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California Luxury Villa

Style: Super Luxury Style

Area: L-shaped house, Landscape terrace

Address: California, USA

California Super Luxury Design (45)

Project Introduction

This super luxury villa, located in California, USA, is a classic concrete masterpiece. The architect uses the flowing landscape as the building’s guiding line. The design constructs the cube and facade with a rustic charm and outlines a quiet order with simple lines. The uneven concrete texture reveals the great architectural depth under sunlight. The combination of concrete walls and fiberglass curtain walls gives the house an industrial, 21st-century feel, while still nodding to mid-century modernism.

The architectural corridor is a prominent design element, integrating trees, grass, sky, glass, and concrete into the building’s airspace to create a natural environment. Its abstractness rivals that of classic art masterpieces.

The super luxury villa also exudes a formal sense of Autobot art, with a landscaped terrace that respects symmetry but prioritizes visual appeal and comfort. The gap in the wall design at the corner of the stairs is reminiscent of jungle trees and ensures stairwell lighting. The modestly sized L-shaped house blends harmoniously with the narrow site, flanked by a walled courtyard. The entrance opens into a double-height living and dining room with views of the lake and distant mountains. A media room and kitchen are separated from the great room, while an L-corner staircase rises to the master suite. A long hallway leads to the guest bedroom.

Local energy regulations were strict, so the wall comprises two layers of concrete, inner and outer, cast separately in formwork, with an inner layer of insulation. Ten geothermal wells provide much of the building’s heating.

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