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Perianth Hotel

Style: Byzantine modernism

Area: 38 Rooms, Restaurant

Address: Athens, Greece

Athens Perianth Hotel

Project Introduction

The hotel is an Art Nouveau building from the 1930s, located in Greece’s ancient Byzantine Times Square, close to many of Athens’ main attractions. It was originally used as an office and residential space. Although the hotel looks old on the outside, the interior is in a neo-modernist style.

In the lobby, a wooden grille wall serves as the background, which not only increases the sense of flow, but also makes the overall look more natural and atmospheric. There are a total of 38 rooms in the hotel, ranging from 21㎡ to 46㎡, all with private terraces where you can enjoy the city view of Athens. The interior includes terrazzo floors, blush velvet upholstery, circa sofas, metallic molding light fixtures and beds, and beast-style custom furniture with walnut accents and brass accents.

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