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Spanish Villa Residence

Style: Spanish Style

Area:  White residential area

Address: Spain

Spanish villa residence (8)

Project Introduction

This single-family Spanish villa residence is located in the Murcia region, in a semi-detached, modern and distinctly white residential area. Seen from a distance, its clear and edgy appearance attempts to blend the house with the other surrounding residences. The trapezoidal effect of the porcelain tiles provides this clear and bright view, but in its vicinity it gives the texture, warmth and naturalness typical of the stone material. When the commission was received, the structure of the house was already built and the volumetric concept was half decided; however, previous projects did not fully convince its future owner. The design is based on respect for this original idea and focuses on its materiality. The aim was to present a very compact and material-rich horizontal residence.

The volume that forms the floor plate appears like a large object, placed on the main prism of the complex. There are no railings, but these elements act as a protector. The grouting of the porcelain tiles throughout the facade reinforces this overall concept. The same approach is followed in the formation of the entrance, the steps at the entrance and the staircase itself. The steps are “floating” and also have no handrails. Just a series of horizontal planes, one after the other, until you reach the bedroom. The design is simple and compact. The first floor opens to the outside through an open-plan seating area without corridors and plenty of storage areas. It also includes a garage, a service area and a small guest room. The first floor consists of the master suite and a second multifunctional bedroom

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