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Seoul Micro Apartment

Style: Seoul style

Area: 16-story building, Shared living areas, Private kitchens, Bathrooms

Address: Seoul, South Korea

Seoul Micro Apartment-bedroom

Project Introduction

In Seoul’s Gangnam District sits a 16-story apartment building housing 140 private micro studios alongside shared living areas. Ranging from 16 to 23 meters, each studio boasts private kitchens and bathrooms. We crafted the interiors of both residential units and communal spaces for this innovative co-living project. The client’s vision emphasized simplicity, sophistication, and thoughtful design. With compact studios, maximizing storage efficiency was paramount. Our aim? To create a sense of home within limited space. In Seoul, where housing prices soar, co-living offers an accessible alternative, fostering a sense of community. Opting for a minimalist approach, we sought balance—a space that feels timeless, cozy, and ripe for personalization.

Birch wood, chosen for its warm, inviting ambiance, envelops one side of each unit, housing appliances and storage seamlessly. Soft, curvilinear elements add warmth and character to what could otherwise feel stark and impersonal. Some units feature sliding glass doors, offering privacy without sacrificing natural light. Cushioned corners and window seats provide flexible, multi-functional spaces for residents to define as they wish. Shared amenities like communal kitchens, workspaces, lounges, gyms, and rooftop gardens foster a strong sense of community among residents.

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