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Seoul Functional Office

Style: Functional Style

Area: Conference Room and Shared Employee Space 

Address: South Korea

Seoul Functional New Layout Office (16)

Project Introduction

When we started thinking about them, we came across the functional office. We started thinking about exercise planning as the best system for the user.

The project’s office is not a small space, but it is a place where many employees come to work, creating a great synergy here. To do this, a layout is required to ensure maximum efficiency.
Our goal is to focus attention and create convenience and functionality in the work environment.

We often share our vision of the character of the office and work and the lifestyle of our employees with users to create an office we design to be a place of growth and recovery.
By thinking ahead, a functional office can be created. A special office space can bring people a sense of belonging and pleasure even in business communications.

Materials used:
1. Floor finish: PVC tiles
2. Wall paint: easy clean paint + texture paint
3. Ceiling finish: VP

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