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Small Studio Apartment

Style: Small Residential Style

Area: 20㎡ studio apartment, Storage Cupboard, and Utility Room

Address: China

Small residential house design studio apartment (9)

Project Introduction

A new project: a 20㎡ studio apartment, a woman’s fresh abode in the city center, perfectly situated for work. Despite the absence of vibrant hues, the apartment boasts an elegant interior, complete with a double bed, a kitchenette featuring a refrigerator and microwave, a work desk, a storage cupboard, and a utility room. Beige coats the walls, laminate graces the floors, while light-tiled bathrooms contrast with a dark gray accent wall behind the bed and part of the hallway. Highlight walls in work areas with drywall, while most furniture is chosen from simple, pre-made pieces in appropriate styles and colors.

Custom-built cabinet furniture, including the kitchen, wardrobe, entrance niche doors, and bathroom sink cabinets, adds a personalized touch. The kitchen, compact yet spacious, cleverly conceals a mini-fridge in the lower base alongside cooking utensils. Upper cabinets house a microwave and more utensils, with a two-burner stove atop the petite countertop. Lighting includes two chandeliers in the main room, track lights in the hallway, and wall sconces flanking the bed.

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