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 Seoul Youth Shared Apartment

Style: Youth Shared Style

Area: 72 Micro-Houses, Shared Garden Atrium, Public Office Areas, Leisure Areas 

Address: Seoul, South Korea

Seoul Youth Shared Apartment-staircase-2

Project Introduction

We’ve tailored 72 micro-houses and micro-loft units, along with various shared spaces, specifically for single professionals. These spaces not only accommodate everyone’s private life and diverse lifestyles but also offer a range of social activity spaces and convenient services, including dedicated facilities for single people’s pets. Surrounding a shared garden atrium, the residential units house public office areas, leisure spaces, communal kitchens, laundry rooms, and pet bathrooms. Additionally, the apartments feature sloping terraces and outdoor spaces.

Our shared apartments are around a shared lifestyle, with a public atrium at its core that is fully open to the street and all residential units. This atrium serves as the spatial heart of the apartment, formed by stacking individual residential units. Our shared apartments revolve around the belief that public life thrives when respecting each individual’s lifestyle, thus creating a public space where every individual can feel at ease to pursue their independence.

Residential units come equipped with essential personal amenities such as bathrooms and simple kitchens, while the public atrium is designed with socializing and entertaining in mind. Surrounding vegetation softens the edges of public areas, with outdoor landscape materials extending seamlessly from indoor spaces. Plants are integrated into the structural design to ensure proper drainage and support, enriching the environment and delineating functional areas without disrupting others.

Each floor’s residential units feature distinct indoor furniture and appliances tailored to different lifestyle themes. From open bathrooms for relaxation enthusiasts to themed rooms for cat lovers, our designs cater to diverse preferences. With large slanted windows offering skyward views and adaptable features like sliding doors and magnetic paint walls, our units prioritize privacy without compromising on openness and versatility.

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