer courtyard to the smallest room interior, the ocean remains the focal point. Even from the lobby, the sea is immediately visible. This is our idea of luxury. Luxury isn’t about architecture; it’s about the spaces left unbuilt. Leaving the 70 x 40 m2 seaside courtyard to the east is a luxury.

The seaside building’s long, flat facade is painted white, highlighting the crescent-shaped shadow of the precast concrete walls. There are at least seven different curves layered from the building envelope to the interior spaces. Each curved wall separates activities like swimming, bathing, and sleeping. Moving shadows make each room unique. The most sophisticated gray color is found in rooms with private swimming pools. These spaces are delineated by striped and elliptical shadows draped over curved walls and crescent shapes.

The designers use local materials and everyday items, making ordinary things seem special. The hall’s ceiling features bamboo louvers, with triangular cushions fitting the event space of Koh Samui beach resort. The rattan lamp patterns were redesigned so each light looks different. Coconut shells are used as lamps and decorative elements, such as table legs. The designer didn’t overdesign for SALA Chaweng Beach Resort. Everything was carefully considered.

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