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Thailand Beach Villa

Style: Thailand Style

Area: 120 square meters

Address: Thailand

Kalim Beach Villa (6)

Project Introduction

This Thailand beach villa sits on a hill, offering 180-degree views of Kalim Bay. The narrow and vertical terrain posed a challenge, requiring a “house” to be carefully integrated into it. The house is accessible via a vertical courtyard on the upper level, leading to a grand staircase that takes users to the swimming pool and social level.

The Thailand beach villa features four bedrooms, a large shared living/dining room, and a curved swimming pool. All these elements are enclosed within two massive concrete walls. A vertical courtyard is the main focus, keeping the surrounding space cool and airy. The building faces west to take full advantage of the stunning views and the beautiful Andaman sunset.

To protect against the strong tropical sun and ensure privacy, large bamboo sliding screens were installed in front of all upper-level bedrooms. Bamboo is used throughout the house to block vertical and horizontal sunlight. On the living level, a huge infinity pool stretches to the horizon like a giant circular mirror, reflecting the sky and echoing the gentle curves of the bay.

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