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Russian Tech Company Office

Style: Tech Style

Area: Video Wall, Meeting Room, and Telephone Booth

Address: Russia

Russian technology company office design (10)

Project Introduction

The office underwent a transformative redesign, shifting from closed cabinets to an open layout. Despite the site’s complexity, it boasts several expansive open areas, alongside workspaces, casual meeting spots, private studios, wardrobe rooms, and storage areas. Additionally, there are meeting rooms, coffee points, and phone booths, ensuring a conducive environment for both collaborative work and focused study.

Various meeting spots cater to different needs, such as quick discussions or private negotiations, with meticulously selected furniture like soundproof high-backed sofas enhancing comfort and privacy.

Executive offices feature smart systems controlling lighting, climate, multimedia, and air conditioning, accessible via central touch panels on desks. Light sensors adjust brightness automatically, optimizing energy use. Each office also features a video wall for Full HD video conferences, ensuring clear communication and real-time interaction.

The interior tech company office design reflects the company’s innovative ethos and environmental consciousness, incorporating complex lighting solutions and interactive information walls. Built-in luminaires in open spaces offer efficient directional lighting, while diffused lamps in public areas create a softer ambiance. Executive offices utilize lamps with high color rendering for a refined aesthetic. Thoughtfully integrated planters and green walls further enhance the eco-friendly atmosphere.

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