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Singapore Gradient Office

Style: Gradient Style

Area:  Two-story Cathay Organization Headquarters

Address: Singapore

Singapore Gradient Office (12)

Project Introduction

The design of the two-story Cathay Organization headquarters focuses on material expression, using a gradient tone concept to soften the office atmosphere. Although concrete is generally hard, it is plastered layer by layer on site to create a soft texture. Each gray concrete layer takes about a day to harden before local craftsmen can apply the next one. The glass features a gradient frosted film, providing privacy to the meeting rooms and softening the boundaries between workspaces and meeting areas. Furniture and other decorative materials, such as brass, woven floor tiles, fabrics, and wood, were chosen for their warm tones.

The monochromatic spectrum evokes a distant ski landscape, offering a refuge from the tropical sun. For the workspace layout, we utilized the irregular perimeter of the office. Furniture and rooms are arranged diagonally, not orthogonally, creating a less rigid work environment.

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