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Phuket Mountain Resort

Style: Phuket Mountain Style

Area: 4 different types of villas

Address: Thailand

Thailand Phuket Island Mountain Resort (8)

Project Introduction

This phuket mountain resort is located on the side of a small hill in Phuket, Thailand, and involves the construction of a resort. Our team and the design company completed this project together. Despite the tree-covered site, the design team avoided cutting down many trees. Instead, they utilized the natural conditions and green beauty to build a unique mountain resort. The local culture influenced the hotel’s room layout and patterned facilities, leaving a deep impression on tourists.

Brighter colors are used throughout the resort, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Simple and natural fabrics are everywhere, providing comfort without excessive decoration. Designers drew inspiration from four legendary local tribes. According to legend, these tribes lived on the island, forming a large community that welcomed guests and spread their culture and beliefs.

The phuket mountain resort features four different types of villas, each representing a different tribe. Every villa has its own unique style and main elements, reflecting the living habits and history of a specific tribe.

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