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Maldives Resort

Style: Maldives Style

Area: Dive Center

Address: Maldives

Maldives Resort (17)

Project Introduction

A key part of the Maldives resort design brief was to minimize the resort’s environmental impact. We worked closely with environmental experts to address coastal erosion, calculate wave pressure, and assess rising water levels. This helped us understand how the resort would utilize wind and adapt to seasonal changes affecting the island’s geometry and size. All resort buildings are constructed from waterproof white cubes topped with organically shaped wooden roofs. This creates a natural ventilation system through a double-layered roof structure. This combination of materials absorbs heat and acts as a coolant, reducing air conditioning usage by 40% compared to other resorts.

We used engineered, fast-growing treated wood from controlled forests for our decor, avoiding the rare and endangered teak other resorts use. The curved shape and double-skin roof structure are formed from smaller pieces of glulam beams. For the two public buildings, we used mechanical construction and assembled prefabricated parts on site to reduce waste, energy use, and transportation requirements. The design strategy applies a “second life” concept to most materials, such as using leftover piles to form fences.

Opened in November 2018, the Maldives resort design attracts tourists not only for the island’s natural beauty and coral reefs but also for its unique architectural features. Unlike typical resort designs in the Maldives, our resort embraces genuine regionalism and vernacular culture. A green directory within the resort sparks visitors’ curiosity about its construction. Our aim has always been to explain the expressive power of architecture and stimulate a tourism industry aware of environmental issues.

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