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Paris Educational Office

Style: Paris Style

Area: 5500 square meters

Address: France

Paris Educational Space (15)

Project Introduction

Our brief was to create a bright, vibrant educational space in Paris, France. The French leader in digital education opened its first campus dedicated to the future of education in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris region. We designed an experiential, immersive place with multiple uses across 5,500 square meters, transporting visitors and staff into the educational world of the future.

The campus serves as an ecosystem housing various activities related to the future of education. We designed functional and educational spaces for different audiences: a teachers’ academy, a factory for assembling digital tablets, a studio for the new SQOOL TV channel, classrooms for experimenting with new digital tools, an incubator for edtech start-ups, and spaces for employees to work, collaborate, and convene.

Today, the campus is the heart of a vibrant community of 200 employees, dozens of teachers who come daily for training, elementary to high school students visiting the new classrooms, and reporters and guests visiting the SQOOL TV channel. The aim is to inspire everyone to adopt new tools for tomorrow’s schools. We created an experiential digital place featuring immersive tunnels, tour routes for every visitor, an operational control center, and light displays honoring the history of education. These innovative facilities aim to attract and retain top talent by providing an attractive work environment.

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