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Sanya Island Resort

Style: Sanya Island Style

Area: 190 guest rooms, villa rooms, executive suites, presidential suites with manor houses, and 5 low-rise mansions

Address: Sanya

Sanya Island Resort (12)

Project Introduction

The Sanya resort is located in a quiet, pleasant bay on Hainan Island. Over 600 years ago, Persian traders survived a typhoon here and returned home safely. To commemorate this, the area was named “Tufu Bay.” The hotel’s design draws inspiration from the Silk Road, blending sea and land in a secluded setting.

The circular lobby houses a traditional front desk for centralized check-in. For maximum comfort, the reception area features a simple design without dramatic elements. A fence surrounds the building’s exterior, creating soft light inside. A water path leads from the front desk to the guest rooms, with ripples softening the solid lines. The zigzag corridor, decorated with modern interpretations of traditional Chinese red, winds around trees and stone piles, integrating into a Chinese-style garden.

The hotel offers 190 guest rooms, including studios, villa rooms, executive suites, 2- to 4-bedroom villas, presidential suites with manor houses, and five low-rise mansions. The interiors feature soft gray-purple and natural wood tones. Outdoor greenery blends into the rooms, creating a tropical atmosphere. Furnishings and accessories avoid monotony through varied colors, with extensive use of logs and earth tones conveying a sense of nature and peace.

Inside, a Chinese-style roof seamlessly intertwines with a Western-style mansion pattern. A Chinese red piano fills the lobby, restaurant, and lounge with music. The restaurant features distinct dining spaces such as VIP rooms, private suites, and tea rooms. Vermilion furniture and decor reflect the local culture’s joyful spirit. Traditional Chinese elements like water, wood, stone, patterns, beams, and columns are integrated throughout, interpreting oriental aesthetics with natural details.

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