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Russian Shared Office

Style: Shared Office Style

Area: Meeting Rooms, Offices, Skype Rooms, Relaxation Areas, and Kitchens

Address: Russia

Russian Shared Office (13)

Project Introduction

This is the first coworking space of its size in Makhachkala, and we are grateful to its founders for their trust. We take pride in participating in its creation, sharing our expertise with future users. The coworking space features comfortable meeting rooms, offices, Skype rooms, relaxation areas, and kitchens. Additionally, it includes a conference room for events and lectures and a restaurant-bar—a large, self-contained project within the project occupying an entire upper floor.

We aimed to create a modern interpretation of Dagestani identity by blending contemporary design, technical solutions, and local culture. Once we settled on the concept, we began planning. This project is more than just an office; it’s a hub for young, talented professionals across various fields, including entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers, IT specialists, marketers, and photographers. Our main goal is to foster a creative atmosphere for development.

We drew inspiration from the local landscape. The city’s sun-dried earth and the green mountains influenced our interior design, combining modern technology, natural materials, live plants, and ethnic patterns. The facing materials are simple. Most walls in the coworking space are painted, with ample use of concrete and textured plaster.

The project includes many glass and metal partitions, available in clear, corrugated, and black—all within the same frame. Bright decorative elements include carved wooden partitions featuring an engraved pattern specifically developed for this project, inspired by traditional Dagestani ornaments. We used a neutral color scheme—white, grey, black, and natural wood—complemented by accent colors. The second floor’s rich green references mountain plants, while the third floor’s red symbolizes the hot Dagestani sun.

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