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Russia Business Apartment

Style: Russian Style

Area: 88 Units Spread Across 17 Stories, Welcoming Lobby, Smart Home System

Address: Russia

CBD business apartment (9)

Project Introduction

This business apartment, situated in the heart of Yekaterinburg, serves both residential and commercial purposes. Nestled in the historic district beside the renovated banks of the Iset River, it comprises two blocks of varying heights—one for offices and the other for residences. The residential section, marked by light and dark elements, splits into two functional zones, visually contrasting but structurally unified into a cohesive whole. The façade highlights the building’s structural harmony, seamlessly merging the two components.

The office and residential complex’s initial two floors feature dark gabbro granite and bronze HPL panels, while the rest of the building is adorned with lightweight fiber-reinforced cement tiles. The arched façade, a defining feature, is crafted from these tiles, lending the structure its distinctive identity.

With 88 units spread across 17 stories, the residential building boasts a capacious ground-floor lobby. Two entrances lead to one-to-four-bedroom apartments ranging from 51 to 152 square meters. Three levels of underground parking, offering double the number of parking spaces as apartments, cater to residents’ parking needs. Each apartment is equipped with a smart home system, enabling individual control over lighting, heating, and water.

The business apartment’s signature balconies, totaling 48, feature unique curved designs and black frames against a white backdrop, adding visual interest to the façade. Equipped with curtain wall glass, these balconies seamlessly transition into summer terraces, enhancing outdoor living spaces.

A welcoming lobby serves as the building’s social hub, offering residents a space for meetings, socializing, and daily tasks. Characterized by straight lines and sleek surfaces, the interiors exude a club-like ambiance, complemented by warm, muted lighting. Special attention is paid to the stairwells and elevators, ensuring noise-free operation and durability.Adjacent to the residential section at a 90-degree angle, the office building spans five floors above ground and three underground levels.

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